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Casual cycling shoes

Not all cycling shoes are made for technical rides and competitions. Despite today’s market being saturated by professional and super technical bike shoes, the beginnings of these now sports-centric shoes are rooted in casual use and commuting.

Casual bike shoes possess a trinity of features: street style, power transfer, and commuter comfort all rolled into one. If you frequently ride into the city, you need to check out our casual cycling shoe collection.

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Casual cycling shoes can take you from the bike to the bar (or even boardroom) in style and comfort. Some of the brands you can check out are Five Ten, Giro, and Pearl Izumi

You can choose from a variety of design inspirations as these shoes take cues from sneakers, light hiking shoes, or training shoes when it comes to style. In terms of retention systems, most employ lace-up closures for that traditional laidback look of everyday shoes.

While most casual bike shoes are flat, a few employ a two-bolt SPD cleat system. These casual clipless bike shoes are recommended to commuters who still want efficient power transfer with their every pedal.

Casual cycling shoe collections 

Urban commuters can also choose based on different shoe collections. 5 10, for instance, offers the Sleuth and District collections. The Sleuth is geared more towards the light commuter, while the District collection is for urban cyclists who bike more than three times a week.