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    Jordan Mars 270 - Black Anthracite Metallic Gold 007 (CD7070007)
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    Jordan Mars 270 - Negro (CD7070006)
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    Air Jordan Future - dark grey dark grey volt (656503025)
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    Jordan Eclipse - Black Black White (724010017)
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Black Jordan sneakers

Best Black Jordan Sneakers - September 2019

Whether you are a sneakerhead or just an individual who wears sneakers, the Jordan brand is something that you must've heard of. Looking at its history, it is astounding how the brand has made it this far. Almost on the brink of downfall, who would have known that a then-rookie athlete, will be able to help Nike come back with a vengeance and change not just the NBA footwear scene but the off-court sneaker game as well.

Back when the only allowed shoe color to step the NBA courts were white, Nike and Michael Jordan did the most rebellious thing and outfitted the athlete with red and black Jordan shoe. It caused outrage and a massive amount of penalties which, in the end, turned out to be worth it because of all the attention it garnered and the return of sales. 

Currently, the Air Jordan sneakers are more than just a collaboration piece. Its success transformed it into becoming a Nike sub-brand. Moreover, what is even more amazing is that even after the athlete's retirement, the brand continues to be relevant that even those that were not able to see MJ play on-court knows who he is.

Aside from the "Bred," which is a sneakerhead lingo translating to black and red Jordan sneakers, black alone is a signature colorway that is apparent on most. It is not surprising though, black is an extremely versatile colorway that would suit both its athletic and casual line. On the hunt for the next black Jordan shoes? Our squad has gathered some of the most popular pairs based on the ratings of reviewers:

Most Popular Black Jordan Shoes

Air Jordan Future

The future, indeed, has arrived with this shoe. Thinking that the Air technology is not there to last forever and will be something that won't be too advanced for the younger generation, Nike created a casual-oriented shoe to stay fresh to the young ones. Despite sporting an iconic look of the brand, its design was futuristic and challenged the existing models from the line. There are many colorways released since its first launch. Some of them include the "Girls' Gold" which is black and gold Jordan sneakers.

Highlights of the AJ Future:

  • The upper of the shoe is made of a woven fabric that resembles pixels, giving texture to the whole silhouette.
  • The Air Jordan Future has an asymmetrical lacing system which gives the shoe a snug fit.
  • These sneakers are equipped with Air technology for superior comfort.

Jordan Horizon

Launched in 2015 in China and the US the following year, the Horizon by Jordan is a mesh of the Jordan Future and the Jordan 13. Like the other Jordan sneakers, it produced some raging consumers saying that it is a rip-off from the XIII. The Horizon became embraced by many eventually and were bought by those that were not able to cop the other. 

Highlights of the Jordan Horizon:

  • Though it is made exclusively for men, a version of these Jordan shoes in black and pink was released in 2016 and captured the attention of the ladies.
  • A collab piece with Public School was made in the works which feature an intricately woven upper.
  • Different black versions are available for this model. It includes plain black, tribal printed, and luxurious croc upper.

Jordan Fly 89

If you're a fan of the Jordan brand, you would know that they like to dig into the archives. The Fly 89 was inspired by the Jordan IV, which was released in 1989. The side panel wings and the heel panels are some of the retro takes that were passed on these contemporary kicks. Its throwback bits don't hamper the shoe from looking modern and trendy though. Purchasers can still luxuriate in styling these in the most uncomplicated way possible.

Highlights of the Jordan Fly 89:

  • This modernized rendition combines comfort, style, and history, which is an accurate reflection of the Jordan legacy.
  • The neoprene upper heightens this low-top and makes it look fresh and up-to-date.
  • Aside from several version of black colorways, there are also other neutral grayscale tones and red and blue inputs in the collection.

Jordan Spizike

When we say that the brand likes to look back in its depository, we are not kidding. The Spizike is a combo of not just two, but four different shoes- the Jordan 3, 4, 5, and 6. Aside from that, it also took note of a legendary director Spike Lee creation. The release caused much apprehension from the market, especially sneakerheads, as hybrid Jordan sneakers are quite vast and fresh that it wasn't much embraced at first.

Highlights of the Jordan Spizike:

  • Its success resulted in Spizike becoming a household line for the Jordan brand. The OG was released in 2006.
  • Other colorways were released because sneakerheads seem to express their love for colorways other than black and red. A gold and black Jordan sneakers from this collection were released in 2012.
  • Despite being a lifestyle shoe, its high-top construction pays an ode to its basketball heritage.

Jordan Son of Mars Low

Renowned director of "She's Gotta Have It," not only contributed to the popularity of the first Jordan brand shoe but his contribution to the brand was enormous. The Spizike, which was the first, followed other creations including the Son of Mars. Just like the Spiz'ike, the Son of Mars united different models including III, IV, V, VI, IX, and XX.

Highlights of the Jordan Son of Mars Low:

  • This low-top shoe is similar to the Son of Mars only with the freedom of movement.
  • These sneakers are outfitted with dual Air-Sole unit for superior comfort.
  • One of the most popular colorways is the black/cement which features a black upper mixed with the famous elephant-print.

Jordan 6 Rings

The Jordan 6 Rings highly reflects the history of the legendary man that is behind the brand, Michael Jordan. The name of the shoe represents the six shoes that the famed athlete wore while he was climbing into his championship in Chicago. Because of the story behind this hybrid, this six-in-one is a must-covet among fans.

Highlights of the Jordan 6 Rings:

  • The lace lock and heel loop of the 6 Rings shows similarity to the Jordan VI.
  • Its Huarache-fashioned interior sock resembles the Jordan VII.
  • Features like the adjustable strap and fuzzy tongue is an ode to the Jordan VIII.
  • Technologies placed on these sneakers like the Phylon outfitted with Zoom Air in the forefoot and heel similar to the Jordan XIII.
  • The metal lace loops and the TWO3 lettering on the tongue is an ode to Jordan XII.

Jordan Reveal

The Jordan Reveal is a true testament that even though the brand expanded its line to lifestyle sneakers, it still carried the look of its basketball background. Its silhouette is quite similar to other Jordan sneakers but what makes it different is the use of mesh on the upper and Air sole unit which in effect, results into an extremely lightweight shoe.

Highlights of the Jordan Reveal:

  • Different iterations of Air Jordan black shoes are included in this collection. Included is an all-black number, a mix of black and gray, black and white, and black and pink.
  • The triangular reinforcement on the heel houses the Jumpman logo.
  • These sneakers were first seen on Jimmy Butler's feet, previous Chicago Bull's player in April 2016.

Jordan True Flight

Released in 2009, the Jordan True Flight shows some similarities to the retro Jordan 7. In fact, at first glance, those that are new to the brand or are not familiar with the shoe might not see a huge difference. Other than the midsole detailing, collar, and overall profile, the colorways that were initially released are similar to the VII as well.

Highlights of the Jordan True Flight:

  • What makes the True Flight unique is its thin but grippy outsole.
  • The neoprene Dynamic Fit inner sleeve provides a comfortable but snug fit.
  • Some of the colors included in this collection include white/blue, white/red, black/red/white/ and white/silver black.

Jordan Eclipse Chukka

The success of the Jordan brand exploring the lifestyle category was followed by other casual shoes, including the Jordan Eclipse. From its success also spurted to different versions namely the Eclipse Chukka.

Highlights of the Jordan Eclipse Chukka:

  • These sneakers provide extra ankle protection because of its mid-cut profile.
  • The tonal laces give the sneakers a more polished appeal because of the monochromatic look.
  • It is injected with IU, which is translated to Injected Unit, a type of foam that is used on many Nike shoes.

Jordan Formula 23 Low

The legendary basketball player certainly knows that when it comes to shoes, it doesn't need the most advanced technologies for it to work. Sometimes, the simpler, the better, and that's what they did with the Formula 23 Low from Jordan brand. If this product has some claims, it is its comfort, style, and durability. All of which are usually the requirements that most demand from their shoes.

Highlights of the Formula 23 Low:

  • These sneakers are a low-top interpretation of the shoes that he wore when he scored 55 points, an iconic moment, which the fans named as "double nickel" performance.
  • Also inspired by another model, Formula 23 is a sleeker version of the AJ X.

Air Jordan Dub Zero

The Air Jordan Dub Zero was created in tribute to the brand's 20th year. Its name connotes to its number of years, dub meaning two and combined with zero. Just like how the Jordan line took different bits from the other Jordan shoes from the line, the Dub Zero definitely adopted some inspiration from several Jordans. Despite taking notes from seven different models, the overall look of the shoe, especially the Jordan black and white shoes, still looks cohesive and well-blended in.

Highlights of the Air Jordan Dub Zero:

  • The sole and midsole are borrowed from the Jordan 4 while the loop on its back is from the Air Jordan 6.
  • The Jordan 11 inspired the patent leather the can be seen on the upper of the Dub Zero and the text on the tongue which is spelled T W O 3 is from the Jordan 12.
  • The upper's shape shows many similarities from the 13 and the woven leather at the back of the shoe are notes from the Jordan 15.
  • If that isn't enough, the intricate design that is etched on the leather upper is influenced by the Air Jordan 20.

Jordan Flight Luxe

The Flight Luxe takes inspiration from the Jordan 15, but it exhibits a minimalist yet bold low-top silhouette. The upper that is composed of a woven fabric creates texture and takes its sneaker game on a different height. Moreover, some detailing like the Flight logo, which is first seen on the Air Jordan 4, that is embedded in the shoe.

Highlights of the Jordan Flight Luxe:

  • The upper of these sneakers are composed of only one hue and complemented and contrasted with a rubber outsole that is of a different shade.
  • Despite having cord-like laces, the Flight Luxe is a slip on because of its wide collar.
  • Three versions of black are available for this line- black and white Jordan sneakers, another with a black upper and red midsole, and another in an all-black color. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you style the black Michael Jordan shoes?

The great thing about black is that it is a color that would go well with different outfits. There are many Jordan sneakers to choose from, and the great thing about them is that while they are coming from a basketball heritage, it is versatile and easy to style. Here are some of our suggestions to do it:

  • Pairing your fresh kicks with joggers is a great way to highlight the cut of the shoe.
  • Shorts and Jordans are also a great pairing, especially during the summer time. It is also an exciting way to show-off the details of the shoe.
  • With the advent of athleisure, you can also attempt on wearing a black tracksuit for that cool vibe.  
  • Though not a usual sight, fashion magazines also feature men pairing these with a suit which is a striking and unique pairing.

Is there an easy way to clean your black Jordan sneakers without ruining it?

One fascinating fact about black Jordan shoes is that they don't show up dirt that easily than white. However, realistically speaking, it should still be cleaned, but the great thing about it is it's not that difficult, and the products needed are most likely already sitting in your house. Here are some of the steps to follow:

  • Set aside the laces of the shoe, dip it into a mixture of mild soap and let it sit while you're cleaning the sneaker.
  • Using a mixture of mild soap and water, brush the outer layer of the shoe with a toothbrush or a bigger-sized brush.
  • Be sure to get the nook and crannies of the shoe, especially the outsole which grips most of the dirt.
  • Avoid placing your Jordan's on a washer as it can destroy its shape and color.
  • If you want to make it look brand new and sparkly again, you can use a shoe leather on the upper of the shoe for black leather uppers.

What is the price range of Jordan kicks?

While some of the prices of Jordan sneakers reach in unformidable amounts, there are also some that are reasonably affordable. Some are offered above the $200 mark like the Future Boot which is approximately $225. But the majority of it is around $110-$190.

How can you tell if your J's are fake?

Because of the popularity of Jordan sneakers, counterfeited models come in vast quantities. Here are some of our tips to help you purchase the real deal:

  • Besides looking at the shoe itself, the packaging also says a lot about the authenticity of your item.
  • The Air Jordan logo should be on the lid and the side of the box.
  • The color and texture of the box should have a consistent color throughout.
  • The logo of the Jumpman should also be accurate, even on the box.
  • The manufacturing sticker, which on the side of the shoebox, should contain the correct style, color, size, and country where it was manufactured
  • The label should also have digit style numbers, usually nine, which depicts the style which you can cross-reference on the website.
  • The style number should also match the number that is inside the tongue of the shoe.
  • Small details like the stitching, glue marks and misspellings are things that you should also look out for. Jordan sneakers should be flawlessly made.

Can I wear my black Jordans at work?

While some companies have strict dress codes but for some that have more lenient regulations, Jordan's will be great footwear to have some swag and comfort while in the office. For a safer option, choose a pair that is clad in leather or has a monochromatic upper. A button down and dark-washed jeans will serve as an elegant complement for that work-ready clothing. If your work is laxer regarding rules, then going for the more casual look like a basic shirt and slim jeans will be a likely choice.

Do Jordan sneakers have the Swoosh logo?

Only some. The first Jordan sneakers that ditched the Swoosh was the Jordan II. The Jumpman logo was then introduced on the Jordan III and became the stamp of the brand. There are, however, some releases that featured the Swoosh logo.

Are Made in Vietnam Jordan's fake?

Not necessarily. While majority of the Nike shoes are still made in China, which is the largest manufacturing country, the brand, like Adidas, is also producing some of its products, Jordan included in Vietnam. You can refer back to Question no. 4 to know how you can make sure that what you have gotten is the real thing.

Can girls wear black Jordan sneakers?

Absolutely. The Horizon is one of the silhouettes that released a female version of which is as equally as stylish as the men's version. Though there are not a lot of women-exclusive kicks as compared to men's, the ladies can still avail of the Jordan brand by going two sizes down.

How can I style my Jordan's without losing my femininity?

While most of us have associated sneakers like Keds to be more feminine as they are created for women, the Jordan brand is also a sneaker that the girls can welcome on their wardrobe. It shouldn't be an arduous process because most of the sneakers, especially those for lifestyle are crafted to provide the versatility needed for every day. Moreover, Jordan sneakers equipped with technologies that are perfect for everyday comfort. Here are some of the ways to put J's on your feet and still look stylish:

  • Since the athleisure trend is still not going down the drain any minute now, you can wear your black pair with leggings, sweater, or a plain shirt for a just-stepped-out-of-spin-class look.
  • Step out ready for summer with a pair of short shorts and a cute top.
  • If you are feeling a bit edgy, a leather or denim jacket underneath an all-black outfit and Jordan’s create a statement look. Sealing everything with a bright lip will take it further.
  • Be stylish even if its winter by pairing your black Js with skinny black jeans and a trench coat. It will also give the illusion of longer legs because of the monochromatic color.
  • If you're feeling a bit more adventurous, you can pair a chunky black pair of Jordan's with a dress. A maxi dress or a midi dress will also give a bolder look.

Where can I purchase authentic Jordan kicks?

One of the surefire ways to ensure that you're getting a real pair is to buy it from the brand site or legitimate brick-and-mortar stores and sellers. If you don't have the access or would prefer browsing and purchasing online, websites that we would recommend are,, and StockX also houses some limited-edition items which sneakerheads will find superb.