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Take a look at Asolo leather hiking boots and discover how they can positively impact your next adventure. These quality boots from Asolo sport uppers made of various leather materials, granting them resistance to wear and tear. They’re also built to withstand all sorts of harsh conditions you may encounter outdoors. Moreover, these hikers are designed to give ample support and traction to help you perform well on your trip. If you value longevity and sturdiness, you may want to consider the benefits offered by a pair of Asolo leather hiking boots.

Perks of the finest Asolo leather hiking boots

Best Asolo leather hiking boots

Best Asolo leather hiking boots - January 2020


Asolo’s tough leather boots for hikers are designed to last against abrasive elements you may come across during a trip. They are equipped with leather uppers that can resist wear and tear for a prolonged period of time. These boots also come with sole components that can handle constant bending and rough ground conditions. Some of the brand’s best leather offerings also feature rubber rands wrapped around the upper to make them more durable when used outdoors.

What are the types of leather used in these Asolo hiking boots?

Full-grain leather. Some of the best Asolo boots employ an upper made of full-grain leather. It is best known as the most durable version of this material because it is constructed from the sturdiest portion of the animal’s skin. Full-grain leather is also visually striking and resistant to the elements. This material is more commonly used for the brand’s quality boots for backpackers.

Suede. Select Asolo leather hiking boots come with a suede upper. This material is created when the calf skin’s underside is sanded to produce a smooth surface. As compared to other leather variants, suede is less resistant to abrasion and the elements. 

Perwanger. Certain Asolo leather hiking boots use a Perwanger upper. This material is known to give remarkable resistance to scratch, waterproofness, and breathability.


Keeping your feet safe from various trail dangers can be hard if the pair you’re wearing is susceptible to damage. Asolo leather hiking boots are engineered with robust uppers. These components can give your feet the protection they need when going outdoors. The brand’s best leather hikers feature a waterproof membrane to render added protection against the elements. They are also equipped with reinforced toe caps and rands to shield your feet from accidental knocks or stubbing.

The two most common variants of Asolo leather hiking boots for men and women

Day hiking boots

Select leather boots offered by Asolo are built for day hikes. These footwear models come with lighter leather variants, such as suede, and reinforced with overlays for added support. They also sport cushy ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) midsoles to reduce shock. These components come together to give outdoor lovers a pair that gives sufficient performance and comfort for trips that won’t exceed a single day.

Backpacking boots

Some of the best Asolo leather hiking boots are engineered for backpacking trips. They usually use an upper made of full-grain leather to withstand harsh conditions and adverse weather. These offerings are furnished with stiff midsoles and multi-lugged outsoles for outstanding support and surface traction. Moreover, some of these Asolo sport heavy-duty boots are fitted with waterproof membranes to keep your feet dry from most types of wet conditions.