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Donning a pair of Asolo approach shoes translates to negotiating rocky routes with enough comfort and elemental protection. Wearing these kicks also means being given the ability to mount on projections (on low-grade climbs) with as much footing security as possible. So, if you wish to diversify your outdoor-centric quiver, check out approach-focused kicks from Asolo.

The best Asolo approach shoes and their key benefits

Abrasion protection

If there is one thing Asolo approach shoes are mostly known for, it has to be in the area of external protection. Yes, most kicks from this brand are built with moderate-to-heavy randing, making them highly capable of staying scuff- and scratch-free for longer.

Hiking and climbing comfort

Approach shoes, just like regular trail hikers, are crafted for comfort, and Asolo’s offerings are pretty much on the mark in this regard. This quality is arguably mainly linked to their suede leather upper. Their padded confines and springy soles also contribute to their plushness.

Moisture protection

Many, if not all, of Asolo’s approach pieces are engineered with moisture-repellent suede uppers. Some of them even come with a Gore-Tex liner, which promises to fence out wet elements while keeping the interior as ventilated as possible.

Aspects unique to the finest Asolo approach shoes


With its rich history and decades-long shoemaking experience, Asolo competes directly with some of the best footwear companies across the western hemisphere. It is an Italian company founded by Giancarlo Tanzi in 1975. Through the years, their brilliant shoemakers have created some of the most sought-after trail-worthy kicks known to man, which include the world’s first Gore-Tex lined shoe.


With their quality almost always set in stone, Asolo approach shoes can be a little intimidating price-wise. Yes, on average, offerings from this brand sit around the $220 mark. Arguably, the saying “you get what you pay for” can be applied to these kicks.

Notable technologies

Anti-shock technology. Practically every Asolo approach shoe for men and women comes with an anti-shock insert, which is made of PU or polyurethane. As its name suggests, its presence mitigates shock on impact. It also adds a little more rebound to the shoe.

Vibram outsole. With this sole technology, approach hikers from Asolo can latch on to a variety of backcountry surfaces with sufficient slip and skid resistance. Its climbing zone has more coverage around the big toe to give wearers more toeing traction, especially on smears.

The best Asolo approach shoes vs. Scarpa approach shoes

With their quality craftsmanship, Asolo's approach-centric shoes have risen in popularity over the years. As such, many hikers-slash-climbers like comparing them with high-quality kicks from other brands. In this case, their competition is found in Scarpa's approach shoes. A few of the things that set them apart are as follows:

Lineup. In this area, Scarpa approach kicks take the cake. Yes, when it comes to quantity, they dwarf Asolo’s approach offerings.

Sole construction. Many Asolo approach shoes come with extra-burly soles, making navigating across tricky terrain more of a welcoming experience than a disheartening one. Scarpa approach hikers, on the other hand, have more slender soles, which deliver enhanced mobility.