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Chris Paul basketball shoes

Shortly before the 2005 NBA Draft, Chris Paul originally signed a four-year endorsement deal with Nike that was approximately worth $600,000 a year.

"He's been a Nike guy his whole life, basically," Lance Young, his agent at that time said. "He's built some lasting relationships there already, and he just feels really comfortable with the people there. He probably could have gotten more money from someone else, but he wanted to go ahead and get this done, and he wanted to be with Nike.”

However, his partnership with Nike did not last. During his rookie season, he was hand-picked by Michael himself to join Nike's subsidiary Jordan Brand because of his undeniable talent, strong work ethic, and leadership skills. To make his move to Team Jordan official, he signed a six-year deal with Jordan Brand back in 2006.

Chris is one of the few Jordan Brand athletes who was given their signature line. He joins an elite club that counts Team USA regular Carmelo Anthony and Russell Westbrook as its members.

While LeBron and Kobe have Elite versions, Chris also has Artisan Editions (AE) of his signature Chris Paul shoes. These playoff-ready versions of his signature Chris Paul basketball shoes feature performance-oriented updates to meet the demands of the postseason.

Signature touches on Chris Paul basketball shoes

To honor the people who have contributed to his success, Chris has always incorporated personalized details into his signature Chris Paul shoes. These hidden nods celebrate his faith, family, and friends.

  • 61. Chris Paul’s grandfather was 61-years old when he was slain.
  • SP. These are the initials of his former coach and mentor Skip Prosser.
  • Chevron-shaped accent. Chris Paul’s grandfather was the first African-American to own a Chevron service station in North Carolina.