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    Adidas Dame 7 - Bliss/Solar Red/Cream White (FZ1046)
    Adidas Dame 7 - Halo Blue/Cream White/Cloud White (H67571)
    Adidas Dame 7 - Collegiate Navy/Silver Metallic/Collegiate Navy (FY0162)
    Adidas Dame 7 - Signal Cyan/Team Shock Pink/Team Solar Green (FZ1050)
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Blue Adidas basketball shoes

It seems that the Adidas brand has discovered the perfect concoction that will help them last longer. The Three Stripes can mix aesthetics and technology in their basketball shoe creations, especially those for signature athletes like James Harden and Damian Lillard.

The colors of their shoes are quite diverse. There are those that are bathed in fiery reds and those that are cloaked in more subdued tones of blue. It's quite easy to see the artistry behind each model, and every shade of color has its own unique set of emotions and stories to tell.

Blue Adidas basketball shoes are quite common simply because blue is widely used by NBA teams. Blue is also there to express American patriotism, alongside red and white. Blue basketball shoes with red and/or white accents usually appear during the July 4 festivities and Olympics season.

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They may not be as numerous as white and black basketball shoes, but blue Adidas hoop shoes are still considerable in number. To help you narrow down your list of options, we assign a CoreScore to each blue basketball shoe on record. This figure is the weighted average of all the individual ratings given by experts, regular basketball players, and hobbyists from all over the net. 

We also have concise qualitative performance descriptions for each shoe. Through these writeups, you will be able to get a quick idea of what the shoe's strengths and weaknesses are.