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Converse Cheap Sneakers

Best Converse Cheap Sneakers - August 2019

The versatility of Converse shoes has made them well-loved among people of all ages. They are also very budget-friendly, which is why the average individual can afford to have a pair or two in the closet. Furthermore, the brand’s kicks are offered in a wide range of colorways, such as black, red, white, green, and blue.

Some of the brand’s most iconic kicks include different shoes from the famous Converse Chuck Taylor All Star series. It all began with the shoe that launched the brand into what it is today – the Converse All Star. With a style that has endured the ages, it’s no wonder why Converse cheap sneakers remain relevant and accessible.

Best Cheap Converse Shoes

Converse has a wide selection of footwear to suit the tastes of different individuals. There are low-tops, mid-cut kicks, and high-top models that offer a different fit, look and feel. Below are some of the best Converse sneakers that are cheap, categorized according to their ankle cut.

Low-Top Converse Kicks at Cheap Prices

Sneakers with low-top collars offer plenty of mobility for the ankle. Here are some cheap low-cut Converse shoes available online and in-store.

Converse El Distrito

A minimalist appeal is showcased on the Converse El Distrito. Dominating the sides of this sneaker is the Star Chevron logo, which gives it a classy touch. This logo was created in the 1970s by employee Jim Labadini. The image signified the brand’s stepping forward amidst fierce competition among footwear companies.

  • It is only apt that the star would adorn the El Distrito model, as this shoe was designed to be simple yet fashion-forward. It has a laidback style fit for the modern age, built for walking the streets with aplomb. Such features as the round toe and Converse All-Star logo also give it a retro appeal.
  • The midsole is made up of vulcanized rubber, while the toe features a textured bumper for additional durability.
  • This shoe has a soft fabric lining for extra comfort.
  • It’s priced at $55.
  • These cheap men’s Converse were released in sizes 5-13. It’s reputed to be true to size, but several wearers found it to be narrow and went up by a half size.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Leather Ox

In 1957, Converse released a low-top version of the highly popular All-Star model, calling it the Converse All Star Oxford. The name comes from an old term for low-cut shoes. This cheap Converse kicks for women and men were sought-after throughout the 1970s, continuing to enjoy the same level of demand today.

In tribute to its highly prized classics, Converse has managed to introduce vintage kicks with just the right amount of modern features. As a result, the shoes are still highly relevant today. One updated version of the Converse Oxford model is the Chuck Taylor All Star Leather Ox, which is redone with a smooth leather upper.

  • The brand’s signature rubber outsole makes this sneaker flexible, durable, and supportive.
  • These cheap Converse low tops are also known as the Converse CT AS Leather OX.
  • These are available for $60.
  • Women’s sizes 5-14 and men’s 3-18 are offered. Many purchasers shared that it tends to run large.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Leather Low Top

The leather low top version of the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star retains the classic model’s features, updating it with a smooth finish at the same time. This stylish variation comes in neutral colors that are as versatile as they are low-profile. It has the timeless vibe of the original, making it an instant casual staple.

This shoe is also ideal as weather-resistant footwear, with its moisture-wicking leather upper that’s easier to clean. Other noteworthy features include the brushed metal eyelets and reinforced rubber toe cap, both of which add to the model’s authentic appeal.

  • Among its innovative details are the vulcanized rubber outsole and cushioned footbed.
  • These Converse sneakers are another cheap option, sold at $65.
  • Sizes are in men’s 3-13. Ladies can get their size by going down by two sizes, as recommended by the brand.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Seasonal Ox

A refreshed version of the original, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Seasonal Ox is offered in a wide range of bright colorways. Such a fresh twist gives a new perspective to an otherwise timeless sneaker, perfect for the spring season. The colors are also extremely versatile and can be dressed up or down as needed.

  • This model is the same with the beloved Chuck Taylor All Star Low top in almost all details. The chief difference is the colorway selection, as this shoe is done in a range of vibrant hues.
  • It has a $55 price tag, making it very easy on the wallet.
  • Men’s sizes from 3-13 are offered. Women can wear these cheap Converse low tops by getting two sizes down.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Seasonal Colors Low Top

Bright, summer-ready colors were used in designing the seasonal colors version of the All Star low top. It has a very suitable name as the shoe has a seasonal vibe that can add a punch of color to any outfit. Jeans, shorts, leggings, joggers, and other everyday essentials will fit with the kick’s low-profile yet fun appeal.

  • A rubber toe cap and bumper offer additional durability.
  • These cheap men’s Converse shoes have a price point of $50.
  • Sizes are in men’s 3-13. For women to wear this shoe, they would have to go two full sizes down than their usual.
  • A lot of users have said that the model runs a half size bigger.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top

First introduced in 1917, the Converse All Star was an elite basketball shoe sold by a rubber footwear company that mainly produced galoshes. The model was initially built with a high collar and a canvas upper. When salesman and basketball player Chuck Taylor came along, he transformed this cheap Converse sneaker for men and women into a cultural icon.

With Taylor's help, the All-Star became an all-time favorite, even until today. It was only right that Converse honored him by renaming the shoe as the Chuck Taylor All Star. The low-cut version came out years later, resulting in what is now the Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top.

  • During the first-ever basketball competition in the 1936 Olympics, this sneaker was worn by the U.S. Team.
  • The kicks have a cheap price of $50.
  • Men’s sizes ranging from 3-18 and women’s sizes from 5-20 are available.
  • Many purchasers reported that the shoe runs large, leading them to order one or two sizes down.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Core Ox

These cheap All-Stars from Converse are a reinterpretation of the Converse All Star Oxford, which first appeared in the 1950s. The Oxford cut, which means a low-cut shoe, is emphasized in this version. Another notable element is the sneaker's hard-wearing rubber construction, which makes it ready for just about anything on the streets.

The core essentials of the highly celebrated Converse All Star are retained in this edition, making it an instant modern classic. Although it has the classic details that are so well-known in the original, this shoe is far from old-fashioned. It remains a versatile everyday essential for completing casual get-ups.

  • There are many colorways offered for these cheap men’s and women’s Converse shoes, such as maroon, red, pink, black, white, mono black, and blue.
  • At $50, these sneakers are relatively affordable.
  • Women’s sizes are available from 5-19, along with men’s sizes 3-18.
  • According to quite a lot of reviewers, this shoe runs narrow.

Converse Jack Purcell CP Canvas Low Top

Badminton player Jack Purcell was known for being the 1929 and 1930 Canadian National Badminton Champion. He was also the 1933 World Champion in the sport. Together with the B.F. Goodrich company, he designed his own shoes in 1935, focusing on support and classic looks.

In the 1970s, Converse acquired the exclusive rights to manufacture the sneaker, introducing it to a broader demographic. Celebrities such as Kurt Cobain, Elvis Presley, and James Dean were soon seen wearing the iconic kicks. The Converse Jack Purcell CP Canvas Low Top is one of the variations of the model.

  • It was released in several neutral colorways, all of which feature the legendary Jack Purcell Smiley Face on the toe.
  • This budget-friendly kick is sold for $65.
  • These cheap women’s Converse shoes are offered in sizes 5-12, along with sizes 3.5-12 for men.
  • The majority of buyers thought that the sneaker fit bigger than usual. They suggested going a full size down.

Cheap Converse Mid-Top Sneakers

Mid-cut kicks allow wearers to have a bit more support around the ankle without restricting it too much. Below is one of the trendy and cheap Converse shoes for men.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Street Core Canvas Mid

Among the countless iterations of the Chuck Taylor is the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Street Core Canvas Mid. Just like the original, this shoe has a canvas upper, a flexible rubber outsole, and a rubber toe cap. The upgraded details include additional cushioning for more comfort and padding on the collar and tongue.

Most noticeable of all is the mid-cut design of this kick. This feature offers enough support for the ankle without restricting it too much, the way high-cut designs may. It is available in several classic colorways for a timeless street style appeal.

  • This shoe has a pull tab at the heel to help in slipping it on and off.
  • These cheap men’s Converse have a set price of $60.
  • Men’s sizes 3-13 are offered. A lot of wearers observed that the model had a narrow feel.
  • For women, going two sizes down should be sufficient for them to find the proper fit.

Cheap Converse High-Tops

High-top sneakers are the best option when it comes to ankle support and protection. The following are a few of Converse’s cheap high tops.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Top

The much-loved Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Top has remained mostly unchanged since it was first released in 1917. Its ongoing popularity proves how versatile and stylish it remains. Even though the shoe was made for basketball, it has since transcended any label and has been worn by people from different walks of life.

These Converse cheap high tops have been worn by many influential people, from athletes to artists to celebrities. In the first ever NCAA competition in 1939, both teams wore the kicks. The Rolling Stones even made these the band’s official sneakers during their Steel Wheels Tour of 1989.

  • This model was the first to use non-skid technology when it was launched in 1917.
  • With a price of $55, these shoes deliver bang for the buck.
  • The offered size range is from 3-18 in the men’s category. According to many buyers, these kicks run large. They advised others to get at least one size down.
  • Although these cheap Converse high tops are not in women’s sizes, ladies can still cop these by going two sizes down. 

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Core Hi

This model is a spin-off of the classic Chuck Taylor High Tops. Its upgrades include a softer and more refined canvas upper. The sidewall stripe is also done in a contrasting color to make it pop. Another addition is the Ortholite sockliner, which improves the overall comfort of the shoe.

  •  This sneaker is available in many different colorways, from neutral shades to pastel palettes.
  • At $55, these high tops from Converse are cheap.
  • Women’s 5-19 and men’s 3-17 are offered for the sizing. It has been known to fit true to size.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Seasonal High Top

The Seasonal High Top Chuck Taylor modernizes the iconic high-top Chucks. This shoe is made with a canvas upper and rubber sole, complete with the iconic ankle patch. With these features, the shoe offers the original model's timeless appeal. Fresh new colors that are ideal for spring were released for this seasonal edition.

  • This kick also features an Ortholite insole for cushioning.
  • One can cop these cheap men’s Converse shoes for $60.
  • Men’s sizes are offered from 3-18. Several reviews revealed that the shoe was a bit large, suggesting that a half size smaller would be more optimal.
  • Ladies should get two whole sizes down of this shoe for a snug fit.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Street Mono Canvas Hi

As the name suggests, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Street Mono Canvas Hi features a monochrome colorway that gives it a stark appeal. It’s a complete turnaround from the original Chucks in that it has an almost mid-cut design, making it look more like a skate sneaker. Other noteworthy features include the thickly cushioned tongue and padded collar.

  • Foxing tape around the sole’s perimeter adds to the shoe’s durability.
  • These kicks are sold at a budget-friendly price tag of $60.
  • These cheap Converse high tops are in women’s sizes 5-12 and men’s 3-12. It fits as expected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy Converse sneakers at a cheap price?

Converse shoes can be bought at any of the brand’s retail stores and outlets. The company also has many online shops set in different countries. All of these places offer the label’s kicks within a budget-friendly range. Alternatively, one could also HEAD over to the different footwear retailers or department stores, which may carry cheap Converse sneakers.

Such websites as Amazon and Zappos are known for markdowns and deals, along with wide availability of shoes. There are also online stores, both big chains, and small, independent shops, that offer cheap Converse models on sale.

What is the price range of budget-friendly Converse kicks?

Converse’s collection of footwear is on the highly affordable side. The price range of cheap All-Stars from Converse is from $50 up to $65. Low-tops are most likely to be $50 and up in price, while high-cut kicks are from $55 and up.

Mid-tops are more limited when it comes to different models and are available at a starting price of $60. Additionally, when buying online, be mindful of cheap Converse lookalikes that have lower costs and are of lower quality.

 What is the fit and sizing of very affordably priced shoes from Converse?

Cheap Converse Chuck Taylors are typically available in unisex sizes, with equivalent sizes for men and women. The size can range from 3-18 for men and 5-12 for women. Some sneakers are only offered in men’s sizes, but ladies can still wear them by going down two sizes than their usual.

The brand’s models are known for having a large sizing. As such, reviewers commonly go one or two sizes down for a more comfortable fit. Some models have also been found to have narrow widths. Consequently, wide-footed users go one size up for a wider fit.

How to style Converse models that are easy on the pocket?

Versatility is the characteristic feature of most Converse shoes. They are very popular because they can suit many different people's unique styles. Additionally, different casual outfits go well with the kicks. Here are some ideas on how to pair clothes with cheap Converse sneakers.

  • For men, Converse footwear could be worn with jeans, shorts, pants, or joggers. Although the shoes have athletic roots, they differ widely from the sports kicks of today. They have more of a casual vibe and can be dressed with basic pieces.
  • Ladies can opt to wear their sneakers with skinny jeans, leggings, joggers or shorts. High tops from Converse are cheap and would suit these pieces very well.
  • For a more feminine take, the shoes can easily be paired with skirts or dresses for any casual occasion or party.
  • Additionally, denim jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts or bomber jackets will complement the sneakers’ urban appeal.

Are Converse cheap sneakers durable?

Despite their price, cheap Converse Chuck Taylors have been noted for their durability. They have a vulcanized structure which makes them endure wear and tear a lot better. The upper, which is commonly made up of canvas, is known for being able to go through different seasons and still look good.

Even though it is not advisable to wear them in wet weather, Converse shoes are reportedly still in good shape even after getting rained on. They just need to be wholly dried first before being used again. Also, be careful of cheap Converse lookalikes that fall apart more quickly than the genuine type.

How to take proper care of budget-friendly Converse footwear?

When it comes to cleaning cheap Converse kicks for women and men, the brand cautions users to test the cleaning process first on a small area. This could be done on not very noticeable regions, such as the tongue. It is essential to do this so that one can find out if the soap used will not discolor or fade the shoe's material.

Here are some additional points that Converse laid out:

  • Canvas kicks must be cleaned using a damp cloth that has been dipped in a mixture of mild soap and lukewarm water.
  • Sneakers with synthetic or leather uppers can be cleaned using the same mixture as described above.
  • Meanwhile, suede shoes have to be brushed with a suede brush, which will help get rid of dirt. Water can’t be used for the material.
  • No matter the material, the footwear must be air dried only. Applying heat is not advisable. The models can be stuffed with paper to help retain their shape.
  • Lastly, cheap Converse shoes, according to online sources, can never be machine washed or dried.

Where are highly affordable Converse shoes manufactured?

Since 2001, when Converse went bankrupt, the brand's shoes have not been manufactured in the United States. The company is now owned by Nike, and the sneakers are made in factories located in such countries as India, China, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Such a practice allows Converse to sell for cheap.

Is Converse footwear washable?

People have been known to put their cheap Converse All-Stars in the washing machine to clean them. They always use a low or gentle cycle and air dry the shoes afterward as the machine can damage the canvas material. However, the brand itself discourages machine washing and only recommends hand washing using a mixture of water and mild soap.

Are cheap Converse sneakers good for the feet?

Although Converse sells for cheap, the company still emphasizes quality. It has changed up its footwear in recent years by putting more support on the insole and outsole. Such technologies as Ortholite allows the brand to offer more cushioning and comfort. If the insole is not to a person’s liking, an insert can easily be added in the sneaker to better mold to one’s feet.

Does Converse produce cheap vegan shoes?

In the past, Converse has introduced fully vegan footwear. One limited edition collection was in collaboration with vegan pro skater Kenny Anderson, called “Cons x Chocolate Kenny.” Another is the Converse x Miley Cyrus series. Also, cheap Converse All-Stars are labeled as “skins-free” by PETA because they are usually made up of canvas and rubber.