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Tennis is a well-loved sport that draws many fans around the world. It is a sport of elegance, skill, and endurance, among many other things. It is also seen as a sophisticated activity that requires a classic style, from the tennis whites to one’s chic yet practical footwear. This is why a lot of tennis shoes have become casual staples.

Japanese brand Asics entered the tennis sneaker game with the release of different models. The kicks feature the company’s trademark innovative yet low-key touch, resulting in modern classics that have been favored for lifestyle wear.

Top-rated Asics tennis shoes

Asics offers quite a few tennis kicks for both men and women. They offer different features for style and function, with some innovative details that enhance support and comfort. The following are considered the best Asics tennis shoes.

Asics women’s tennis shoes

Asics tennis shoes for women offer a stylish and sporty appeal that can function well on and off the court. Here are some models that are worthy of consideration, including relevant details about sizing, price, design, and other information.

Asics Gel Circuit

In the 1980s, Asics introduced the Asics Gel technology, which was a compact gel-like material that shielded the feet from impact. Years later, in 1991, the company released the Gel Circuit model, a shoe inspired by another tennis footwear from 1985, the Lawnship Kobe. The Gel Circuit was built to improve flexibility and movement on the court, released in time for the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona.

In 2018, the brand decided to release a retro version of these men’s and women’s Asics tennis shoes, this time made with a neat, full-grain leather upper. The first colorway sported a clean, white upper with the Asics Tiger stripes on the lateral sides done in blue.

  • Other color options include White/White, White/Black, White/Burgundy, and Marzipan/Marzipan.
  • It comes at a budget-friendly price of $90.
  • Unisex sizes are offered for this shoe, ranging from men’s 5.5/women’s 7 up to men’s 13/women’s 14.5. It fits true to size.

Asics Gel Solution Speed 3 L.E

With its low-profile design and attractive colorway, the Asics Gel Solution Speed 3 L.E offers a lightweight cushioned feel and responsive support on the court. It's a limited-edition shoe released in February 2018, featuring all the features that have made Asics tennis kicks highly popular. Shock absorption is delivered by the Asics Gel system on the forefoot and rear.

The upper is made up of Flexion Fit technology, which offers a snug and comfortable feel without taking anything away from the support. On the toe is the PGuard Toe Protector for additional durability, while the midsole is constructed with Solyte material for improved cushioning.  

  • Additionally, the outsole is made up of Asics High Abrasion Rubber or AHAR, which offers exceptional durability in high wear areas.
  • It was released in a colorway called the Flash Coral/Cantaloupe/Apricot Ice.
  • At $140, it’s a reasonably priced model.
  • These Asics women’s tennis sneakers are available in sizes 5-12. It reportedly fits as expected.

Asics Gel Challenger 11

Advanced features that emphasize comfort is what makes the Asics Gel Challenger 11 stand out among others. These Asics gel tennis shoes from the women’s category are suitable for recreational players looking to level up their game. In addition to the signature Gel cushioning and Solyte midsole, the layered memory foam on the collar hugs the heel. The form-fitting support on the upper makes this model an all-around go-to shoe for court sessions.

  • It was introduced in a White/Silver color design.
  • It has an affordable price point of $100.
  • Sizes 5-12 for the ladies were released. It's said to fit true to size.

Asics Solution Speed FF L.E

With a colorway inspired by Indian summer sunsets, the Asics Solution Speed FF L.E is an aggressive and competitive shoe designed for matches. The FlyteFoam midsole offers a cushioned and lightweight feel. This model also boasts the most lightweight construction in the Asics tennis category, making it a highly desirable option for one’s collection.

  • The vibrant colorway of these Asics gel tennis shoes from the women’s series is dubbed the Aquarium/Hot Pink.
  • It offers value for the money at a price tag of $140.
  • Women’s sizes 6-11 are offered for this shoe, fitting as expected.

Asics Gel Solution Speed 3

A seamless and low-key design is featured on the Asics Gel Solution Speed 3. Its upper is made up of PU Flexion material, which offers a superb fit. Signature Asics details such as the Gel cushioning, the Solyte midsole, and High Abrasion Rubber on the outsole make these kicks shine on the court. They are a serious pair of Asics women’s tennis sneakers to hit the court with.  

  • This model has many colorway options: White/Silver, Rouge Red/Silver/White, Indigo Blue/White/Porcelain Blue, Indigo Blue/Diva Pink, and Black/Hot Pink/Silver.
  • At $130, the shoe is reasonably priced.
  • It comes in ladies’ sizes, ranging from 5-12. According to reviewers, the fit is rather small, so sizing up may help.

Asics men’s tennis shoes

Men who love to play tennis have been turning to Asics for many years when it comes to footwear. The brand developed a reputation for combining practicality with athletic looks, resulting in kicks that are stylish as they are functional. Here are some of the best Asics tennis shoes for men.

Asics Court FF 2 Novak

As Novak Djokovic’s signature shoe, the Asics Court FF 2 Novak offers superior cushioning, comfort, and support. It’s a shoe made for an unstoppable player, featuring Flytefoam technology on the midsole as well as the Asics Gel system on the rear and forefoot of the model. The result is enhanced toe spring and cushioning for full ground contact.

Individuals who are looking for speed and luxury will find these Asics men’s tennis shoes to be ideal, especially as they are equipped with such technologies as Mono-Sock fit and Trusstic. These features deliver a high level of stability and comfort that will last beyond one’s game.   

  • The upper is covered with PU material, which offers form-fitting comfort and support.
  • It comes in an Asics Blue/White colorway.
  • These premium kicks have a slightly expensive price of $170.
  • Men’s sizes from 7-15 are offered with a true-to-size fit.

Asics Solution Speed FF

Advantageous is one word to describe the Asics Solution Speed FF. It has a responsive FlyteFoam midsole and boasts the lightest weight in the brand’s tennis shoe range. The Gel cushioning is placed from heel to toe for full cushioning and coverage. It offers shock absorption and maximum comfort for quick cross-court movements.  

Additionally, this model has an Ortholite sockliner for premium cushioning and moisture management. It's also removable to accommodate an orthotic insert. 

  • There are several color options for this model: Black/Silver, Black/Illusion Blue, White/Silver, Azure/White, and Cherry Tomato/Black.
  • At a price point of $130, these Asics tennis shoes from the men’s range deliver value for the money.
  • Men’s sizes 6-15 are offered, fitting as expected.

Asics Gel Court Speed

The Asics Gel Court Speed is made for the everyday player who is looking for a competitive edge. This model boasts comfort, support, and stability all in one. The full-length Gel cushioning system also aids the wearer's every move. Along with its attractive styling, the model's seamless mesh upper keeps the foot dry and fresh with its well-ventilated structure.

  • It has a few color options: Black/Flash Yellow, Black/Cherry Tomato, and White/Silver.
  • At $110, this shoe has a reasonable price.
  • These men’s Asics tennis shoes are offered in sizes 7-14. It's confirmed to fit true to size.

Asics Gel Challenger 12

With the Asics Gel Challenger 12, the wearer can head out to the court in style. These Asics men’s tennis shoes are designed for recreational tennis players, providing efficient support for darting movements and serves on the court. There is underlying support on the heel counter and forefoot, which enhances stability and support for lateral movements.    

  • The color options are White/Silver and Black/Silver.
  • The shoe is sold at $100, delivering value for the money.
  • These men’s kicks are available in sizes 6-14. In these Asics tennis shoes’ reviews, they are said to fit as expected.

Asics Gel Resolution 7

The Gel Resolution 7 is built to compete. It serves up superior flexibility, stable support, and premium cushioning. Additionally, it has an external heel counter along with a Flexion Fit upper that offers security without restricting movement. Durability is enhanced by the high-abrasion rubber outsole and the PGuard Toe Protector.

  • There are many colorways for this model: Black/Silver, White/Silver, Blue Print/Blue Print, Illusion Blue/Silver, Ink Blue/Sulphur Springs/White, and Cherry Tomato/Black.
  • These kicks are averagely priced at $140.
  • These Asics tennis shoes are in men’s sizes, ranging from 7-14. It has a true-to-size fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy Asics tennis shoes?

Asics offers its wide range of products, including tennis kicks, on its online stores and brick-and-mortar shops and outlets. There could be Asics tennis shoes on sale at such places. The brand’s footwear is also sold at department stores or shoe retailers, both online and in-store. Sites such as Amazon, Zappos, and Foot Locker offer many Asics tennis kicks.

Additionally, performance tennis shoes are also sold at specialty tennis shops or sporting goods stores. Some models are even carried exclusively by such establishments.

What to wear with Asics tennis sneakers?

Due to their athletic background, Asics tennis shoes are suitable to be worn with sporty clothes. Depending on the model, they could also be appropriate to be worn with casual outfits. Here are some tips on how to dress a pair of Asics tennis kicks.

  • Men’s Asics tennis shoes can be paired with tennis clothes, such as shorts and a polo shirt. One could go for a preppy and neat appeal with an all-white ensemble or wear such neutral colors as khaki or navy.
  • Tennis-inspired shoes could also be paired with casual clothes such as pants, chinos, and shorts due to their elegant vibe. T-shirts in neutral palettes would complete the laid-back flair.
  • Ladies can opt to wear their Asics tennis models with pleated or skater skirts, especially those in pastel or neutral hues. Tank tops, t-shirts, or shirt dresses would also complement the sporty yet casual vibe.
  • For a more off-duty appeal, women’s Asics tennis shoes could be dressed in jeans or shorts along with a button-down or polo shirt.

How much are tennis kicks from Asics?

Asics offers different price ranges for different budgets. Tennis sneakers start at budget-friendly prices, including Asics Gel tennis shoes like the Gel Circuit, which sells for $90. Affordable options range from $91 up to $120, which includes the Asics Gel Challenger 11, which has a price tag of $100.

Meanwhile, slightly expensive shoes range from $121 up to $199, such as the Asics Court FF 2 Novak, which has a price of $170. Additionally, one can get markdowns online or in-store, where there could be Asics tennis shoes on sale.

Are tennis models from Asics durable?

As a brand, Asics is known for providing a high level of quality, especially as it caters to performance footwear, such as in the Asics Gel tennis shoes' series. The brand’s tennis shoes provide comfort along with style, support, and durability both in and out of the court. However, it’s best to check reviews for each model to confirm, especially as some shoes may last longer than others.  

What is the fit and sizing of Asics tennis footwear?

Men’s tennis sneakers from Asics are usually released in sizes 6-15, while Asics ladies’ tennis shoes are usually offered in sizes 5-12. Half sizes are included in both categories. In general, many of the models fit true to size. However, it’s best to read reviews beforehand to find out what users have been saying. Some shoes may have a narrow or wide fit, or perhaps run small or large.

How to take care of tennis shoes from Asics?

Asics tennis shoes for women and men will have to be cleaned once in a while, preferably with a mixture of mild soap and water, which can be applied using a bristle brush. A piece of cloth can be used to wipe away the suds after cleaning. The pair should also be dried.

Shoelaces can be soaked in soap and water for some time and then air dried. To keep the shape and quality of the kicks, they should be worn alternately with other shoes so that they will not get easily worn. Also, before properly storing them, make sure to air them out first.

What could be the best uses for tennis-inspired sneakers from Asics?

A lot of the tennis models from Asics are used for the sport itself, whether indoor or outdoor courts, depending on the shoe. Some have also transitioned into casual wear and are chiefly worn for lifestyle use at laidback occasions or endeavors. There are also other models that are used both on and off the court. Make sure to read the Asics tennis shoe’s reviews or descriptions to find out more. 

Where are Asics tennis kicks made?

Like many footwear brands, the Japanese-based company Asics manufactures its shoes in Asia. Tennis shoes from Asics are produced in factories in such countries such as China, Cambodia, and Vietnam. To know the model’s origin, check the box it came in or the tag behind the tongue, where the “Made in…” label can usually be found.

What are the advantages of wearing Asics tennis-inspired models?

As a performance brand, Asics produces high-quality shoes that aid the wearer’s movement. The brand is also known for developing such innovative technologies as Gel cushioning, which offers a high level of quality. Thus, Asics men’s and ladies’ tennis shoes can provide value in terms of features, style, fit, and pricing.  

Is tennis footwear from Asics washable?

When it comes to cleaning tennis shoes from Asics, the brand strongly discourages the use of washing machines or dryers. The same is true for many brands, as this type of cleaning method, while convenient and fast, can damage the footwear. Instead, Asics recommends washing with a shoe cleaner and a soft brush or cloth. Surface cleaning can also be done using mild detergent and cold water.