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DC skate sneakers

Best DC Skate Sneakers - September 2019

DC is known throughout the skating community for being a genuine brand dedicated to the sport. Since its founding in 1994, DC, which formerly stood for the now-defunct Droors Clothing brand, has been a leading name in action sports. Founders Ken Block and Damon Way made sure that the label stayed true to its skate image.

Over the years, the company sponsored a lot of athletes, releasing many kicks that are meant to improve or support one's performance. Thus, the DC skate collection is known for being durable, high-performing, and stylish. These qualities have made the brand’s models sought after.

Most Popular DC Skate Shoes

As a skate brand, DC has a lot of options for skate-inspired lifestyle kicks. Here are some of the most sought-after ones, with some details about features, design, fit, and pricing.

DC Syntax

DC's skate heritage influences the Syntax model, which has a classic silhouette coupled with modern upgrades. Users acclaimed this sneaker for its retro look, excellent fit, comfort, lightweight structure, and versatility, among other features. It represents the energy and attitude of the skateboarding community of the early 1990s.

  • Durability is enhanced by the shoe’s rubber outsole, which has the pill pattern tread, and the TPU heel lock.
  • At $80, these men’s DC skate shoes are very easy on the pocket.
  • Available sizes range from 5-13 for men. It fits as expected.

DC Switch Plus S

This sneaker is an update of the DC Switch Plus S model and part of the DC Switch collection. The brand launched the series to add to the Evan Smith line-up of signature skate kicks.  Most of the features of the original model are retained in this shoe, with the addition of the Super Suede material on the upper. This brings 50% more durability to the sneaker compared to the usual suede fabric.

  •  These DC skate shoes are budget-friendly, offered at a price of $75.
  • Men’s sizes 6-14 are offered. A few found the model to run big, suggesting that others should get a half size down.
  • Women could also buy this shoe by going 1.5 sizes down than their actual size.


The special edition of the DC Net shoe showcases a premium upper along with a padded tongue and collar, delivering excellent support and comfort. Its timeless chunky profile stays true to the DC line’s skate legacy. This sneaker is as ready for the streets, making it dependable footwear for the casual scene.  

  • With its price of $75, these shoes offer bang for the buck.
  • The sizes are offered in men’s 6-18. According to a few purchasers, the sneaker runs small and narrow, especially in the toe box.
  • Women can get a pair of these shoes by getting one or two sizes below their usual.

DC Wes Kremer 2 S

Launched in 2016, the Wes Kremer 2 S is the second iteration of skater Wes Kremer’s signature footwear. It’s made with higher quality materials than the original, updated to have the convenient functionality and fit of a slip-on. Meanwhile, it retains the first model’s sleek and stylish good looks.

  • These men's DC skate sneakers’ price point is $80, making it highly affordable.
  • Men’s sizes from 6-14 were released. A handful of reviewers felt that the sneaker fits narrow.
  • Women should go a size and a half down for a proper fit.


The DC Pure sneaker was meant to offer comfort, support, and style in great heaps. Characteristic DC details such as the pill pattern outsole and the well-padded structure elevate the shoe with a classic appeal. They also provide superb performance on and off the board. In the DC Pure TX SE, premium canvas and textile materials are used on the upper, making it more durable and lightweight.           

  • The wrap cup sole construction enables this model to endure wear and tear for much longer.
  • These shoes are another budget-friendly option from DC, with a price of $75.
  • Men’s sizes from 6-18 are available. It’s true to size.

DC Kalis Lite

Josh Kalis is a legendary skater who greatly influenced the late 1990s LOVE Park scene. In 2000, he released the Josh Kalis JK1 model with DC, which was the inspiration for the modern and updated Kalis Lite. These DC skate shoes for men were built with a running-inspired outsole, along with improved comfort, sporty details, and retro ‘90s appeal.

  • Unilite technology is used on this model to give it a flexible and lightweight glove-like fit. It also delivers cushioning and protection against impact.
  • At $75, these sneakers are easy on the wallet.
  • Sizes are in men’s 6-14. According to several buyers, the shoe fits small, leading to them going for a half size up.

DC Heathrow

In 2016, DC launched the Heathrow model, which went on to become one of the brand’s most successful and bestselling low-top kicks. It’s made for casual everyday use, built with athletic details to offer a lightweight and ultra-comfortable feel. On the upper are micro-suede and mesh materials, complemented by the sock-like bootie structure.  

  • Other noteworthy models from the DC Heathrow collection include the DC Heathrow IA, the DC Heathrow Prestige, and the DC Heathrow SE.
  • With a price tag of $70, these men's DC skate sneakers are very affordable.
  • Sizes 4-14 are offered for men, while women can cop these kicks by going 1.5 to 2 sizes down. Wide-footed users found them to be tight.

DC Stag

With its beefy look, the DC Stag encompasses the popular trend of anti-establishment skate sneakers back in the 1990s. These skate shoes from DC have a retro appeal due to its well-padded and bulky construction, offering comfort and nostalgia in equal measure. The upper is made up of various materials, such as nubuck, suede or leather, done in different colorway options.

  • There are perforations on the medial side to deliver ventilation.
  • These are cheaply priced at $75.
  • Sizes range from 4-14 in the men’s category, while ladies can still wear these shoes by opting for a size and a half down from their usual. It fits as expected.

DC Anvil TX

The DC Anvil collection is one of the brand’s most well-known skate lines. Shoes from the series are moderately padded, as can be seen in the Anvil TX from DC, one of the variations of the original model. This sneaker has a streamlined look, staying away from the trend of bulky kicks by keeping the tongue thinly padded. The result is a comfortable and lightweight shoe that is ready to take on anything.   

  • Another variation of this sneaker is the DC Anvil SE.
  • Its price tag is at $55, making this model very budget-friendly.
  • These men’s DC skate shoes are offered in sizes 6-14. Several commenters felt that they fit tight and narrow.

DC Vestrey

Launched in DC’s Autumn-Winter collection, the Vestrey is made up of high-quality leather and suede. It has a simple and minimalistic silhouette and look and has been sought-after due to its similarity to the iconic Adidas Samba. This sneaker comes in straightforward colorways such black, red, white, and blue.

  • The T-Toe overlay is designed to improve the model’s durability while adding another interesting detail to the appearance.
  • The price of these kicks is very affordable at $75.
  • This men’s shoe has a size range of 6-14. It has been known to fit true to size.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does DC stand for in skate footwear?

DC used to stand for “Droors Clothing,” an apparel brand created by DC founders Ken Block and Damon Way. However, the label has since gone defunct, and so DC Shoes is now a standalone brand.

How to lace up DC skate shoes?

There are many different ways to lace-up one’s pair of skate shoes from DC. Laces add another style factor to the shoe, while at the same time ensuring that the fit is tight and secure, preventing any unnecessary accident. The most common way to lace up skate kicks is through the reverse crisscross style. Here are the steps.

  • Reverse Criss-Cross Lace-Up
  1.     Start with the bottom eyelets. Feed the lace through them and make sure both sides are of the same length. The right side of the lace goes down through the lowest right eyelet, while the left side goes down through the bottommost eyelet on the left.
  2.     Next, take the left side lace and cross it over to the second eyelet on the right. Similarly, the right side of the lace should cross over to the second eyelet on the left. This will form an “x” or a crisscross pattern.
  3.     Repeat the crisscross lace pattern until the last eyelet, finishing the lace off in a bow.
  4.     One could also tie up the laces with a knot at the last eyelet, cutting off the extra length of lace. This way, one can prevent getting the laces caught up in the skateboard.

How to clean DC skate sneakers?

To maintain the quality and appearance of DC skate sneakers for men and women, one needs to take proper steps for maintenance. The following are the tips that could help in prolonging the life of one’s kicks.

To clean sneakers, especially those made with canvas uppers, mix a small amount of gentle detergent with water and apply it to the shoe using a bristle brush. Gently brush the areas with dirt or stains.

  • Wipe away any remaining soap with a piece of cloth dipped in water.
  • Dry the pair in room temperature. Avoid using heaters.
  • Dip shoelaces in a mixture of detergent and water and leave them for a while. Air dry them afterward.
  • Leather uppers should be applied with leather polish.
  • Use a suede or bristle brush to brush off dirt from suede uppers.

Where to buy DC skate shoes for cheap?

DC has a lot of outlets and stores in the U.S. The brand’s products are also sold at the company’s online store. Similarly, large and small footwear retailers both online and in brick-and-mortar stores could carry DC models. There are also DC shoes available at department stores. Markdowns and clearance sales can be expected from the brand’s online shop, and in other online stores as well.

Where to buy men's all white DC skate footwear?

DC skate footwear in an all-white colorway can be found in different DC stores and other shoe retailers. To quickly find what one wants, head over online, where many shops carry DC skate sneakers for men and women. There are filters and search terms that can be used to narrow down one's choices better and find the best option.

How to wash DC skate sneakers?

Washing shoes using a washing machine is highly discouraged. This is because the machine’s cycle and the detergent used could cause the sneaker to lose its shape, color or fit. It’s best to clean one’s kicks by hand, using soap and water mixture, a brush, and a piece of cloth. It’s also best to air dry footwear and not use a machine dryer or heater which could cause damage to the material. 

Where to buy DC skate models that are discontinued or out of stock?

Often, when there are no stocks available for a particular shoe, some sizes could appear at reseller websites such as eBay, where there are many listings for kicks that are rare, discontinued, or limited edition. These resellers could have DC skate models to sell, so it’s best to check such sites.

What is the fit and sizing of DC skate kicks?

The brand’s skate-inspired shoes are usually released in men’s sizes, with some DC skate shoes also available in women's sizes. However, ladies could also buy in men’s sizes by going down by at least one and a half sizes than their actual. Sizes 6-14 are available for men, built in medium width and generally running true to size. Some models may run narrow, large or small, so it’s best to check reviews to find out. 

How durable is skate footwear from DC?

DC skate sneakers are known for being quite durable, with high-quality materials that let the wearer perform or walk the streets in style. Furthermore, skate shoes from the brand are known for having innovative structures, built with technologies that enhance comfort, support, and durability.

How could one style DC kicks that are skate-inspired?

There are many ways to style DC skate shoes. For one, they are highly versatile due to their sense or urban street style. They are offered in neutral or attractive colorways that can easily be paired with one's everyday clothes. Some models could even be dressed up for work or a party, and they could be dressed down for laidback days. Here are several pointers on how to style them.

  • Pants, jeans, shorts or chinos paired with a neutral-colored t-shirt will give skate kicks the classic urban appeal.
  • Pair skate-inspired sneakers with sweatshirts, pullovers or a hoodie along with track pants or joggers for a casual athleisure flair.
  • Additionally, DC skate shoes in the women's category could be paired with skinny jeans, pants, shorts, skirts or dresses, paired with a denim jacket for a low-key chic vibe.