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A mountaineering trip is an outdoor activity unlike any other. For one, the terrain you’re going tackle is more demanding than the usual hiking or backpacking trip. The gear you’re going to use needs to keep up with the increased demands of this environment. Wearing hiking shoes or backpacking boots won’t be enough to keep your feet safe. What you need are alpine boots in this type of terrain. Among the options you can consider is a pair of Asolo mountaineering boots.

Perks of the best Asolo mountaineering boots for men and women

Best Asolo mountaineering boots - May 2020

Comfort and fit

The way your footgear fits and how comfortable it is are two critical factors to the success of your expedition. Asolo mountaineering boots are designed to provide the right fit and sufficient comfort. The brand’s best alpine footgear models use lacing systems  for inner boot and a zipper design  for the outer boot, so you’ll get a more customized fit. The footbed, padded  cuff, and tongue all work as one to make your every stride comfortable.

What are the essential fitting tips I should remember?

  • Asolo mountaineering boots are available for men and women. Men’s size range is around 6 to 13 . Women’s boots are around 3 to 9 .
  • Always factor in the additional bulk a pair of hiking socks contribute to your foot.
  • Likewise, your foot swells over the course of the day. It’s important to take note of this fact so you can get a precise fit from your mountaineering footgear.


Every step you take on your trip needs to be sure. Mountaineering boots manufactured by Asolo grant the traction you need to stay on top of every obstacle. The brand’s line of alpine footgear use outsoles  that contain an aggressive lug pattern on its surface. These multi-directional lugs bite into varied types of surfaces well so you won’t lose your footing. The same lugs  also disperse dirt and debris while you’re on the go. Moreover, Asolo mountaineering boots are compatible with different kinds of crampons to give you more grip on steep and challenging terrain.


The additional weight you carry outdoors can be disastrous if your feet aren’t supported well. Asolo mountaineering boots are engineered to stabilize your every step. For starters, the footgear’s high-cut design secures your ankles and prevents them from twisting the wrong way. Select alpine footwear use polyurethane midsoles  that grant ample shock absorption and cushioning. Some footwear models are equipped with carbon fiber lasting boards  for added structure. These boots also come with anatomical footbeds  for underfoot support.


Asolo mountaineering boots are packed with features to protect your feet throughout the entire trip. The brand’s top-of-the-line alpine footwear models are encased in a rigid outer shell  for enhanced protection against the elements. The upper is lined with a Gore-Tex membrane  to prevent water from entering the footgear’s insides. Select boots are insulated  to keep your feet warm in cold weather. All of these technologies function as one to keep your feet safe in this environment.


A pair of Asolo mountaineering boots is an investment that can last for a long time. This alpine footgear is built to give you your money’s worth. The brand’s mountaineering line use an upper made from either suede leather  or Schoeller fabrics . Some boots are enclosed in a tough plastic shell  that can endure harsh conditions. Every Asolo boot uses a Vibram outsole while select alpine footwear models are fitted with a dual density midsole . These components can withstand constant bending and contact with various ground surfaces so you’ll have more peace of mind outdoors.

The framework behind the best men's and women's Asolo mountaineering boots


Asolo’s humble beginnings  can be traced in 1975 when its founder, Giancarlo Tanzi, invented the first Cordura-equipped trekking boots. Tanzi is also credited with the release of the first Gore-tex lined footwear in the market. In recent years, the footwear company has slowly established its presence in vital markets in Asia, North America, and Eastern Europe. These innovations help solidify the brand’s reputation as a serious player in the outdoor industry.

The brand’s alpine boots are easy to find, both online and in outdoor gear stores. Asolo’s logistics center is located in Treviso, Italy. This facility makes direct shipments to subsidiaries and distributors in around 40 countries  all over the world. You can also order your target pair of Asolo mountaineering boots from a wide range of online stores.


Asolo mountaineering boots are priced according to the technologies they possess and the activity they’re made for. The brand’s entry-level alpine footwear starts at $375  while the best single boots range from $465  to $480 . Asolo’s double boots are around $545  to $830 .

Shoe technologies

  • Dual Integrated System. Asolo mountaineering boots that use the brand’s Dual Integrated System  are more stable. This technology combines the midsole, outsole, two thermoplastic urethane elements of varying densities in the boot’s heel section. The result is an improvement in the footgear’s support and stability.
  • Gore-Tex. The best Asolo mountaineering boots are lined with a Gore-Tex membrane to keep water out. The surface of this fabric contains more than a billion microscopic pores. This design is effective in blocking water out while allowing moisture to pass through it. The brand’s alpine boots use a Gore-Tex variant  that keeps your feet warm in cold weather.
  • Vibram. Vibram is considered as one of the top names when it comes to footwear outsoles. Asolo’s alpine boots contain aggressive lugs that grip well on varied surfaces. These Vibram outsoles are also made of a heavy-duty rubber compound to last long.
  • Schoeller. This specialized material is used in the upper of some Asolo mountaineering boots. An upper with Schoeller fabric  is known to be lightweight, durable, and breathable.
  • Asoframe. Boots that use Asolo’s Asoframe technology feature a combination of the heel counter, midsole, and toe box into a single frame. This grants more protection and stiffness to the footgear.
  • Primaloft. Premium Asolo mountaineering boots feature Primaloft technology to keep your foot warm in cold temperatures. This product uses a synthetic microfiber  material that traps heat inside the footwear.
  • Thinsulate. Some of the brand’s alpine footgear models use Thinsulate  to provide insulation. This technology is characterized by microfibers on its surface which traps air and prevents heat loss. The lightweight fabric also allows moisture to pass through it.
  • Mont Blanc. Top-of-the-line Asolo mountaineering boots use Mont Blanc technology  to help its wearer climb places in high altitude better. This feature combines a lateral shell, a carbon fiber lasting board, a nylon outer gaiter, a nylon Cordura inner boot, and a Schoeller soft shell. When these parts come together, the boot’s user is granted exceptional protection and performance needed for a demanding mountaineering trip.
  • Vertical. Asolo boots with Vertical technology  feature polyurethane inserts, and durable crampon attachments at both ends of the footgear. These components work well with crampons to give you an improved grip and performance.

Frequently asked questions about the best Asolo mountaineering boots

What’s the proper way to take care of my Asolo mountaineering boots?

  • Remove the footbed and laces before you clean them. In doing so, you will be able to reach into the footwear’s hidden corners and edges properly.
  • In the event your Asolo mountaineering boots are heavily soiled, you can use warm water and a brush to clean them. You can also use specialized shoe cleaning products in this endeavor.
  • The brand recommends cleaning your mountaineering footgear with distilled water if there is a high amount of calcium in them.
  • After the cleaning process, apply a waterproofing solution on your Asolo mountaineering boots while they’re still damp. This treatment usually needs around 24 hours before it fully takes effect on your footwear.
  • After you’re done cleaning your Asolo mountaineering boots, you can place them in a well-ventilated area to dry. Don’t store your footgear near any direct source of heat.

The Asolo mountaineering boots I bought is defective. What can I do to remedy this problem?

The first thing you should do is secure the receipt of purchase. Once you have done that, bring the footwear to your dealer. This professional will then deliver the boots to Asolo’s warranty service  to assess their condition. The brand will replace the footgear you purchased with a new pair if the defect is a product of poor workmanship.