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Shopping for navy blue hiking boots? Blue boots are extremely popular not only because they are stunningly different from traditional brown or black hiking boots but also because they are easy to work into any outfit.

Getting the right boots for hiking can be tough. But if you know what you’re looking for, you’ll ultimately end up getting the right one.

Blue hiking boots for men - what to look for

Best blue hiking boots - May 2020

When it comes to hiking boots, there seem to be endless options for men. You’ll find Merrell, Adidas, and Timberland blue hiking boots in your favorite shoe stores. Here are some important tips to find the perfect hiking boot for you:

Pay attention to the shaft height. Boots are either mid-cut or high-cut. Mid-top boots offer nice protection for the foot while still being flexible. They are perfect for day hiking and backpacking with light to moderate loads. If you’re trekking mountain trails or taking multi-day trips with a heavy backpack, a high-cut boot will give you enough stability, support, and protection.

Check the grip and traction. What makes hiking boots different from other types of performance footwear is that they are designed to bite into different surfaces. Note that some boots have specific uses (dessert hiking, water hiking, forest hiking, etc.). Thus, you should check if your boot has an outsole capable of tackling the trails you hike.

Materials count. The materials used in constructing hiking boots affect their durability, breathability, weight, and fit. Different brands also feature different technologies or “add-ons” to address specific issues or needs of hikers.

Blue hiking boots for women - what to look for

In addition to the guidelines mentioned above, here are some important things women should consider when looking for the blue hiking boots.

It should fit right. Obviously, women’s feet are different from men’s. Generally, women have shorter and narrower feet and higher arch than men. Premium brands, such as Asolo blue hiking boots for women, are made using gender-specific last to match the unique size and fit of female hikers.

Go for supportive boots. Since women have higher arches, they need additional support. The best blue hiking boots for women are supportive and comfortable to wear. They should have enough cushioning too.

They must keep the feet protected. The best hiking boots for women offer a good amount of protection from the elements. Waterproof models, such as Gore-Tex boots, will keep the feet dry amidst rain, slush, or snow.

Few more things to remember when looking for the best blue hiking boots

When shopping for blue hiking boots, keep in mind the following tips:

  • Bring your orthotics, the socks you plan to wear them with, and the hikers you currently have.
  • Tell the salesperson where and how you want to use your hiking boots, as well as the specific features you want.
  • Try them on. Wear the boots and test them out. Walk around the store. Jog, run, and stretch. Most boots, especially rugged ones used for backpacking, may feel a little stiff or rigid until they are broken in. Nonetheless, they shouldn’t feel too uncomfortable when you first try them on.