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buy x-wide hiking shoes for men and women

Individuals who feel restricted with their current outdoor pair may want to consider getting new extra-wide hiking shoes. As the name suggests, this type of hiker is built with extra room for those with wide feet. These offerings are equipped by their respective brands with various technologies to still give you ample comfort and performance for your trip.

When you think the footgear you’re wearing is wrong width-wise, you may need to check out what the best hiking shoes for extra wide feet have to offer you right away.

Importance of wearing extra wide hiking shoes for men and women

Comfort and precise fit. Wearing a pair of outdoor hikers that provides a comfy and precise fit is key to the success of your hike. This is what extra wide hiking shoes are made for. Some individuals are born with wide feet or experience a growth spurt as they age. Whatever the circumstances may be, conventional hikers won’t do any justice to these select adventurers.

Unhampered mobility. Extra-wide shoes are designed to accommodate people with wide feet. As such, they get to have a plush and secure fit from these hikers. This benefit prevents fit-related concerns or injuries from occurring during a trip. As a result, outdoor enthusiasts with wide feet may go on with their hike without any discomfort or handicap to their mobility.

How to determine if you need extra-wide width hiking shoes

The ideal way to check if you require extra wide outdoor shoes for hiking is to try a conventional pair on. If the product you want feels tighter than usual, you may need to try an extra-wide offering out.

Once you’ve donned a pair on, walk in them for a few minutes to see how they feel on your feet. They should feel snug, and there should be no slippage or tightness while you’re moving in them.

Individuals who plan to buy online are going to need a piece of paper and a pen. Once you have those items, mark both sides of your foot and measure the distance between those points. Find your preferred footwear brand and locate their fit guide. More often than not, they have a chart that will inform you of your foot’s width designation.

After attaining that piece of information, you can then use it to locate extra wide width hikers that may suit you. Some manufacturers offer men’s and women’s extra wide hiking shoes as part of their catalog to cater to those with wide feet. Shown below are some of those brands.

Footwear companies that offer the best extra wide hiking shoes for men and women

New Balance

The best New Balance hiking shoes for extra wide feet are designed for trips that won’t exceed a single day. These hikers come with various technologies suitable for environments with minimal wet conditions and difficult trail challenges.

The brand’s extra-wide hiking shoes employ tough uppers made of leather and lined with a Gore-Tex membrane for water protection. They use rigid midsole components and grippy outsoles to render both support and traction on tricky terrain. All of these features are found in New Balance's extra-wide waterproof shoes for adventurers.