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black tennis sneakers

Best Black Tennis Sneakers - August 2019

Tennis sneakers are footwear inspired by the minimalist look of the on-court kicks but remodeled and marketed as street fashion shoes. Shoe brands took out essential features of the high-performance tennis shoes such as lateral support and robust traction and replaced it with simplified construction that suits the casual needs. 

Tennis sneakers are generally considered versatile footwear that can be used for the everyday, relaxed fashion. Its low-top profile with minimalist look makes it a painless pair for styling in laidback, formal, and even athletic attire. 

Why buy black tennis sneakers?

It is tough to think of reasons why not buy black tennis sneakers. Coping a pair of black tennis shoes is a practical move for its stylish and timeless profile and hue that can last a generation. This dark colored sneaker can be easily matched up with almost any getup which makes dressing up or dressing down smooth and trouble-free. 

In addition, black tennis sneakers are easy to cop as these are readily available in the market, favorable to the sneaker collectors and buyers who want to compare their fancied pairs. Also, it is advantageous to owners who want to own several pairs of the same shoe or who are looking for a replacement of the exact model of their worn out pair. 

Black Tennis Shoes

To aid you in hunting for your next black tennis sneaker, our team have carefully listed some of the most renowned tennis sneakers in black hue in the current market and categorized it according to gender.

Popular black tennis sneakers for both genders

1. Adidas Stan Smith

The Adidas Originals Stan Smith was hailed as the most popular and among the best-selling silhouettes of the Three Stripes. This footwear was initially designed to win the on-court performance but seamlessly transformed into lifestyle footwear for its timeless and versatile appeal. 

Since this pair was launched in 1972, Stan Smith kept its simple profile with unmatched comfort and durability. The upper of these men's black leather tennis shoes have unique perforation design with the iconic green padding found on the heel. The iconic caricature of Smith on the tongue adds character adding more appeal for the various generations.

The brand collaborated with different names in the fashion world and incorporated various technologies on the Stan Smith to cement its name in the most iconic and classic iterations in the sneaker domain. Here are a few of the popular variations of the Stan Smith in the market:

  • Adidas Stan Smith Boost
  • Adidas Stan Smith Primeknit
  • Adidas Stan Smith New Bold
  • Adidas Stan Smith Boost Primeknit
  • Adidas x Raf Simons Stan Smith

Fast Facts about the Adidas Stan Smith:

  • This iconic silhouette costs $90.
  • This unisex pair is available in men’s sizing from 4 to 21 US in medium width. 
  • The majority of buyers tagged this as true to size sneaker.
  • Aside from all black Core Black colorway, other favorite colors of Stan Smith are the Cloud White/Green, Core White/Blue, and Cloud White/Collegiate Red.

2. Reebok Club C 85

These low-top black tennis-inspired shoes for men flaunts a minimalist look making it a timeless choice to pair with jeans. The upper of the Club C 85 is constructed with soft leather added with EVA midsole and padded sockliner for enhanced comfort. Meanwhile, the rubber outsole provides high abrasion capacity to enhance durability and traction. 

Other popular variations of Reebok Club C 85 in black hue:

  • Reebok Club C 85 Hype
  • Reebok Club C 85 FVS
  • Reebok Club C 85 Diamond
  • Reebok Club C 85 G

Fast Facts about the Reebok Club C 85:

  • This cheaply priced kick costs $70.
  • Both genders can enjoy this sneaker as Reebok offers them in men's and women's sizing.

3. Puma Smash Leather

The Puma Smash was launched as Puma's answer to the famous Adidas Stan Smith. Over the years, this tennis footwear was reworked using various materials to suit diverse penchants of its followers - such as canvas, suede, and leather. The Puma Smash Leather kept its retro sporty details enhanced with modern materials. 

Fast Facts about the Puma Smash Leather:

  • Puma offers this at $60.
  • Sizes are available in men's and women's range. 

4. Onitsuka Tiger GSM

This low-top footwear displays a classic tennis look that can be used for everyday casual events. It is made of high-quality leather and soft Nubuck while presenting a fashionable appeal. Meanwhile, the white midsole adds contrast and gives a hint of sporty heritage. 

Fast Facts about the Onitsuka Tiger GSM:

  • The brand offers this at $85.
  • This unisex pair is available in men's range from 4 to 14 US in regular width. 

5. Adidas Court Vantage

The clean look and sleek style of the Court Vantage enhance its versatility that could match any attire. This low-top kick has been applauded for its lightness, comfort, and durability with timeless charm.  This cool sneaker is an excellent addition to your lifestyle sneakers collection. 

Fast Facts about the Adidas Court Vantage:

  • This ultra-affordable sneaker is presented at $60.
  • Both sizings in men and women are available in the market. 

6. Nike Tennis Classic 

The Tennis Classic from Nike features all the retro details of its predecessor unveiled in 1981. This court-classic kick displays adaptability to various ensembles making it a practical pair anyone could have. This shoe is made of soft, full-grain leather upper, cushioned with EVA midsole resting atop a full-rubber cupsole. 

Fast Facts about the Nike Tennis Classic:

  • Nike presents this at $80.
  • Both men's and women's sizing are presented in the market.
  • Nike launched several special editions of the Tennis Classic, such as Nike Tennis Classic Ultra Flyknit, Nike Tennis Classic CS, Nike Tennis Classic Print, and Nike Tennis Classic Ultra Leather. 

7. Nike Court Royale

The laidback appeal of the Court Royale exudes comfort and style that could match virtually any attire. This kick is dressed with clean and sleek lines, stirred from the classic tennis footwear. Nike offers this in various colorways, making it easier for its users to mix and match with endless ensembles. 

Fast Facts about the Nike Court Royale:

  • Considered a steal, these cute black tennis shoes cost $55.
  • Nike offers this in men's sizing as well as in women's.

Favorite black tennis sneakers for men

1. Adidas Continental 80

The Adidas Continental silhouette was introduced in the 80s and was relaunched in 2018 bearing its simple and straightforward look unearthed from the archives of Adidas. This kick bears a resemblance to the Yeezy Powerphase Calabasas and features tennis-inspired look with modern details for the current market. 

Fast Facts about the Adidas Continental 80:

  • This pocket-friendly sneaker is sold at $80.
  • Offered exclusively in men’s sizing from 4 to 14 US, the majority of users found this pair tad narrow. 
  • Popular colorways of this kick in the market are the Aero Blue, Mist Sun/Hi-Res Aqua/Scarlet, Semi-Frozen Yellow, and Clear Pink.

2. Pharrell Williams Tennis Hu

Inspired by the iconic Adidas Stan Smith, Adidas teamed up with rapper Pharrell Williams and came up with an iteration that highlights its slip-on construction, made of mesh upper and ample foam cushioning. 

Fast Facts about Pharrell Williams Tennis Hu:

  • This sneaker is at $130.
  • Men’s sizing is offered in the market from 4 to 13 US in medium width.
  • This iteration was launched in White/Green and White/Yellow hues, followed up by other favorite colorways such as Multi-Color, Teal, Tan, and Light Blue. 

3. Adidas 350

Initially launched in 2016 as a part of the Adidas Spezial collection, the Adidas 350 SPZL displays an off-white premium leather upper added with black accents and stripes. In 2017, the brand re-launched it simply as Adidas 350, which is no longer part of the SPZL collection. The modernized take on the classic sneaker bore the retro details but revamped with better and modern materials. 

Fast Facts about Adidas 350:

  • This model costs $80.
  • This true to size kick is offered in men’s sizing from 4 to 14 US in medium width. 
  • Aside from the black colorway, another favorite hue of the 350 is the All White, Blue with Gumsole, and the Red with Gumsole. 
  • Many shared that this footwear features the look of the popular Adidas Superstar minus the iconic shell toe. 

4. Adidas Forest Hills

The Adidas Forest Hills iteration was unveiled in 1976 as tennis footwear of some legendary players such as Jimmy Connors, Rod Laver, and Martina Navratilova. It is made of soft kangaroo white leather upper with a yellow sole and air holes on side panels. 

This model made a comeback after four decades and was re-introduced as casual footwear. It still struts a premium leather upper with its signature bright yellow sole, accented with gold details. Meanwhile, the breathable mesh tongue and perforations enhance the overall ventilation. The black and yellow version of these tennis shoes is considered one of the most prominent colorways of the Forest Hills.

Fast Facts about the Adidas Forest Hills:

  • Adidas presents this at $90.
  • Considered true to size, this model is available in men's sizing from 5 to 14 US in regular width. 
  • Other well-loved hues are the Cloud White and White/Metallic Gold/Green.

5. Reebok Revenge Plus Gum

This tennis kick was initially introduced in 1984 as tennis footwear of star player Michael Chang. It exhibits vintage tennis footwear look with its minimalist design and low-top profile. The upper is dressed in leather added with perforations and few overlays to add support and style. The nifty design of this kick allowed it to jump from sports to lifestyle scene seamlessly. 

Fast Facts about Puma Revenge Plus Gum:

  • This budget-friendly sneaker is found at the price range of $85.
  • These men's black tennis shoes are available from sizes 3.5 to 15 US in medium width.

6. Puma Smash V2 Leather

The minimalist appeal of the Puma Smash V2 Leather boosts its versatility that suits the everyday fashion. It is made of smooth leather upper accented with Formstrip giving it a clean, subtle, and timeless look that can flatter various generations. 

Fast Facts about the Puma Smash V2 Leather:

  • This black and white men's shoes are available from sizes 4 to 14 US in medium width. 
  • Buyers can own this at the price point of $60.

7. Lacoste Court-Master

Gained popularity for its luxurious appeal, the Lacoste Court-Master exhibits luxurious vibe and superb craftsmanship without hurting the budget of its buyers. This shoe also earned the nod of the majority of buyers for its comfort, lightness, and durability that could last the day-long use. 

Fast Facts about the Lacoste Court-Master:

  • This affordable kick costs $100.
  • This men's black sneakers are available from sizes 7 to 13 US in medium width. 

Fashionable black tennis shoes for women

1. Keds Champion 

The forerunner of rubber-soled footwear, Keds Champion Originals continues to reign the women's sneakers market for its functionality and style. The clean and minimalist style of this kick can easily blend with any attire, making this a staple footwear for many ladies who are into comfy shoes. Because of this pair's popularity, several variations collaborations were unveiled in the market using the Champion as their base model. 

Popular variations of Keds Champion:

  • Keds Champion CVO
  • Keds Champion Cotton Sateen
  • Keds Champion Slip On Leather
  • Keds Champion Felt
  • Keds Champion Pennant Leather

Fast Facts about the Ked Champion:

  • The price point is at $40. 
  • Keds presents this sneaker in women's sizing only from sizes 3 to 12 US in widths S, M, W, and XW.

2. Adidas Everyn

Launched under the Adidas Originals line, the Everyn features classic look available exclusively in women's sizing. This model was inspired by the Stan Smith kicks with its contrasted heel counter and perforated 3-Stripe branding on the side. Meanwhile, the large toe cap was said to be stirred from another classic silhouette, the Adidas Superstar. 

Fast Facts about the Adidas Everyn:

  • These black and white tennis shoes for the women are offered at $100.
  • This lace-up kick is available in women's sizing from 5 to 11 US in medium width. 
  • Adidas also provides the Everyn on other colorways, such as Ash Green/Base Green/Core Black, Wonder Pink/Core Black, White/Footwear White/Ash Pearl, and Cleora.

3. Puma California Exotic

These women's black tennis sneakers have been praised for their excellent comfort and support without hurting the buyers' pocket. It displays a cute look and versatile appeal made of premium quality and craftsmanship. 

Fast Facts about the California Exotic:

  • This wallet-friendly kick costs $75.
  • Puma offers this in two colorways - Whisper White-White-Gold and Puma Black-Metallic Ash.
  • This true to size footwear is being provided in the ladies' sizes from 5.5 to 11 US in medium width.

4. Keds Ace Leather 

Keds Ace Leather impressed the majority of its followers for its minimalist look and comfort fitting for the day-long use. The leather upper is minimally embellished to boost its versatility, as well as to maintain its affordability. 

Fast Facts about Keds Ace Leather:

  • This reasonably-priced footwear is priced at $65.
  • Available exclusively in women's sizing, this true to size kick is in sizes 5 to 11 US in regular width.

5. Tretorn Nylite 2 Plus 

This all black tennis shoes for women displays the revamped classic silhouette using shiny finishing on its leather upper. The brand inserted this model with enhanced cushioning and better arch support to boost the overall comfort level.

Fast Facts about the Tretorn Nylite 2 Plus:

  • This economically priced sneaker is sold at $85.
  • Tretorn offers this in women’s sizes 4 to 12 US in medium width. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are sneakers the same with tennis shoes?

Tennis shoes and tennis-inspired sneakers are often interchanged. Tennis shoes can be work and function as sneakers but tennis sneakers cannot function like tennis shoes. We listed below the summary of the difference between these two:

  • Tennis shoes are designed to function on the court to provide stability, traction, and power to its wearer. Whereas, tennis-inspired sneakers are meant to work for casual fashion.
  • Tennis shoes are designed to have substantial lateral support while the sneakers do not have lateral support.
  • Both sneakers and tennis shoes have effective shock absorbing elements to support their wearers on and off the court. But tennis shoes have more effective materials to absorb shock during the quick movements. 
  • Sneakers are readily available in the shoe shop while tennis shoes are usually available in athletic stores. 
  • Because of its more complex construction, tennis shoes are traditionally pricier compared to tennis-inspired sneakers.

Where to buy black tennis shoes?

Since tennis sneakers are widely available, these black kicks can be found in the official brand's stores, and almost all retailers found online and their physical stores. Some of the most popular retailers found online are Zappos, eBay, Amazon, 6pm, Sole Collector, End, Footlocker, and many more. 

How to clean my black tennis sneakers?

Here are some simplified suggestions on how to clean your black tennis sneakers.

Things you will need:

  • Soft bristled brush or used toothbrush
  • Baking soda
  • Soft, clean, and dry cloth.
  • Microfiber towel
  • Cleaning solution made of warm water and gentle liquid detergent

Steps on how to clean black tennis sneakers:

  • Sprinkle baking soda inside the shoe the night before cleaning it. Remove the excess powder the next morning.
  • Take the laces off and soak it in a cleaning solution for a little while. Massage the solution onto the laces, then rinse, and air dry it.
  • Remove any visible dirt on your sneaker by dry brushing it. 
  • Using the soft bristled brush, apply cleaning solution on the sole. Dry it using soft, clean, and dry cloth. 
  • Clean the upper using the cleaning solution and brush or cloth. After, using a microfiber towel, blot dry the upper to remove excess water. Repeat this process if necessary.
  • After cleaning, it is highly recommended to air dry the clean sneaker at room temperature. It is not advised to use the dryer as it may warp the sneaker or damage the glue that holds the sneaker together. 

How to style my black tennis kicks?

Because of the clear-cut profile and versatile look of tennis sneakers, it is relatively easy to pair black tennis sneakers up with almost any attire. Here are several recommendations on how to style it:

  • Black sneakers look great when paired with all black ensemble. Do not be afraid of trying an all-black ensemble as this will make you look debonair and polished. A black t-shirt layered with a black jacket and paired with black skinnies is a nice combo when paired with an all-black tennis sneaker.
  • For black and white tennis shoes, you can pair it up with a t-shirt or any casual shirt and blue or grey jeans for a laidback look. 
  • Black shoes also go well with light colored pair of pants and top such as beige jacket on top of a white t-shirt.  

How to keep my black tennis shoes in its prime condition?

It is inevitable for shoes to get scuffed or start to form some nasty stench especially if it turns out to be your favorite pair of footwear. We have come up with a few suggestions on how to take care of your black tennis shoes:

  • If your black tennis sneakers are made of leather, it is advisable to use wipes or damp cloth that is meant to use for shoes. You should spot clean any dirt visible dirt quickly as soon as it gets on your shoes.
  • Use a soft bristled brush to remove the scuff or any dirt especially on the sole. 
  • Wear socks always when wearing sneakers to avoid the sweat from feet to be absorbed by the shoes' lining. If you need to wear sneakers without socks, it is best to use and invest in foot powder or shoe spray.
  • Spray shoe protector before you use your sneakers. This will lengthen the lifespan of your sneaker and avoids getting damaged or scuffed easily or bent out of shape.

Can I use my tennis-inspired sneakers for playing tennis in the court?

It is not advisable for players to use tennis sneakers while playing on the court as these shoes do not have lateral support for sudden changes in direction. Also, tennis sneakers do not provide reliable traction on the court which will be dangerous and would not help in the performance of the players. 

Can I wear my black tennis sneakers in the gym?

Tennis sneakers have thin soles and cushioning and can be considered a bit heavy as compared to the ideal gym shoes. It is best to utilize footwear while in the gym that is sturdy, gives ample cushioning and stability that is proper for a variety of gym activities.