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Brooks is an American company that aims to manufacture high-performance men and women’s track spikes. The brand’s track spikes are those that help an athlete go the distance with maximum comfort without sacrificing style. Let’s look at the features and qualities that make Brooks stand out from the rest of the athletic footwear brands in the market. 

A user’s guide to a Brooks track and field spike

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Best Brook track and field shoes - November 2019

What makes a Brooks track and field spike unique are its notable qualities. These will be briefly explained in the next few lines: 

  • Traction. Brooks track shoes are known for employing superb and excellent traction. This is manifested in the materials integrated into the shoes’ design. A fraction of a second may be very detrimental to the overall score and performance of the athlete. Hence, speed is of utmost relevance to the formula. Traction, as well all know, is responsible for contributing to one’s pace.
  • Lightweight. A lightweight configuration is essential to make sure that the weight of the shoe does not pull the athlete down, hampering a speedy performance. Moreover, with such an event occurring, the energy of the athlete will be exhausted. That is why a Brooks track spike is fashioned in such a way: it employs minimal, reliable, and lightweight materials to contribute to the overall lightness of the shoe.
  • Durability. In the sport of track and field, several elements can deplete the quality of the shoe. A Brooks track spike utilizes sturdy materials, one of which is the Pebax® plate, which not only enhances the shoe’s traction, but also its durability. The same component is found in the Nike Zoom Rival S 9, a running spike. With the shoe’s durable construction, it is designed to withstand natural wear and tear.
  • Cushioning. A track spike should produce ample comfort and rebound properties for the athlete. This has been the guiding principle of the makers of Brooks track and field shoes. A Brooks track spike does not have any reservation when it comes to utilizing sufficient cushioning. The rebound property of a Brooks track shoe is essential in delivering highly efficient performance. 

The elements of a Brooks track spikes

Pebax® plate. A spike plate material that is very common among track spikes, the Pebax® plate serves a good balance of rigidity-to-weight ratio of a Brooks track spike. Not only that, but it also supplies maximal traction while employing minimal weight. Thus, adhering to one of the notable qualities of a Brooks track spike—lightness.

Woven Air upper. The Woven Air upper is yet another element of a Brooks track shoe that complements its durable construction. It is a featherlight coverage component that secures a breathable wrap around the foot to keep a fresh and healthy foot environment.

BioMoGo DNA technology.  A proprietary midsole technology from Brooks, the BioMoGo DNA is one of the frequently used midsole components of most Brooks track and field spikes. It is made out of environmentally-friendly and biodegradable materials. It is responsible for the high-level energy return provided by a Brooks track spike. 

Carbon Fiber Propulsion Plate. Found in some of Brooks’ track and field shoes, the carbon fiber propulsion plate is responsible for heightening the energy return. This is all because the carbon fiber propulsion plate enables a firm and responsive ride to the athlete. 

Frequently asked questions

Will Brooks track and field shoe fit tight? 

Track and field spikes, in general, should fit tightly. This goes the same for Brooks’ track shoes. However, just because these are tight-fitting doesn’t necessarily mean that these should feel uncomfortable. Comfort is still a top priority of a pair of Brooks track shoes. Moreover, these track spikes should not be too tight that it constricts one’s blood flow- something that you should put to mind when getting a pair of Brooks track shoes or any other track and field spikes.

How long will my Brooks track and field shoe last? 

There is no definite length of time as to how long your Brooks track and field shoe would last. However, it is of common knowledge that it will not last forever. But on the upside, there are steps that you can take in order to increase the longevity of your Brooks track and field shoe. Here are some of them: 

  • Always remove the spikes to clean out the chunks of dirt and grime stuck in the spike plate every after use. 
  • Use a soft brush to clean your Brooks track shoe. 
  • Never put it in the washing machine for cleaning, nor in the dryer for drying. 
  • Just wash the shoe with a mixture of warm water and soap. 
  • When drying, just let it air dry.