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  1. ASICS Gel Lyte III - Black (HL7D59090)
  2. ASICS Japan S - White/Mink (1201A173112)
    Any color
    ASICS Japan S - White/Mink (1201A173112)
    ASICS Japan S - Black/Black 5 (1202A292001)
    ASICS Japan S - Piedmont Grey/Black (1201A463020)
    ASICS Japan S - Black/Black (1191A163001)
    ASICS Japan S - White/White (1191A163100)
    $70 $35 Save 50%
  3. ASICS Gel 1130 - Piedmont Grey/Sheet Rock (1201A255022)
    Any color
    ASICS Gel 1130 - White/Ironclad (1201A256110)
    ASICS Gel 1130 - French Blue/Pure Silver (1201A256400)
    ASICS Gel 1130 - Smoke Grey/Pure Silver (1201A256024)
    ASICS Gel 1130 - Coffee/Black (1201A255200)
    ASICS Gel 1130 - White/Huddle Yellow (1201A256111)
    $85 $60 Save 29%
  4. ASICS Gel Lyte - Black (H8ATK9090)
  5. ASICS Gel Lyte V - Midnight/Black (1191A299401)
  6. ASICS Tiger Runner - Black (1191A207003)
  7. Asics EX89 - White/French Blue (1201A476106)
  8. ASICS Gel Kayano 14 - Olive Grey/Pure Silver (1201A161301)
  9. ASICS GT II - Cream/Thunder Blue (1202A161104)
  10. ASICS Gel Lyte III OG - Blue (1201A180300)
  11. ASICS Gel Kayano 5 OG - White/Midnight/Purple (1191A176100)
  12. ASICS Gel 1090 - Green (1021A385300)
  13. ASICS Gel-Preleus - Lichen Rock/Lichen Rock (1202A109300)
  14. ASICS Gel Saga - White Orchid 100 (1193A071100)
  15. ASICS Gel-Mc Plus - Black/Graphite Grey (1201A021009)
  16. ASICS Gel PTG - Black/White (1193A135001)
  17. ASICS Gel Mai - Red (1193A042600)
  18. ASICS Gel Nandi - Aizuri Blue/Black (1201A175408)
  19. ASICS Gel Diablo - Beige (1193A014200)
  20. ASICS Gel Quantum 90 3 - Argent Pur Noir (1201A064020)
  21. ASICS Gel Nandi 360 - Black/Smog Green (1021A416001)
  22. ASICS Quantum Lyte Slip-On - Indigo Blue/Speed Red (1203A136401)
  23. ASICS Gel Citrek - Piedmont Grey/Gunmetal (1021A221022)
  24. ASICS Gel Lyte MT - Black (H7XUK9058)
  25. ASICS Gel BND - Black/Baltic Jewel (1021A145003)
  26. ASICS Skycourt - White/Monaco Blue (1201A385101)
  27. ASICS Classic CT - BLACK/WHITE (1191A165001)
  28. ASICS Gel Lyte XXX - White/Flash Coral (1021A263101)
  29. ASICS Gel DS Trainer OG - Beige (H840Y0000)
  30. ASICS Gel Kyrios - White/Black (1021A335100)
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ASICS sneakers

The brand's name is an acronym of the Latin phrase "Anima Sana In Corpore Sano," which means "a sound mind in a sound body." Staying true to its name, ASICS continues to innovate their line-up of high-performance sneakers. 

ASICS successfully conquers the stylish world of sneakers

ASICS transitioned from being an athletic only brand into being a lifestyle brand also. Since the brand is known for its running shoes, its sneakers are primarily inspired by its running silhouettes.

Some of the popular classic models were rereleased in different iterations. Some were also able to have their line, including Gel ASICS and ASICS Gel Lyte.

One of the brand's most in-demand silhouettes is the ASICS Gel Lyte III. This sneaker was also able to release the most collaborative iterations. However, the Gel Lyte 3 was almost not released because the brand finds it hard to produce its cushioning.

After the release of the Gel Lyte 3, the ASICS Gel Lyte V was produced. Number 4 is considered bad luck in Japanese culture, and for this reason, Gel Lyte IV was not created.

Although running shoes heavily influence ASICS, the brand also releases other high-performance inspired footwear like basketball ASICS sneakers

Since most of these sneakers were originally performance footwear, the function of the shoe is assured. The next thing many will probably find is fashionable design.

We have a collection of white ASICS and black ASICS sneakers. These two colorways are among the easiest to style due to its basic tones that go well with many wardrobes. 

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