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The available colorways of the shoe affect the buyer's purchasing choice. This is for the very reason that aesthetics also goes hand in hand with function. That is why athletic footwear manufacturing brands offer their track spikes in various colors. And, one of the most loved track and field shoe among athletes is the blue track spike. Some claim that the color gives a fresh, calm look, which is why they favor it over any other color. 

Famous blue track and field shoes

Best blue track and field shoes - May 2020


  • Nike Zoom JA Fly 
    • Sporting a perfect blend of style and performance, runners can expect unmatched speed and look with the Zoom JA Fly. It is comprised of Nike's reliable and ultra-light components that adhere to the track shoe's promise of propulsion. With its performance-centric design, the Nike Zoom JA Fly is set to provide comfortable lockdown and support. 
  • Adidas Distancestar
    • A track running spike from Adidas, the Distancestar is explicitly configured for long distances. It aims to offer premier acceleration with a touch of comfort. With an in-shoe grid structure, the track running shoe delivers superb security. 


  • Adidas Adizero LJ
    • Intended for goal-driven and committed athletes, the Adidas Adizero LJ features great responsiveness. It also offers wearers versatility, handling multiple jumping competitions with its trusty componentry. Further, it is engineered to absorb impact, protecting the foot from any type of injury, especially during landing. 
  • Asics Long Jump Pro
    • The configuration of the Long Jump Pro from Asics is focused on both grip and heightened pace. It is intended to optimize traction during the approach and maximize propulsion during take-off. With top-tier technical elements, the Long Jump Pro offers ultimate support in a feather-light package. 


  • Nike Zoom SD
    • Best suited for throwers who use the rotational and glide technique, the Zoom SD presents high-strength quality. It maximizes both support and ground adherence with its technical features. More importantly, the track throwing shoe offers the contender with sufficient flexibility to pronounce foot motions. 
  • Saucony Unleash SD
    • When it comes to function, the Saucony Unleash SD does not compromise. Loaded with Saucony's premium technologies, the shoe delivers a snug, lockdown wrap around the foot. With its cushioning, the track spike offers unrivaled support while mimicking the movements of the foot. 

Elements of a blue track spike

The blue track spike should not limit itself only to having a good exterior. It should also serve its purpose— to up the performance of the user. To do so, it must possess dependable qualities such as these: 

Grippy. Good traction is important in all track and field competitions, which is observed in a blue track spike. This is largely because ground adherence plays a key role in optimizing speed, stability, and ground control. With all of these benefits, athletes can expect a robust performance on the tracks. An example of a track shoe boasting grippy traction is the Nike Zoom Superfly Elite

Comfortable. A requirement for every shoe, the blue track spike does not fall short when it comes to comfort. The platform is equipped with generous cushioning to give a plush sensation to the foot. With peak comfort, the wearer can focus on the contest without having to worry about abrasions and blisters. 

Supportive. Stability is a must for all track and field meets. With this in mind, the blue track spike is centered on providing optimal support to the wearer. This aids in eliminating any type of slippage by amplifying the contender's balance. Given this, the occurrence of strain and injury is avoided.   

Lockdown fit. A big no-no for both training and matches is a loose-fitting track spike. This can lead to the athlete falling off balance, which is also a big no-no. That is why a blue track spike is geared with reliable closure systems, pushing the foot further into the midsole and locking it comfortably in place. 

Frequently asked questions

Is a blue track and field shoe expensive? 

Yes and no. There are different track shoe models that are available in the color blue that either belongs to the expensive or cheap category. Those that are tagged as cheap blue track spikes are those that are priced for less than $100. On the other hand, the expensive ones retail for $100 and up. 

How do I take care of my blue track spike? 

  • After using the blue track spike, removes the spike pins, and clean the spike plate. Use a clean, soft brush to remove the dirt stuck in the spike wells. 
  • Remove the insole and the laces of the shoe. Wash and clean them separately. 
  • Make a mixture of soap and water. Use this with a clean brush to remove the remaining grime on the track spike. 
  • To rinse the soap, let the water run through the track shoe. 
  • Never put the blue track spike in the dryer. Just let it air dry.