buy balenciaga sneakers for men and women

Balenciaga sneakers

Although considered a newbie in the sneaker industry, Balenciaga is setting the trend when it turned ugly beefed-up sneakers into the hottest fashion craze. And we know the reason why you are here - you are eyeing to owning a pair of Balenciagas or two.

The RunRepeat team is here to help you. We have come up with a comprehensive yet simple sneaker buying guide to make the daunting task more manageable. We also devised a database of Balenciaga sneaker collection to make your hunting experience painless.

Balenciaga sneakers for men and women

Tagged as the quintessential high-fashion ugly kick, we have a detailed feature about the “every cool-guy wannabe” dream sneaker - the Balenciaga Triple S

If you’re after Balenciaga sneakers that borrow visual cues from sports footwear, we have elaborated information about the hottest pumped-up Balenciaga Runners and Balenciaga Trainers. 

Balenciaga socks also made it to the “it-list”! The Balenciaga Speed Trainers and its variations were also carefully tabbed for your easy reference. 

The Balenciaga Arena series, meanwhile, is another option to choose if you are into leather, lace-up haute-couture sneakers.

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