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buy black suede hiking boots for men and women

Those who require a quality pair that can go along with most types of clothing may want to consider black suede hiking boots. Footwear models that use this particular color are ideal for those who need a no-fuss option that can go with any look. At the same time, their suede uppers deliver sufficient durability and protection to handle most kinds of trail challenges. Moreover, these hikers are designed by various brands to deliver ample performance and comfort to help you complete your trip. If you are in need of these qualities, you may want to give black suede hiking boots a try.

Benefits offered by the best black suede hiking boots for men and women

Best black suede hiking boots

Best black suede hiking boots  - January 2020

These hikers present a balance between comfort and robustness

These offerings are characterized by the use of a suede upper. This particular material is derived from animal skin and processed to produce its distinct look. Although this leather variant is less durable than full-grain or nubuck, it is softer and easier to break in. This quality allows wearers to have a comfortable experience with these hikers while they’re out and about.

Black suede hiking boots help keep your feet warm

Suede offerings that employ a black colorway are more capable of retaining heat. There are several studies that show that layers of black material absorb heat and trap it better than other colors. As a result, adventurers may find a pair of black suede hiking boots handy in cold environments because of their added insulation.

They’re sufficiently versatile

There are instances when a footgear needs to be versatile for both casual and outdoor purposes. Black suede hiking boots come in a colorway that may be easily paired for most occasions. Its particular look also works for most types of clothing. Thanks to this versatility, you can wear them during a trip or for any other non-outdoor activity that may suit these boots.

Brands that manufacture the finest black suede hiking boots


Some of the best hiking boots offered by Danner come with black suede uppers. These offerings are also equipped with the brand’s patented Danner Dry membrane to render protection from wet conditions. Moreover, they come with cushy midsoles and Vibram outsoles to deliver trail performance for day hiking.


Select Salomon black suede hiking boots are engineered for backpacking. They are equipped with waterproof liners and ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) midsoles for multi-day excursions. Their suede uppers are reinforced with rubber rands and toe caps for extra protection from trail obstacles. At the same time, these hikers are furnished with the brand’s trademarked Contagrip outsole. This component is designed to grip on most types of terrain without compromising its durability.


Some of the top hiking boots manufactured by Merrell sport a black suede upper. They are fitted with lightweight EVA midsoles to cushion your stride over uneven surfaces. Certain black suede hiking boots from Merrell also use a Vibram outsole to keep outdoor enthusiasts stable when traversing wet and dry terrain.