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Black Cheap Sneakers

Best Black Cheap Sneakers - August 2019

While we all dream of coveting designer sneakers like Gucci's and Balenciaga's, or even hyped ones like Yeezy's or Hu's, the price is one of the most critical factors that come into play when purchasing sneakers. It shouldn't be a deal breaker as there are plenty of options available that will suit for one's budget needs.

If you are planning on stretching out your budget, getting a black pair would be an excellent option as it can be a perfect piece to use for every day on many occasions and different seasons. Because sneaker companies have stepped it up, they are offering us with a lot of style options. 

If you're planning to follow a trend or merely looking for a pair that you can use for every day, there is most likely one that you can purchase in stores or online. Our team has listed the most popular black pairs to help you with your next acquisition.

Cheap Black Sneakers - Men

Adidas Cloudfoam Race

These low-priced kicks are part of the Adidas NEO collection (now Adidas Essentialist), the brand's sub-brand of affordable and stylish pieces that target the younger generation. Do not let its simplicity fool you. These Cloudfoam Race sneakers are made for the long haul. Several black versions are included in the collection. Some are even infused with neons on the laces and interior.

  • These are clad with Adidas Cloudfoam, a cushioning technology that supports the heel and arch for ultimate comfort.
  •  The structured mesh top ups its breathability.
  •  These cheap black sneakers for men are offered for $65.

Nike Tanjun

Even though it took notes from another famous shoe, Roshe Run, the Tanjun made a name for itself. Based on the NPD Group's retail summary, these sneakers are the best selling shoes in the US. These cheap black sneakers only prove that technologically-infused features are not necessary to make a statement. Those who prefer minimally designed sneakers will have an appreciation for the Tanjun.

  • Tanjun is a Japanese word for "simplicity."
  • The Standard Retail Price of the Nike Tanjun is $65.
  • There are several black options available for this collection. Users can take a pick from neutral-exclusive pairs or those injected with some color.

Adidas Stan Smith

It seems that these need not any introduction because of its ubiquity. Launched as a tennis sneaker made of premium materials would give you the impression that these would come with a higher price point, but we beg to differ. Many, fashion magazines included, dubbed these as a must-have in anyone's wardrobe. Its style and versatility speak for itself, and the love of many people for it only speaks for its high sales numbers.

  • These cheap all black sneakers come in a leather upper, which adds to its exceptionality.
  • Another prominent element of the shoe is Stan Smiths face on the tongue.
  • Though white is the more popular iteration of the Stan Smith, there are also several black interpretations for these sneakers.
  • The Adidas Stan Smith can be purchased for $60.

Nike Court Royale

There's something about tennis shoes that makes it an interesting everyday item. The Nike Court Royale is your hot ticket to the exclusive tennis clubs and picky market. Even though it is not infused with advancements, its clean and low-profile aura is already enough to catch the attention of the public. 

  • Those who are following the minimalist trend or lifestyle can find comfort with this pair.
  • The upper the Nike Court Royale is composed of leather and synthetic.
  • Three versions of black are available for this model—a black upper with a white sole, a black upper contrasted with white Swoosh and sole, and a black upper with navy blue Swoosh.
  • Another version of this cheap black sneakers are available called the Nike Court Royale Suede.

Vans Old Skool

No Vans fans, or any sneaker fan for that matter, would not know the Vans Old Skool. If Adidas has the Stan Smith to boast, Vans has this. It is understandable though, the rich history of the brand would not be complete without these. The black upper contrasted with the white Jazz Stripes is the most classic and distinguished model of all time. However, if you're looking for other variations, there should be other noir renditions that should suit your taste.

  • Before becoming the Vans Old Skool that we now know today, these shoes were named the Style 36.
  • These are the first Vans sneaker to sport the famous Jazz Stripes, which up until now is the iconic branding of the brand.
  • You can avail of these cheap black shoes for only $60.

Puma Smash v2 Leather

An improved version of the Puma Smash, the v2 Leather comes in enhanced materials and features to make your casual game on point. Three black sneakers are provided in the selection, a black upper opposed with a white Formstripe, an all-black upper contrasted with white rubber outsole and version of a pure black upper matched with gum outsole. Inspire by tennis, expect that these sneakers are made not only for comfort but for style as well.

  • The all black sneakers come in cheap for only $60.
  • The low-top Smash looks streamlined because of its smooth leather upper.
  • The overall look of these kicks is minimal with only the Formstripe as the main decoration.

Saucony Jazz Original

Primarily released in 1981, the Saucony Jazz aimed to mesh with the average runner's range of motion and foot structure. Several features were intentionally introduced in order to achieve these like the suede and nylon upper and innovative triangular lug. Because it became a darling for active individuals, it spurted into several colorways and alterations of blacks.

  • For extreme shock absorption, the Jazz Original is inserted with a striped EVA midsole.
  • Not only thinking about features, an extra pair of laces are also provided to ensure that it complements the outfit.
  • Fans can avail of these cheap black shoes for $60.

Cheap Black Sneakers for Women

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Core Ox

As one of the longest standing brands in the industry, we all have an idea of what these look like without even seeing one. Its fame is not only because of the brand, but many love its no-fuss and simple design. Originally made for the basketball court, these sneakers found its popularity when it seeped through the streets. If you want to go for a casual and classic vibe, it's easy to achieve that with these.

  • The "Ox" on the shoe's name means Oxford.
  • The upper of these sneakers are composed of durable canvas.
  •  Some of the distinct elements of the Chuck Taylor All Star Core Ox include the rubber toe guard, sidewall trim and All Star heel patch.

New Balance 220

While the 70s babies may recognize these as a running shoe, throughout the years, we have seen these trickling the streets. If you're after the athleisure trend, wearing the 220s will help you achieve that on point sporty but casual look without too much effort. The black colorway comes in a sleek silhouette without losing the sporty, relaxed vibe. The signature N becomes the design of the shoe and a contrast to the all-black upper.

  • These sneakers are also referred to as the New Balance U220.
  • The 220 is composed of different materials like suede, nylon, leather, and mesh.
  • The tongue and collar are amply padded for elevated comfort.
  • This lifestyle kicks retail for $65.

Skechers D'Lites – Life Saver

The Skechers D'Lites – Life Saver is a testimony that cheap black sneakers can be trendy too. Its chunky profile not only depicts the brand's signature style but is an easy ticket to the ugly sneaker trend. Pair the black shoe with a basic outfit to let its silhouette shine. Leggings and a basic shirt will exude the just-got-out-of-the-gym look that many celebrities sport.

  • These cheap black sneakers are injected with air-cooled memory foam, a cushioning system that molds on the contours of the foot while keeping the upper breathable.
  • To boosting its comfort even more, a shock absorbing and lightweight midsole is placed.

The Skechers D'Lites – Life Saver can be purchased for $59.

Vans Atwood

Though there are many silhouettes that the brand has produced, there are a couple that is dubbed as classics. Aside from the Era, Classic Slip-On, and Old Skool, the Atwood is a foolproof shoe that won't fail your street cred and your wallet. You can plainly detect the skateboarding roots of the brand by only looking at the Atwood. However, its low-cut construction makes it a versatile item to have in your closet, whether you are skateboarding or not.

  • Elevated comfort is reinforced on these black cheap sneakers because of the padded tongue and collar.
  • Much like the other Vans sneakers, it sports the signature waffle outsole to enhance comfort.
  • $65 is the standard retail price of the Vans Atwood.

Reebok Princess

The Reebok Princess is one of the hottest items back in the day. Until now, it is a comforting fact that users, especially the younger generation, can still avail of this. These affordable kicks flawlessly snag the retro and classic and combine both of these features in harmony. Pair the black colorway with shorts or a flouncy skirt to channel the 70's-but-modern look that is on-trend.

  • These cheap black sneakers are embraced with synthetic upper for comfort and support.
  • The lining made of terry cloth aids well in the absorption of moisture.
  • The Reebok Princess retails for $50, a budget-friendly price that won't break the bank.

Nike SB Check Solarsoft Canvas

Just like in tennis, skateboarding sneakers were able to seep through the lifestyle arena. While most of us have the impression that skate kicks are heavily padded, these work on the opposing side. Its plain Jane exterior works for its benefit because it makes it a very easy to style shoe. Its nonchalant vibe makes it an easy-to-throw-in piece that is perfect for days when you have nothing to wear.

  • Purchasers only need to shell out $65 in order to purchase these.
  • The SB Check Solarsoft Canvas is outfitted with the Hyperfeel tech which adapts to the movement of the foot.

Puma Roma

The Roma from Puma is derived from the brand's archives from 1968. This performance turned casual kick is very easy to style because of its straightforward and simple look. The black iteration seamlessly matches with leggings, skirts or shorts. For the chillier months, pairing it with a puma sweatshirt will also make a classic combo.

  • Different versions of these classic trainers were released throughout the years including the Basic, Natural Warmth, Basic Metallic Safari, Basic Holographic, to name a few.
  • You can get the Puma Roma for only $60.
  • The rubber midsole and outsole do not only provide adds to its retro feel but acts as an additional feature to boost its traction, grip, and durability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy cheap black sneakers?

The great thing about black sneakers is that they are everywhere. Moreover, because black is such a universal color, attributed to minimalist or not, it makes this colorway a staple to almost any sneaker brand. Almost any sneaker store would offer a wide range of choices. If online shopping is also more convenient for you, you can filter out cheap black sneakers here at RunRepeat to see the most rated sneakers and choose from there the specific ones you like. 

How do you clean black shoes without damaging the material?

Many prefer dark-colored kicks because it is easier to maintain and dirt doesn't show up in compared to light-colored ones. However, despite not showing up quickly, there will come a point that your sneakers need to be cleaned. Here are some of the steps that you can follow:

  • Remove the laces and dip it into a mixture of soap and water.
  • Shake off the excess dirt or dry brush the entire shoe.
  • Using a mixture of soap and water, dip your brush and gently scrub the upper of the shoe.
  • Follow it up with the midsole and outsole.
  • We suggest using an old toothbrush for areas that are hard to reach.
  • Pat dry the liquid using a microfiber towel.
  • Leave it out to dry in a well-ventilated area.

How do you style cheap black sneakers and make it look expensive?

Despite working on a budget, there's no need to let people know that you're scrimping on your shoes. In fact, there are various ways to elevate your style game.

  • It's all about the fit. Get your clothes tailored if it's necessary.
  • Iron or press out your clothes.
  • If you're apprehensive on how to style your outfit, going all black is the safest trick you can pull.
  • Match your appearance to elevate your look. Polished hair and makeup for the women will do the trick.
  •  A tailored suit or blazer will also help match your cheap black sneakers and make it look more refined.

Is it a great idea to wait for sale season (i.e., Black Friday) to score inexpensive kicks?

We all want to score some serious deals when it comes to sale seasons like the Black Friday. Contrary to what most people think, it is not necessarily true. Our team was able to prove this. Read this article to know more

Do I need to sacrifice quality when buying cheap black sneakers?

Not necessarily. An expensive shoe doesn't directly link to higher quality. At the same time, cheap black sneakers don't also mean that they're not as durable. What you need to do is to look for certain qualities that would attribute to the shoe's durability.

 In relation to the previous question, how would I know if my cheap black sneakers are durable?

Check the craftsmanship of the shoe. It means that the stitching should be impeccably done and no signs of glue marks can be seen.

  • Test it on hard surfaces. Try to walk and run (if possible) when trying out shoes.
  • The eyelets should also be done , and the laces should go inside flawlessly.
  • Check reviews. RunRepeat gathers reviews from a different expert and user reviews to help purchasers save time assessing sneakers.

Why should I buy black sneakers?

White sneakers have been much a trend, but black sneakers, having the completely opposite look, still are a deserving item in anyone's collection. Here we run down the reasons why:

  •  It's very easy to style. No need to think of outfit choices, everything just pairs magically.
  • Whatever your trend of choice is, there is one that will suit your liking.
  • You can easily achieve a formal or business-like look with a black sneaker. Avoiding chunky looks and lean towards black tennis-inspired kicks.
  • Unlike white sneakers, dirt and stains do not show up that well with black shoes.
  • Students can use it for their uniform. Cheap black sneakers suit them best because it can be a beater and an everyday pair in one.

Can I wear my reasonably-priced kicks in the office?

Absolutely. Black sneakers, compared to white or colored sneakers, in general, tend to look more work appropriate because most of the business shoes come in those hues as well. Different businesses call for various regulations, but one of the safest sneakers that you can buy are sleek leather sneakers. An all-black shoe will also be a more reliable option than those with white rubber midsole and outsole. For inspiration, you can take a look at these sneakers to know what we are referring to:

What color of socks should I wear with my black kicks?

The neutrality of black makes everything paired with it work, even socks. Socks, though it serves a particular purpose, also functions as an item to give oomph to your outfit. If you want to know how to give your cheap black shoes a boost, you can read the tips below:

  • Black socks can be a great way to give the illusion of a different sneaker construction. A low-cut kick can look like a mid or high top sneaker with just a higher length sock,
  • Black socks are also a perfect companion to those who don't want to draw attention to their shoes, especially when paired with pants.
  • If you're feeling a bit adventurous, neon or patterned socks are the best way to do that. It is also a unique way of injecting color to the whole ensembles without putting too much thought and effort.
  • Pastel-colored socks will also bring color to your clothes but in a much modern and subdued manner.

 How can I style my black sneakers so that it'll look feminine and perfect for summer?

The good thing about black shoes is that it is far from limiting. Even though it is clad in a dark color, it doesn't have to be restricted for colder-weather use and only to look manly. Here are some of the ways to style your cheap black sneakers and remain to exude a flirty and girly vibe:

  • Pairing your black kicks with a sundress exudes an effortless and relaxed aura that is perfect for the beach.
  • Cheap black sneakers also pair well with shorts. A breezy top and a low-cut pair would be perfect to wear when riding a boat or strolling down the pier.
  • If you want something different, you can pair it with skirts, a bandage or a frilly skirt, with a plain or dressy top.
  • If you want something effortless but still creating an impact, you can try pairing your black sneakers with a midi or maxi dress. It is a typical look among the models on their off-screen style.

 Are Adidas and Essentials the same?

The Essentials is under the Adidas umbrella. Formerly named the Adidas NEO, this line targets the younger consumers, meaning it exhibits the same strategy as what most fast fashion brands do. It means that it releases shoes more frequently, offered at a more affordable price, and stylish as the fashionable ones.