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Bryce Harper baseball cleats

As one of the rare few baseballers who got their signature line, it’s just one proof that Bryce Harper is a force to be reckoned with in the baseball diamond. Snatched by Under Armour, this Philadelphia Phillies’ right fielder brings a sneaker-like comfort into his signature baseball cleat releases. 

RunRepeat prides itself to feature some of the baseball world’s most notable releases. That’s why you can find concise and honest reviews for Harper’s baseball shoes.  

On top of this, the site also partnered with over 200 shops to give you some of the best deals for your baseball shoe picks. Here are some of the things that you can expect from the signature silo. 

Innovative Bryce Harper baseball cleats

Adding a sneaker-like approach to its cleat constructions, Bryce Harper’s signature collection emphasizes comfort and style for its creations. To achieve this, the line combines quality materials and cutting-edge UA baseball technology. 

For instance, Charged Cushioning (which is also found in Steph Curry’s basketball shoes) brings its version of responsive cushioning that’s been the trend in sports arenas of today. 

Player-inspired elements

Since it's a signature collection, personal design elements from Bryce Harper himself are to be expected from its releases. 

Perhaps one of the notable ones is the Las Vegas skyline. Found in the silo’s very first release, it’s made in a subtle and minimalist style in the medial side of the boot.