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One of the most awaited events in the track and field competition is the running tournament. Constituting this contest is sprinting meet which mainly involves speed and stability. With the help of a track running spike, the athlete’s skills can be augmented, powering a robust race-day performance. That’s exactly the goal of the Brooks sprint spike, flaunting unmatched traction, sturdiness, and support. 

The anatomy of a Brooks sprint track shoe

Best Brooks sprint track and field shoes - May 2020

Pebax Rnew plate

  • Made of high-strength thermoplastic polymer, the distance plate equips the Brooks track and field shoe with sufficient grip and durability. This is without compromising the weight of the running platform, enhancing the forward motion of the sprinter. Moreover, the plate keeps a good balance of rigidity and softness, allowing for a comfortable, well-cushioned ride. 

Cushioned sockliner

  • One of the views about sprinting spikes, in general, is that they are uncomfortable because they do not have enough cushioning. With the configuration of the Brooks sprint spike, this claim is proven false. The Brooks’ track sprinting shoe is embedded with a plush, featherlight insole that cushions the underfoot. It also protects the foot from shock, especially during impact. 

Engineered woven upper

  • The engineered woven upper is incorporated to give the Brooks track and field sprint spike with sufficient security and ventilation. Because the woven upper acts as the airflow system of the running shoe, the foot chamber is kept healthy and free from odor. The upper textile also has high-tensile qualities that augment the durability of the platform without sacrificing the running shoe’s bulk. 

Lace-up closure system

  • Just like most track and field shoes, the Brooks sprint spike features a traditional lacing system. This allows for a dialed-in, adjustable fit. Moreover, lace-up closure increases the security and lockdown of the running platform. Given this, the occurrence of premature shoe removal in the middle of training or competition is prevented. The same lockdown system is implemented in the famous Nike Zoom 400 and Nike Zoom Rival S 9

Spike pins best suited for Brooks sprinting spike

The spike type that’s best suited for the Brooks track and field sprinting shoe depends on the track surface the shoe is going to be utilized on. 

Pyramid spikes. This spike type is best used on rubber, dirt, or grass surfaces. With its design, it digs deep into the ground, enhancing the stability and propulsion of the contender. 

Needle spikes. The needle spike is also tagged as the “slim” spike. It yields optimal traction on all-weather tracks. 

Christmas tree spikes. Apparent through its name, the Christmas tree spike has a layered composition. Because of this, it is often referred to as the “compression-tiered” spike. This spike pin type is ideal for rubber and tartan track surfaces. 

Tartan spikes. Known as the dull version of the needle spike, the tartan spike pin generates superb ground adherence on rubber tracks. 

How to care for a Brooks track and field sprint shoe 

When cleaning the Brooks sprint spike, there are a few things to remember to maintain the quality of the running shoe

  • Always use a soft clean brush to remove the chunks of dirt in between the spike wells of the track shoe. Remove the spike pins after every after use and clean them with a soft towel. 
  • Create a mixture of soap and water. Use this to remove the dirt on the running shoe. 
  • Remove the insole and laces of the track running spike and clean them separately. 
  • For the running platform, wash it with water and proceed to brush out the excess grime with a clean, soft brush. 
  • Never use the washing machine to clean the track spike. 
  • To rinse the soap, let the water run through the shoe. 
  • When drying, never put the track and field spike inside the dryer. Instead, just let it air dry. This prevents the degradation of the shoe’s spike plate. 

Frequently asked questions

Is a Brooks sprint shoe expensive?

Retailing for more than $100, the Brooks sprint spike is automatically tagged as an expensive track and field shoe. However, with its top-notch attributes and performance, the Brooks running spike is surely a bang for the buck. 

Where can I get a pair of Brooks’ track and field sprint spikes?

One can either get the Brooks track sprinting spike online or via physical stores. When it comes to convenience, purchasing online is an ideal choice. However, one should make sure to go through several user feedback first before placing an order. This is to secure the authenticity and qualities of the running spike. With the help of RunRepeat, product comparisons and reviews are made more convenient.