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Whether it is a short route that needs focused performance or a set of pitches that requires lasting comfort, Boreal climbing shoes are up to the task. Yes, from bouldering pursuits to more daring ascents on steep verticals and treacherous overhangs, these high-quality rock climbing kicks are capable of saving the day.

The genius minds employed by Boreal stand by their shoemaking expertise and lofty standards, promising every pair has what it takes to get the job done and done right. So if your top-most objective is to conquer as many vertical miles as possible in a fully equipped climbing shoe, look no further than a pair of climb-specific Boreal shoes. Chances are, you will not regret it.

The best Boreal climbing shoes and the many benefits of owning one


Best Boreal climbing shoes - April 2020

Confidence-inspiring comfort

Boreal appears to know a thing or two when it comes to providing users with sufficient comfort. They even made a dedicated category for such kicks, most of which are beginner-friendly shoes. So what makes their offerings adequately plush? For one, most of their cushy climbing shoes are lined (check out their Joker lineup). Then, there is also the Cushioned Heel System—a company-exclusive technology that delivers walking comfort. In these Boreal climbing shoes, you will likely not feel the need to remove them (and sport your trusty approach shoes) in between projects or climbing sites.

In-shoe security

Many of Boreal’s rock climbing shoes use Velcro straps with which to lock the foot in place. Such kicks are engineered with not one but two hook-and-loop straps to double down on lockdown security. If straps are not your cup of tea, perhaps Boreal’s lace-up pieces, some of which have a to-the-toe construction, just might tickle your fancy.

Vegan advocacy

For most folks, they can wear just about all sorts of rock shoes. For those who practice veganism, however, the story is an entirely different one. That said, the latter group does not feel left out if they ever decide to choose this brand. Indeed, a handful of Boreal’s high-quality climb-specific offerings are vegan-friendly. These are shoes that—from top to bottom—do not contain any kind of animal-based substances.

The ability to stick

Arguably the main aim of senders is to get to the top of their climbing route in safety. Fortunately for them (and for you), Boreal climbing shoes are no pushovers when it comes to giving wearers adequate surface traction underfoot. A pair of rock kicks from this brand may come equipped by either of the two outsoles: FS Quattro or Zenith. That said, both rubbers are exclusively developed and owned by Boreal.

A place of sensitivity

Are you someone who values sensitivity above all else? If so, you will be delighted to know that a great number of Boreal climbing shoes have a slip-lasted construction. Send-centric kicks having this kind of construction are known to grant increased responsiveness, especially around the forefoot. Slip-lasted rock shoes are also known to be extra flexible, which enables climbers to move about the course with freer mobility.

Longevity underfoot

Virtually every rock climbing shoe manufactured by this company is equipped with a surface-adhering outsole (be it the Zenith or the FS Quattro sort). This particular component is hardy by default, but it, just like anything created by man, will deteriorate with time. As such, Boreal designers engineer most of their climbing shoes with 4.5-mm thick outsoles, giving users extra time to enjoy their kicks without resorting to a resole yet.

When should I get my Boreal climbing shoes resoled?

Boreal has not published any information concerning this matter. That being said, in general, a rock shoe can be resoled once the high-contact points of its outsole begin to thin. It is advised to seek the help of a professional to get this job done. Get in touch with Boreal’s customer support to confirm whether or not they offer a resoling service.

Environment versatility

Whether you are a climber who prefers tackling indoor pursuits or someone who likes conquering outdoor problems, Boreal has you covered. Yes, almost all of their offerings are versatile enough to be used in both environments.

Boreal climbing shoes: Aspects that set them apart from the competition


A company founded by Jesus Garcia Lopez in 1975, Boreal has a colorful track record in shoemaking. Arguably their very first climb-centric success story is the Fire—a mid-top rock shoe that started building up steam and fame amongst outdoor senders in the early ‘80s. More high-quality climbing shoes have been developed by the company since then.

Today, Boreal is still laser-focused on delivering climbing kicks that rival some of the most sought-after pieces by established brands. Their commitment to providing quality footwear is as serious as ever, which is quite reassuring from an equally serious climber’s perspective, to say the least.

Athlete-inspired engineering

Boreal climbing shoes are made by highly skilled and experienced footwear engineers. That said, they often work with rock climbing athletes—those that Boreal has close ties with—to create truly send-worthy shoes. Some of the seasoned climbers these shoemakers work with include Dani Andrada, Edu Marin, and Urko Carmona—a Paraclimbing World Champion.

Asking price

In terms of pricing, many of the brand’s offerings can be considered budget-friendly rock climbing shoes. Such pieces, most of which are neutral kicks (or those without a downturn), fall within the price range of $80 to $120. Past that range are downturned climbing shoes, with the more expensive ones belonging to the highly cambered category. Also, feature-rich shoes from this brand may be more expensive than basic ones. Suggestion: Opt for a moderately downturned pair if you have a decent amount of money to spare.

Note-worthy technologies

Zenith. This company-exclusive outsole is seen mostly in Boreal’s lineup of high-performance climbing shoes. It is made of a rubber compound that produces and maintains traction on barely-there edges. The Joker family of rock shoes sport this particular outsole.

FS Quattro. Engineered to work in a wide range of temperatures, the FS Quattro is yet another Boreal-owned sole technology. Its rubber formulation is characterized by high edging friction and lasting durability.

Friction Skin. Boreal climbing shoes furnished with this proprietary randing technology provide enhanced toe-hooking traction. It is an ultra-thin coating made of Zenith-based granules mixed with a special kind of adhesive. Boreal engineers made it flexible yet durable to give owners a worry-free climbing experience.

Slim Fit Last. This lasting technology, which is developed exclusively by Boreal, gives shoes a low-volume profile. Rock climbing shoes crafted around the Slim Fit Last (also known as SFL) promise optimum performance by enabling the foot to have a more intimate connection with the surface. Kicks built around this proprietary last are aimed primarily at senders with slimmer feet.

Wrap Rand. This Boreal-exclusive tensioning system doubles down on footing security without sacrificing maneuverability and underfoot sensitivity. Compared with other tensioning systems, the Wrap Rand covers a much wider area around the heel and arch, thereby giving wearers improved heel-to-midfoot responsiveness.

Cushioned Heel System. One of the many technologies made by the brilliant shoemakers over at Boreal, the Cushioned Heel System does exactly what its name implies—it cushions the heel proactively. This soft yet resilient shock-absorbent insert is made of ethylene-vinyl acetate or EVA. Rock shoes engineered with this tech promise a kind of comfort that makes walking between routes an adequately pleasurable ride.

V2 Rand. A proprietary system that uses a pair of tensioned bands, the V2 Rand renders the shoe capable of holding the heel securely in place. Its presence drives the foot forward, thereby allowing wearers to pull off a variety of toeing maneuvers efficiently. Boreal climbing shoes imbued with this randing technology are said to have a comfier, more precise fit.

Lateral Torsion System. The tensioned rand used in this technology is situated right under the shoe’s arch. Kicks engineered with the Lateral Torsion System deliver enhanced support, especially where there are smaller holds on which to mount. Such shoes are also sufficiently flexible without compromising sensitivity, making them ideal for boulder-type projects.

Integrated Rand System. Another proud member of Boreal’s extensive family of exclusive technologies, the Integrated Rand System (IRS for short) binds the shoe’s rand and sole unit together. This imbuement improves the shoe’s fit and overall durability while optimizing performance.

Boreal climbing shoes fit and sizing for men and women

Boreal rock climbing shoes are mostly low-cut offerings for men and women. Some kicks from this brand are unisex shoes, which require female climbers to go down one and a half sizes to get the best possible fit.

The brand offers both asymmetric climbing shoes and straight ones. The former will force the foot to bend inward, which may lead to some pressure around the arch region. The latter, on the other hand, will allow the foot to lie flat—no bending necessary.

In terms of stretch, some Boreal climbing shoes will provide a lot, some only a little. Note that shoes with leather uppers usually stretch more than those with synthetic confines.