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Blue Vans Sneakers

Best Blue Vans Sneakers - September 2019

Sneakers have become the heart and soul, or sole, of today's fashion trend. In the modern vogue, sneakers are now being correlated with the high-fashion. Thus, many top and luxurious brands now branch their products out from bags and clothes up to footwear, as the demand for these multipurpose and stylish kicks soared in the recent market trend.

To keep up with stiff competition, different brands introduce their kicks in a multitude of colorways from the muted black and white to striking green and yellow. Also, several brands have blended the past and the modern trend by releasing current iterations stirred from the 80s and 90s fashion. Most of these kicks have undergone reworking into low-top, mid-top, and high-top inspired from various sports such as tennis, hiking, basketball, and skate

Why people choose blue sneakers?

The color of the sneaker has been one of the main reasons why people pick their sneakers, and it can also be the single reason why someone will abhor a particular pair. Whether you are a sneaker freak or an everyday rubber shoe wearer plainly for sports, your rubber-soled footwear will give away a great impression about your personality more than you think.

Blue, also dubbed as azure, cobalt, or cyan, symbolizes the sky and the sea and associated with stability and sincerity. Many considered blue as beneficial to mind and body for its calming effect. The blue shade also is related to cleanliness, as seen on the airlines, water purification filters, and sea voyages.

In the fashion domain, people choose sneakers in blue hue as it is a doubtless winner in almost any wardrobe. In fact, blue ranks high in the most favored colors that anybody can't go wrong. Just like the black, wearing blue footwear with surely enhance your overall outfit while staying subtle and casually smart.

Blue goes well when paired with pastels and earth tones, such as brown, white, beige, and black. Also, this pair will surely pop when matched up with vibrant hues, such as orange, red, and yellow.

Why add blue Vans sneakers to your collection?

Vans, one of the leading producers of fashionable sneakers for skateboarding and street fashion, has released several iterations in various shades of blue. Adding these models to your collection is virtually a practical move as blue Vans shoes are considered durable, fashionable, and versatile with a price point that is reasonably inexpensive.

Some of the blue kicks from Vans also display a timeless look that will definitely last generation to generation. This hue may not be considered as eye-catching as the more vibrant red, orange, or yellow but this color is packed with attitude and timelessness that will surely turn a few heads around.

Many Thrashers and non-skaters choose blue kicks from Vans also love its handy charm that can be easily matched up with any laidback getup. Blue kicks are something that would look great to any home with a wide range of wardrobe penchant.

Vans blue shoes were also packed with robust elements that will last the hardcore stunts while its wearers are on the board. The brand also developed several techs injected into their sneakers to endure many outside forces.

To help you in selecting your next blue Vans sneaker, the RunRepeat team have collated some of the most popular and high-rated Vans models with the blue hue. We have summarized important details and added links for your quick reference.

Popular Vans Silhouettes in Blue Colorway:

1. Vans Old Skool

Considered as Vans most popular silhouette, the Old Skool started in 1977 as pure skateboarding footwear. Many Thrashers enjoyed the sticky outsole of the Old Skool with a versatile look that could match the streetwear fashion. Many tagged this as one of the most favorite silhouettes in the men's and women's sneakers market.

Quick Facts about the Vans Old Skool:

  • This model was the first ever to bear the iconic leather stripe on the outer panel called "Jazz Stripe."
  • This kick is offered at the budget-friendly price range of $60.
  • Few of the popular editions of the Vans Old Skool with blue colorways are the Vans Suede Old Skool, Vans Gum Old Skool, Vans Jersey Old Skool, and Vans Pig Suede Old Skool.
  • Some colorways that are also available are Black-White, Madder Brown-True White, Birch-True White, Sea Fog-True White, Classic White, and Black-Pewter.

2. Vans SK8-Hi

Vans released a high-top version of the Old Skool to provide ample protection, comfort, and support around the ankle of its wearers. This model quickly became a staple model in most skateboarders in the 80s.

Quick Facts about the Vans Sk8-Hi:

  • Several famous collaborations of Vans SK8 Hi are with the renowned names in the fashion and sports industry, such as Marc Jacobs, Supreme, North Face, Disney, Stussy, and Marvel.
  • Just like its predecessor, this model has a pocket-friendly price range of $65.
  • Another version of Sk8-Hi in blue hue is the Vans SK8-Hi Slim.
  • Other well-loved shades of the Sk8-Hi are the Dessert Sage-True White, Deep Grass Green-True White, Black-White, Black-Perter Check, and Purple-Gold.

3. Vans Authentic

Most of the buyers and onlookers love the simplicity and the versatility of the blue and white Vans Authentic sneaker. This model is the perfect pair for laidback lifestyle, with its easy to care canvas upper and thick vulcanized rubber outsole. This model has gained its popularity over the years which turned the brand to re-imagine the silhouette with modern materials, such as leather, suede, or synthetic.

Quick Facts about the Vans Authentic:

  • This model is also dubbed as # 44 deck shoe.
  • The special variations Vans Authentic Slim, Vans Gum Authentic, and Vans Pop Camo Authentic are also available in blue colors.
  • Vans presents this sneaker at $50.
  • Some favorite hues of Vans Authentic are True White, Black, Rumba Red-True White, Cumin-True White, Desert Sage-True White, and Sea Fog-True White.

4. Vans Slip-On

Launched in the 70s as a fuss-less way to wear sneakers, the low-top blue Vans Slip-On was inspired by the boat shoe models. The brand introduced it as skateboarding footwear but gained its fame off the board for its versatile and comfy fit.

Quick Facts about the Vans Slip-On:

  • This model can also be called as Style # 98.
  • One variation is the blue Vans Checkerboard Slip-On that displays a canvas upper with checker print all over.
  • This inexpensive kick costs $50.
  • The Vans Slip-On is offered in countless colorways (Black, Charcoal, Birch, Ochre, or Rainbow), materials (satin, canvas, suede, flannel, or twill), and prints (Chevron, leopard, feathers, or camo.)
  • Some celebrities spotted sporting the Vans Slip-On are Jennifer Lawrence, Gigi Hadid, Selena Gomez, Justin Beiber, Reese Witherspoon, and Hugh Jackman.

5. Vans Era 59

To further please the skateboarding community, Vans unveiled the Era as the second model purely intended for the skate use. Initially launched in red and blue, this Vans sneaker introduced the "Off the Wall" campaign as seen printed on its rubber tag on its heel. Countless variations of the Era were unveiled to the public, and one of them is the Era 59 that highlights leather hits found throughout the sneaker.

Quick Facts about Vans Era 59:

  • With this pair's price of $55, this model is considered a steal.
  • Few variations of the Vans Era are the blue and white checkered Vans Checkerboard Era and the blue jeans Vans C&L Era 59 shoes.
  • This sneaker is first called as Style #95.
  • Buyers can easily customize this model through the Vans Custom.

6. Vans UltraRange Rapidweld

The men's navy blue Vans UltraRange Rapidweld shoes were introduced in 2017 as the brand's answer to the upsurge demand for versatile and comfy kicks that suit the need of top surfers. This model boasts its UltraCush midsole with the Luxliner bootie collar, and seamless internals to boost the comfort, lightness, and appeal.

Quick Facts about the Vans UltraRange RapidWeld:

  • This all-around sneaker has a fair price range of $80.
  • This kick has reversed waffle lug pattern on its rubber sole that delivers superb traction on various surfaces.
  • Vans offers this in both genders' sizes.
  • Other than navy blue, this kick is also presented in different colors such as Black, Marshmallow Black, Desert Sage, Potter Clay-True White, and Neptune Green.
  • Different versions of Vans UltraRange shoes with blue colorway are the Vans UltraRange Hi MTE and Vans UltraRange 3D.

7. Vans Half Cab

The mid-top profile of the Half Cab was launched in 1988, as Steve Caballero's first signature skate shoe. This navy blue Vans sneaker was dubbed as the best skate shoe ever released for its copious amount of comfort and support on the ankle which allows them to maneuver, thus experiencing better flip tricks easily.

Quick Facts about Vans Half Cab:

  • At $70, this is considered cost-effective footwear.
  • The Half Cab label trim found on the side gives this pair a remarkable feature.
  • Other known shades of the Vans Half Cab are the Black and Black-White.

8. Vans Atwood

These dark blue Vans shoes for men showcases a low-top profile made of double-stitched canvas upper that enhance the overall durability. Also, the metal eyelets and the rubber waffle-patterned outsole provides toughness and stability that suits the hardwearing stunts on and off the board.

Quick Facts about Vans Atwood:

  • This economically priced footwear is offered at $60.
  • Vans offers this blue and white Vans shoes in men's and women's ranges.
  • This model is presented in countless colorways, such Vans navy blue in Gum sole, All White, Cornstalk, Black, Red, Camo Alloy, and Black Chili.

9. Vans 106 Vulcanized

The sky blue Vans 106 Vulcanized features versatile, a low-top design that suits wearers with on the go lifestyle. This all-around kick can be worn for various kinds of actions like sessions at the gym, easy skateboarding, or a casual street strolling with friends.

Quick Facts about Vans 106 Vulcanized:

  • The upper of this blue Vans is made of canvas seated atop a white rubber sole that gives its timeless appeal.
  • This model was introduced in 2009 in four colorways - Black, Green, Purple, and Blue.
  • Currently, this model is presented at $60 per pair.

10. Vans Anaheim Factory Authentic 44 DX

This men's blue Vans shoes called Anaheim Factory Authentic 44 DX was unveiled to pay homage to the very first factory of Vans found in Anaheim, California. This model retained the classic details of the brands most popular silhouette, the Authentic, tweaked to fit the modern market.

Quick Facts about Vans Anaheim Factory Authentic 44 DX:

  • Vans offers this in quirky retro colorways such as Lilac, Green, Pewter, and Orange.
  • This model is found in the modest price range of $75.
  • One feature that distinguishes the Anaheim Factory Authentic 44 DX from its ancestor is its high glossy foxing tape.

11. Vans Chukka Low

This blue suede Vans sneaker was stirred from the classic looks of Vans Authentic and the Vans Chukka Boot. It offers the ultra-comfortable UltraCush HD footbeds that effectively absorbs shock during high landings while maximizing the board feel.

Quick Facts about Vans Chukka Low:

  • This model was conceived from the collaboration of Vans with amateur skating team.
  • The Chukka Boot inspired the upper and the raised vamp of this sneaker while the low-top outline was taken a cue from the Vans Authentic.
  • Vans offers this at $60.

11. Vans Chima Ferguson Pro

The navy blue with gum sole shoes of Vans Chima Ferguson Pro was formulated from the brand's collaboration with the Australian professional skateboarder Chima Ferguson. Ferguson was known for his complex tricks on board while making it look effortlessly easy.

Quick Facts about Vans Chima Ferguson Pro:

  • This skateboarding footwear has an economical price point of $70.
  • The upper is infused with DuraCap technology to enhance the durability that suits the hardcore tricks while on the skateboard.
  • Vans offers this in both genders' sizing.

12. Vans Canvas Authentic Lite

This variation of the classic Vans Authentic is considered lighter and fits better than its predecessor. This low-top kick features a sturdy canvas upper with the UltraCush Lite sockliners.

Quick Facts about the Vans Canvas Authentic Lite:

  • Considered a bargain sneaker, this model costs $55.
  • Vans offers this in men's sizing from 3.5 to 13 US in medium width.
  • This model has the ActionFit technology that gives a higher heel height for better-balanced feel.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to style my Vans blue shoes?

Be it formal or informal, people would always do extra checking to make sure their shoes will not look odd in their entire ensemble. Because of this, our team have come up with few suggestions on how and what to wear with your favorite blue kicks to avoid looking tacky or overwhelming.  Above all these suggestions, the most important is to assemble your outfit according to your style and wear it packed with confidence.

  • For ladies, baby blue Vans sneakers look great when paired up with vibrant orange or yellow sundresses. It is also advised to wear an accessory with a subtle touch of blue, such as a blue belt, earrings, or headband.
  • For gents, it is also advisable to pair up your dark or black denim jeans with a light colored dress shirt slightly unbuttoned and a blue or black belt. This getup will look great with blue and brown Vans kicks.
  • A navy blue cardigan paired with gray shorts also looks excellent with low-top all blue Vans shoes.
  • You can too rock your Vans shoes in navy blue with denim blazer with light colored chinos for a whole relaxed vibe.
  • For a summer-ready look, pair your low-top Vans blue sneakers with crew-neck shirt with white and blue stripes added with pink chino shorts.
  • For a dapper look, a charcoal-colored long sleeves shirt paired with same colored dress pants will surely compliment your Vans in blue suede shoes.
  • High-top Blue Vans sneakers will make your denim shorts and white top with unbuttoned plaid polo casually fantastic and stylish.
  • Dressing up and comfort are perfectly combined when Royal blue high-top Vans kicks are matched up with joggers or sweat pants added with a dark-colored parka.

2. Where can I buy blue Vans sneakers?

Since Vans is a widely known brand all over the world, the company made sure that their products are easily accessible to many of its followers. These blue sneakers from Vans are mostly offered in many physical Vans stores, and retailers found worldwide. And to make shopping easier, Vans presents these blue kicks on their online sites and numerous online partner retailers. 

For a better shopping experience, our reliable team ranked blue Vans sneakers according to their CoreScore. You may check the best ranking blue Vans sneakers currently offered by our partner retailers by browsing through our site that may help you in deciding which shoe better fits your preference.

3. What are the technologies used in the Vans sneakers in blue colorway?

Vans is known for its high quality and durable products that can match the craftsmanship and style of other more popular and expensive brands. Their footwears were injected with various home-grown technologies that aim to lengthen the lifespan of their products without sacrificing the overall appeal. Here are some of the popular technologies used in some Vans blue sneakers:

  • Wafflecup Sole - This technology was the first ever vulcanized cupsole in the skateboarding world engineered to give its wearers better skateboarding experience. This technology features all the best elements of sneakers with cupsole such as better support and durability, with enhanced board feel and traction.
  • Vulcanized Construction - The vulcanized construction is the traditional construction of Vans shoes in which the rubber outsole parts are connected to the lasted upper. The shoemaker will then use the process of heating raw rubber to cure it to attach the sole to the upper. This heating process will take 80 minutes, and the temperature must be around 110 degrees. In this process, all the materials used in the sneaker must be heat-resistant as their shape and structure might be altered when exposed to heat. Some of the materials that might get damage with high heat are the nylon and polyester, midsole materials such as EVA and PE; thus, this kind of technique limits the material choices for the footwear.
  • Duracap - This kind of technology is an underlay that is often situated in areas of sneakers that are exposed to wear and tear. This material was engineered to withstand the abuse and beating by reducing the friction; thus maximizing the life span of the sneaker and providing better protection to its wearers.
  • UltraCush - This flexible and lightweight insole of Vans amplifies the shock absorbing and resistance of its sneakers. This impact protection feature levels up the cushioning by reducing the overall weight of the shoe by utilizing less amount of rubber as compared to the usual insoles present in other sneakers. Also, this technology gives a superb board feel, comfort, and support.
  • LuxLiner - This advance liner is usually located under the toe box that provides stability to the interior part of the sneaker. This breathable material allows air to move freely while providing a secure fit and responsive board feel. This kind of liner also conforms and moves to the shape of the foot.
  • ActionFit - This kind of design provides a design with a higher heel height to give its wearers that fit of running shoes while retaining the balanced feel. This construction provides more heel cushioning resulting in a lively feel to the shoe.
  • RapidWeld - This is an innovative construction on the upper that ditches the conventional stitching. It utilizes a thin film between panels that combine them when pressed and heated. In this method, it creates a strong bond with lighter, more durable, and flexible upper as compared to the traditional stitching.

4. How to clean my Vans sneakers in blue?

To lengthen the life span and enhance your overall look, it is advisable to keep your shoes clean all the time. No matter what color your Vans sneakers may be, here are our suggestions on how to clean your footwear:

  • Remove any visible dirt on your sneakers. If it is mud, let it dry first before removing as it will be easier that way. You may use cloth or soft bristled brush to remove the caked-on dirt.
  • Remove the laces and soak them in a gentle cleaning solution made of mild detergent and warm water.
  • Take the removable insole out, and air dry it. You may sprinkle it with baking soda to remove any foul smell.
  • Using a soft bristled brush or clean cloth, scrub or wipe the upper gently using the gentle cleaning solution.
  • Rinse after using warm, clean water.
  • Air dry your sneakers after and avoid placing it in direct sunlight as it may fade the color and avoid using electric dryer as it may change the shape of the rubber.
  • In storing your Vans shoes, place them in a cool area and stuff them with a towel or crumpled newspaper to retain its shape. It is highly recommended to store them in its original box.

5. What is the price range of blue Vans sneakers?

Vans sneakers are relatively inexpensive as compared to other branded and popular brands, as most of its blue Vans shoes have a price range of $50 to $80. The most affordable pair is the Vans Vans Slip-On and the Vans Authentic while the most expensive to date is the Vans UltraRange RapidWeld.

6. Aside from Vans, are there other brands that sell blue sneakers?

Because of the elegance and timeless appeal of blue sneakers, this colorway is also offered by countless other brands such as Adidas, Nike, PUMA, Reebok, New Balance, ASICS, Jordan, Merrell, Under Armour, Converse, Onitsuka Tiger, Skechers, DC, and a whole lot more. You may browse through our site to see other brands that tender blue footwear.

7. What is the meaning of blue in our lives?

Blue symbolizes so many things in our lives. In fact, this hue ranks high in favorite colors of most people. Blue is associated with water and sky, heaven and authority, and several corporate emblems. Blue is also related to cold, wet, and gentle which is the opposite of warmth, fire, and power of the color red. Blue is also associated with depression and suppresses appetite.

Blue has various meanings depending on its specific shade:

  • Dark Blue - this color is related to authority, dignity, royalty, and intelligence.
  • Bright Blue - this shade is linked to cleanliness, coolness, and steadfastness.
  • Light Blue - this hue is correlated to infinity, peace, and serenity.

8. Are blue Vans Authentic sneakers unisex?

The Vans Authentic model is offered in both genders' sizing in medium width. Men can pick from sizes 6 to 16 and women have a size range of 5 to 14.5. Also, Vans presents this in boys' sizing from 3.5 to 6.

9. Can I wear my blue Vans sneakers for every day?

Definitely yes as the sneakers of Vans are durable, comfortable, and stylish enough to be paired up with any laidback attire. However, when you use the Vans shoes for casual occasions and also for skateboarding, this pair may not last as it will be subjected to arduous friction on the board.