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Your desert hiking boots should be able to keep you comfy despite the low humidity and arid conditions in a barren land. With a number of brands offering gears made for the hottest time of the year and driest place on earth, finding the best pair for you will demand your full attention.

Finding the best desert hiking boots

Best desert hiking boots - May 2020

Hiking in the desert may sound gruesome as it entails having to endure humid temperatures, dry weather, and toasting grounds. The chance of meeting wildlife that you have never seen before is also high. These are just a couple of reasons why it is of great significance that you wear and bring the necessary gears. The below tips might help you pick which is the best desert hiking boot for you.


Most hiking boots optimized for use in summer or desert hiking offer breathability through the materials used in the upper. Brand designers usually combine fabric and synthetic with leather overlays to deliver a balance between protection and ventilation.

A good number of desert hiking boots do not come with a waterproof membrane as it can limit the their breathability. You won’t really need a watertight gear as your hike will generally be dry. It is best to use hiking boots that will give you optimal breathability as it will also reduce the chance of developing blisters, keeping you comfy throughout your hike.

Fit and comfort

If you are planning to use a new pair of hiking boots for your desert excursion, it is essential to have a good feel of them first. It will help you determine if they fit you well (which is a key factor in comfort) and if they need a break-in period. Bringing the them right out of the box to the trail may not be a good decision, especially if it is your first time hiking in the desert. You should also take note that your feet tend to sweat more when desert hiking which increases the risk of developing blisters.


Bringing an over-the-ankle hiking boot which offers ample protection is important. You should opt for a pair of boots that will not only protect you against discomfort but will also defend you against unexpected encounters in a desert trail.


Minimizing the weight of the load you carry when you go on that desert adventure is necessary. Wearing boots that are lightweight will help you cover more miles. It is vital to note too, that lightweight boots are often made of a textile-and-leather combo or synthetic to keep its weight low.


You may think that all deserts have a flat landscape and is comprised of fine sands only. There are different kinds of deserts in the world which feature various types of terrain. With this, it is essential that you bring a pair of durable hiking boots. Your footwear should be able to endure weather changes, from hot mornings to cold evenings. Also, your desert hiking boots should be able to protect you from harsh elements without suffocating your foot.

Select brands that offer desert hiking boots for men and women


Lowa’s hiking boots are designed ready even in the toughest desert trail conditions. The brand’s designers put priority in keeping a lightweight and breathable construction. Some of their styles come with a leather and fabric upper and is lined with a moisture-wicking polyester for comfort. For underfoot support and protection, they have incorporated brand-owned and third-party technologies.


Some of Vasque’s hiking boots are optimized to perform in hot, arid climates. The engineers have designed a number of boots with leather and air mesh upper to maximize its breathability without sacrificing durability. Under the foot, they have combined lightweight materials which provide comfort and support. They have also partnered with Vibram to develop Vasque-exclusive outsole that delivers grip on loose trails and rocky terrain.


There are hiking boots from Merrell that are most effective in hot weather conditions. This type of footwear is created to promote breathability by using materials that permit good air circulation. Most of their models come with a gusseted tongue which provides an extra layer of protection against intrusion of fine sand or loose trail debris. Others have a breathable mesh lining to amplify comfort. For cushioning, select models carry an EVA midsole partnered with the brand’s very own removable footbed. Traction, on the other hand, can either be developed together Vibram or is solely created by Merrell.