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    Boreal Diabolo - Multicolore (11260)
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  3. Any color
    Boreal Joker - Multicolore (11365)
    £80 £52 Save 35%
  4. £150 £75 Save 50%
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buy boreal climbing shoes for men and women

Boreal climbing shoes

Cover as many vertical miles as you can and feel good doing so in Boreal climbing shoes. These amazing kicks will empower your every move, whether you are dealing with edged projections or negotiating steep overhangs.

Now we are as serious about providing you with smashing deals on top-of-the-line rock shoes as Boreal is truly committed to seeing you send your projects. So go ahead—fill your shopping cart with steals from this brand. You will be glad you did so!

An appealing lineup of Boreal rock shoes

Where diversity in climbing shoes for men and women is concerned, Boreal is among the brands to look out for. After all, they do have more than a dozen high-quality rock kicks ranking in our main catalog.

Shoes intended for entry-level use make up about 60% of Boreal’s roster. These beginner-friendly companions are mostly neutral shoes (a.k.a. those that come without a downturn or toe curl). The Joker series is part of this particular collection.

If steep routes are your next game, you ought to gear up with aggressive climbing shoes. Such pieces from Boreal, most of which are part of our vegan shoes list, will help you make the impossible possible on overhanging routes.

Boreal’s pricing landscape

Most camber-less or neutral offerings from Boreal sit between the 80 and 120-dollar price range. Some pieces from this pool are included in RunRepeat’s selection of inexpensive kicks. On the other hand, the brand’s moderate and aggressive climbing shoes start from $120, with the most expensive ones reaching around $170.