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    Adidas Adizero MD - Black (CG3838)
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    Adidas Distancestar - Black (AQ0217)
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    Adidas Adizero Avanti - Black (CG3831)
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buy black track & field shoes for men and women

The technical features of the track and field shoe are the key interest of athletes. It’s as simple as them wanting to enhance their performance with the help of their chosen track spike. However, the shoe’s colorways also play an integral role in their purchasing decision. That is why athleisure brands make sure to cover as many colorways to give buyers an array of options. 

One of the most sought-after track and field spikes of some runners, jumpers, and throwers is the black track shoe. For them, it is the most convenient color that can camouflage dirt, making the platform look clean. Moreover, the black track spike is also very versatile, allowing wearers to match it with any apparel. Lastly, the black track and field shoe suits all skin tones. 

Brands that offer black track and field shoes

Best black track and field shoes - May 2020


A Japanese brand that’s built on the foundations of quality, Asics produces durable, supportive, and grippy track spikes. These are the very same qualities upheld by its black track shoe. These are all incorporated into the track spike without sacrificing comfort and style. That is why the Asics black track and field spike remains a top choice among elite and beginning athletes. 


The top competitor in the athletic shoe manufacturing industry, Nike is known for its innovative designs and components. These are no strangers to the brand’s black track shoe. Geared with some of the most advanced technologies, Nike’s black track and field spike offers lightness, reliable functions, and comfort. With all of these features combined, the user can expect a robust track performance. 


A brand that’s very much familiar with all sports, Adidas does not compromise when it comes to speed, sturdiness, and lightness. Having been in the industry for a long time, Adidas is also well-versed in producing high-quality black track shoes. These also offer the same attributes expected from any other Adidas track spike with added support and style. One of the famous black track shoes from Adidas is the Adidas Distancestar


Puma is the third-largest sportswear manufacturer in the world. It is one of the top competitors in the industry for the very reason that sports enthusiasts and athletes trust it. With its technical innovations, the track shoe from Puma boasts a multi-functional grip, high-quality materials, and reliable performance. These are the very same properties embodied by the company’s black track and field spikes. 

Qualities to look for in a black track spike

Generally, black is a very pleasant color to look at. That is why it is a preferred track shoe color among different sportspersons. However, just because it’s an aesthetic track and field spike does not mean that its quality and functions should be disregarded. That is why there are a few elements to take note of when purchasing a pair of black track shoes. 

  • Lockdown. When performing in any track and field meet, a big no-no is unwanted track spike removal. That is why black track shoes are configured to have a tight yet comfortable wrap around the foot. This ensures that proper support and security is provided to the wearer. A black shoe that sports a good amount of snugness is the Nike Zoom Mamba 5
  • Lightness. Drag is something that hampers the optimal performance of the contender. That is why when getting a pair of black track and field spikes, customers should consider the weight of the shoe. The lightness of the track spike is also an integral factor in heightening the pace and momentum build-up of the racer for robust track performance. 
  • Traction. Speed is a critical element that hones the overall performance of the player. Meanwhile, what promotes speed is the stickiness of the shoe to the ground. A good pair of black track and field shoes should have a superior grip. Aside from increasing the participant’s acceleration, it also allows for surefootedness, creating a stable performance. 
  • Comfort. This should be the top consideration of purchasers when ordering a black track spike. Comfort is a fundamental aspect of any track shoe. This is because it’s a determining feature as to how long an athlete would last in the training or competition. It is also responsible for preventing any strain or abrasion on the foot. An example of a comfortable black running spike is the Adidas Distancestar

Frequently asked questions

How can I clean my black track spike? 

  • First, brush out the chunks of dirt stuck in between the shoe’s spikes. 
  • Remove the track spike’s sockliner and laces, and clean them separately. 
  • Mix warm water and soap and use a soft brush to clean the track shoe with the mixture. 
  • To remove the soap, let the water run through the track and field spike. 
  • Just let the track shoe air dry.

Why do people prefer the black track and field shoe? 

Many choose the black track spike because it easily hides dirt. Thus, they do not have to frequently clean the shoe. Moreover, the black track and field shoe can be matched with any other color. Lastly, it flatters all skin tones.