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It is quite interesting to know that before the rise of brightly colored soccer cleats or even the black soccer cleats, there is already the existence of brown soccer cleats. The earliest recorded soccer cleat in history dates as far back as 1526, believe it or not. Owned by no less than King Henry VIII and designed by royal shoemaker Cornelius Johnson, the first soccer cleat was made of thick brown leather.

Because the early brown soccer cleats were made of leather, they were also far from being lightweight. However, during the turn of the century, soccer cleat manufacturers such as Nike, Adidas, and Puma have tweaked a lot of their shoes’ attributes including the upper material. They have also added several new features that made these modern soccer cleats as lightweight as possible to cater to the fast-paced soccer games that we know and love today.

Brown used to be the color of poverty, but nowadays, it is associated with humility, authenticity, and indulgence. Players who choose to wear brown soccer cleats exude strength, reliability, and class. With the advent of synthetic upper materials also came the surge of vibrant colored soccer cleats. Despite the prevalence of flashy colored soccer cleats on the market, the classic and luxurious brown soccer cleats are still here to stay.

Brown soccer cleats from notable brands

Though not as many as the colored, black, or white soccer cleats, brown soccer cleats are still an “in” thing in the soccer shoe market. Here are some examples of brown soccer cleats from notable brands.

Adidas X17.1 Pure Stealth

Bringing back the old-school look to one of their most advanced soccer cleats, the German shoe magnate released the Adidas x17.1 Pure Stealth pack in an all-brown colorway. The official color of this limited edition brown soccer cleat is Core Black/Trace Olive.  

The one-piece Techfit Compression upper of this brown soccer cleat is covered with Non Stop Grip (NSG) similar to the regular Adidas X 17.1 variation. It comes with a chrome external heel counter and soleplate.

Puma King Top FG “Made in Italy” Natural Pack

If there is one modern soccer cleat that looks like it time traveled from the 1800s, it’s the Puma King Top FG “Made in Italy” Natural Pack. This brown soccer cleat has a kangaroo leather upper with the classic fold-over tongue that our soccer ancestors loved a long time ago.

To keep up with the whole vintage vibe, the outsole of this 278-gram brown soccer cleat also features classic conical studs that offer excellent grip on firm grounds (FG).

Nike Tiempo Ronaldinho 10R Dark Cinder/Gold

This 2006 brown soccer cleat was launched for no other than Ronaldinho during his prime when he was with the Barcelona team. He was the first soccer player to have his own signature model designed for himself. Not only was this soccer cleat made for him, but he also had a hand in the design of this model as well. This limited edition soccer cleat was initially launched in the Black/Pearl/Gold colorway.

The entire upper of this brown soccer cleat is made of high-quality kangaroo leather. One of Ronaldinho’s major requests is to have a larger striking surface. That is why Nike designed the shoe to have an extended forefoot and minimal stitching on the instep. The leather fold-over tongue covers the entire lacing system.

This brown soccer cleat is accentuated by a gold Nike Swoosh that goes around from the medial to the lateral side of the shoe, similar to what you can find in a Nike Premier Tiempo soccer cleat.  On the heel area, there is a three-color stitching design that represents strength, inspiration, and the joy that Ronaldinho has when he is playing soccer.

This brown soccer cleat features a similar stud pattern as the Nike Tiempo Legend stud pattern. The difference is that the studs themselves are made of a textured thermoplastic material versus the plastic studs of the Nike Tiempo Legend. The soleplate has a metallic gold underlay which is a nice accent to this vintage-looking soccer cleat.

Pantofola D’Oro Lazzarini Combi

This limited edition brown soccer cleat was made in celebration of the company’s 125th anniversary. It is dressed in a premium kangaroo leather upper with a dark brown hue. This brown soccer cleat was hand-crafted the same way the Italian company used to make their soccer shoes in 1886.

The soleplate of this brown soccer cleat may come in either black or white. It has 18 studs that are molded into the base of the outsole.

Pantofola D’Oro Lazzarini Moro PU

Another classic looking brown soccer cleat is the Pantofola D’Oro Lazzarini Moro PU soccer cleat in the Brown/Black colorway.  It uses premium quality calfskin leather for the upper. The black tongue stands out against the brown laces.

Its black soleplate has three white stars as accents. The stud layout of this brown soccer cleat consists of 18 moulded studs.

Under Armour Speedform CRM Hybrid

Veering from the usual natural leather upper, this brown soccer cleat from UA uses a synthetic leather material. It has a sleek, minimalist platform that can enhance the foot’s natural ability to change directions.

The entire upper of the Under Armour Speedform CRM Hybrid, including the tongue and laces, comes in brown. Its lightweight Pebax soleplate, however, comes in black with a combination of removable metal studs and yellow molded studs.

Hummel Roma Heritage Old School Kangaroo Firm Ground Dark Brown

The Hummel Roma Heritage Old School Kangaroo Firm Ground is an old-school soccer cleat that is equipped with modern innovations.

These 276-gram soccer cleats feature a soft kangaroo leather upper with a fold-over tongue over a traditional lacing system. Its cream-colored soleplate comes with 11 conical studs. These brown studs provide excellent traction on firm natural grass.

Frequently asked questions

How to care for brown soccer cleats?

The price for each pair of soccer cleat, whether made of natural leather or synthetic material, is no joke. Therefore, it is imperative that you should take care of your shoe to keep it in tiptop condition and to help prolong its lifespan. Below are some of the practical tips to care for your brown soccer cleats.

  • Remove large chunks of mud and dirt from your brown soccer cleats using warm water and a brush or a soft cloth. This should be done after each game or practice session. Never use a washing machine when cleaning your soccer cleats.
  • Dry your brown soccer cleats using a dry cloth. Stuffing newspaper inside your shoe can hasten your drying time significantly because newspapers are highly absorbent.
  • Never leave your soccer cleats inside their cleat bags. Warmth and humidity can cause bacterial growth which may cause bad odor inside the shoe. Instead, use a cleat tree when storing your brown soccer cleats to allow ventilation and maintain their natural shape.
  • In case your soccer cleat has developed a foul smell, you may put baking soda into each shoe and shake them well ensuring that the powder has penetrated all areas of the shoe.
  • Another tip is to leave small pieces of charcoal inside your shoe overnight.
  • Do not expose your brown soccer cleats to direct sunlight or any kind of heat source. Leathers tend to crack when exposed to heat.

Which brown soccer cleat should I use when playing on SG surfaces?

There are a variety of brown soccer cleats that are suitable for soft grounds (SG). A good example would be the Pantofola D’Oro Lazzarini Soft Ground .

Are there brown soccer cleats that are recommended for AG surfaces?

Some examples of brown soccer cleats that are recommended for artificial grass (AG) surfaces include the Adidas Predator 18+ FG/AG Lone Hunter in the Trace Olive/Core Black/Bright Orange colorway as well as the and the Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Artificial Grass in the Metallic Bronze/Black colorway.

What are the available brown soccer cleats that have TF and IN variations?

Turf Field (TF) and Indoor Court (IN) variations are available in the Nike Hypervenom Phantom II series.

Are there high-top brown soccer cleats on the market today?

Despite the lack of any existing example of the early soccer cleats, they said to be made of thick leather and are ankle high. Nowadays, mid-top and high-top soccer cleats are common. A popular example the Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Special Edition Firm Ground in the Camo colorway with the colors Elm/Light British Tan/White/Black.

This special edition soccer cleat features various shades of brown on its upper. The black Dynamic Fit collar, laces, and the gray Nike Swoosh with black outline create a stark contrast the camouflage effect of this eye-catching soccer cleat. Its all-black soleplate has 11 conical studs and a gray Nike Swoosh design at the midfoot.

The Camo pack is also available in the Nike Magista, Nike Tiempo, and Nike Mercurial silos.