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Black Skate Sneakers

Best Black Skate Sneakers - September 2019

Other than New Year resolutions, one of the things that people look forward to as the year resets are the fashion trends. For us sneakerheads, it’s a more specific category. This year, it seems that there are skate shoe ticks some of the items on the list—the minimalist and the chunky silhouettes. 

Yes, we know that those are polarizing, but skate shoes come in both. Before the ugly shoe trend spurted, there seems to be one of that in the form of the overly padded and thick skate footwear. 

Another end of the spectrum are the more muted versions, which falls another the basic shoe fashion. So, if following trends is more of your cup of tea, or if you’re looking for another sneaker to add to your rotation, we’d like to enlighten you about how broad its spectrum is.

What makes skate-inspired shoes stand out?

Functioning for athletics and transitioning to casual wear, many kicks are inspired by different sports—running, hiking, tennis, and basketball. Each of which boasts different features. So, what makes up a skate-fashioned shoe?

  •   It is great for wide feet. 
  •   Durability is one of its strongest suits.
  •   Comfort is a priority for this type of shoe. 

Most popular black skate shoes

Vans Old Skool

We all know that Vans’ roots come from skateboarding, and for a time, it was only an exclusive item for skaters. Somehow, the black and white skate shoes just trickled down like water, and everyone just wore them. Fashion magazines eventually dubbed this as one of the most essential shoes, and we can’t contest it. There are so many great things about these. 

  • The Old Skool is the first Vans to sport the “jazz” stripe or the side stripe.
  • Its style hardly changed on its 40 years of existence.  
  • There are many iterations released for this including a black/white and all black skate shoes. Several patterns, which include collaborations were also created for these. 
  • A Peanuts x Vans Old Skool was released. One of which comes in a black and yellow skate shoe. 

Nike SB Stefan Janoski Max

It took Nike three attempts before finally gaining the success for its SB line. Having renowned skateboarders represent each of their collection and address their ideas change how Nike played the game. Stefan Janoski, ever since he started conceptualizing his shoes, always wanted a casual and laid-back shoe. The Nike SB Stefan Janoski Max

  • The Nike SB Stefan Janoski Max is clad with Air Max and Phylon cushioning system. 
  • It has a one-piece bootie construction that provides the Janoski low-profile comfort. 
  • These men’s skate shoes are available in several black renditions including a pure-black, white/black, and floral-patterned ones. 

Adidas Adiease

Unlike basketball and track, it took time for skaters to find companies that would cater to their needs. With that, most shoes that they wear were from borrowed from other sports. Case in point is the Adidas Adiease, a previous indoor soccer shoe. 

  • The upper of the Adiease is made of durable materials that are suited for skateboarding. 
  • These sneakers have a vulcanized construction. 
  • The toe guard, padded insoles, and leather heel lining are some of the most notable features.
  • Aside from red and black skate shoes, the Adidas Adiease is also available in black/white and triple black. 

Etnies Scout

Like Vans, Etnies is also established from a skateboarding heritage. One of their most popular releases of the brand is the men’s black skate shoes called the Scout. These sneakers have a lot to boast given that it is infused with different technologies like the STI Evolution Foam Technology. 

  • Rubber pods are introduced at the bottom of the shoes for added stability The and traction. 
  • It has a remarkably plush lining because of the lycra spandex interior.

Supra Vaider

Out of all that we have listed, these seem to be the most “skater” looking because of its extremely padded collar. As one of the first shoes that are released by this skate-oriented brand, know that it will catch attention. These black skate shoes for men are supposed to link the casual sneakers and the performance skateboarding shoe. 

  • The high-top silhouette of the Vaider from Supra provides support and stability on the ankles. 
  • The padded collar and Suprafoam insoles provided plush comfort and superior cushioning. 
  • For enhanced durability, the toecap, which is one of the most abused parts of the shoe is double stitched. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I know what type of construction to purchase?

We couldn’t tell which from the low, mid, and high is the best because each has its advantages. Low tops are usually the most flexible out of the three in terms of style. Many are also drawn to it because it delivers freedom on the ankles. The mid and high top, on the other hand, gives additional support and stability. Many prefer these because it looks unique than the ubiquitous lows. 

What is the difference between skate-inspired shoes from actual skate shoes?

Skate shoes have evolved a lot mainly because what used to be worn by Tony Hawk during his time, are now being worn by elementary boys, influencers, and everyone. Skate-fashioned shoes are created for fashion. While it does have some technologies, the aggressive skate moves are not taken into account. The performance shoes, on the other hand, are what you should wear when skating because companies have researched and tried and tested that these will endure all the moves. 

Are there other ways to style my shoes aside from looking like a skater?

Of course! The great thing about skate-styled sneakers is that they are very versatile. Thanks to non-skater friends who have worn these and incorporated it on their daily outfits. 

  • An all black leather skate shoes will pair well with black skinny jeans and button-down for a more work-appropriate attire. 
  • Inject some color on your basic shirt and pants combo my wearing something unexpected like a pink and black skate shoes. 
  • Look casual but put together by pairing one with an above the knee shorts and a printed short-sleeved button down. 
  • Get ready for winter by going all monochromatic from head to toe black ensemble. Topping it with a colored trench coat and completing the look with a black pair will add flair. 

Are there eco-friendly versions available?

Yes, there are environmentally-friendly options available. One brand to look out for is Etnies. Looking at the brand website, the brand offers a broad selection of vegan options. Some of them include the Etnies Jameson 2 Eco and Etnies Jameson Vulc

Can you wear skate-influenced shoes for walking?

Yes and no. Skate-influenced sneakers carry the looks of a skate shoe without the necessary technology to take all movements that come with the extreme sport. The same goes with using your skate-inspired shoe being used for walking. We are not saying that it is dangerous, but they are not created to walk long-distances or trail hiking. So yes, you can wear them, but we couldn’t guarantee that they will be the most comfortable.

Where can I purchase black skate shoes?

Gone were the days when we only see skate shoes on surf and skate shops. Other than physical retail stores, you can also get them on online stores. Other than the brand website, purchasing black skate shoes on sites,, is our recommendation. Just keep in mind that sizing is different for different brands. 

Are there ways to prolong the life of my shoe?

Because of how aggressive skaters can be with their movements, we’re quite used to the fact that skate shoes can be dingy. But given that skate-inspired shoes aren’t made for ollies and 360 round flips, there are steps that you can take to make them last longer

  • Spray them with a waterproof spray. It protects the upper.
  • Have a shoe rotation because it allows your sneakers to breathe. 
  • Stuff them with newspaper when not using them so that it can hold its shape. 
  • Do not put your shoes on the washing machine as it can destroy the way of the shoe. 

Can I wear my skate-inspired shoe for skateboarding?

Just like in other sports, there’s a reason why there are shoes that are created specifically for that activity. Even though you can spot some skaters wearing those that we have mentioned on the list, the professionals would most likely prefer legit skate shoes. 

Can the ladies also rock it?

The black skate shoes can jump the women’s team also. Most of them are quite versatile in style especially the low-top pairs. You can pair them with sundresses for the California girl look or go for an edgy look by pairing one with a cropped leather jacket and skinny jeans. 

Are skate sneakers expensive?

Not necessarily. You can find a lot of pairs that are in an affordable range. Vans has a great selection of pieces that are within the $50-60 price point. The brands Etnies and Adidas also offer quite cheap models.