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    Nike Metcon 7 - Black (CZ8280010)
    Nike Metcon 7 - Black (CZ8281010)
    Nike Metcon 7 - Black White Iron Grey 017 (CZ8281001)
    Nike Metcon 7 - Black White Iron Grey 017 (CZ8281017)
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  2. Nike Free Metcon 4 - Black White Iron Grey (CT3886007)
    Nike Free Metcon 4 - Black (CZ0596010)
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Black gym shoes

The color black is often viewed as simple yet classy. Its dark hue goes well with any other color. Thus, black gym trainers are highly sought after. Black gym trainers come in various models, some are made to be used for light workouts, while others are more specific like weightlifting, CrossFit, and HIIT shoes.

Which black gym trainers to get

For people who love a minimalist design on their shoes, all-black gym shoes are a perfect match. These models exude seriousness and may also look formal when combined with a leather upper.

Meanwhile, workout shoes in black and white color combination exude a more casual vibe. They don’t clash with workout clothes, even if they are colorful, and looks good when worn on the streets.

But let’s be honest. All black gym shoes may look good, but it may seem a bit boring. So if you like black, but want a pair to be a bit more eye-catching, go for models with some pops of colors. For instance, there are Nike gym shoes in black with colored soles. There are also Reebok and Adidas workout shoes in black with color accents in the sole, the interior fabric lining, or the overlays.

Why buy from RunRepeat

We help you save. Black gym shoes range from $150 to $200. The price is quite steep, but there are cheap black trainers, that fall below $65, available on RunRepeat. But the great news is, sales and discounts are available anytime, delivered by over 200 of our partner retailers. You can get a pair for only $25.

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If this your first time purchasing a gym trainer, check out RunRepeat training shoe buying guide to learn more about them.