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ASICS Running Sneakers

Best Asics Running Sneakers - September 2019

So you want to own an ASICS running sneaker? You have landed on the right page as we in RunRepeat took the tedious time of pooling some of the best rated ASICS running sneakers. But first, let us answer the million-dollar question:

Why pick ASICS running sneakers? 

  1. Authority. No doubt, ASICS is one of the leading designers and producers of high-performance running footwear worldwide since Kihachiro Onitsuka founded it in 1949 in Japan. 
  2. Rich history. ASICS has been incessant in trying new concepts and adding a few new technologies in their popular classic running shoe models and formulated fashionable sneakers for lifestyle use. 
  3. A wide range of selection. Over the years, the brand has experimented with various running silhouettes in low, mid, and high-top presented in countless colorways and unique designs to further establish its name in the lifestyle fashion world.
  4. Durability and comfort. Besides offering trendy and chic footwear, ASICS running sneakers are known for its premium quality and modern technologies to furnish its wearers a durable, comfortable, and performance boosting footwear to give its wearers the best experience.
  5. Suitable for any budget range. The brand consciously offers their sneakers in a broad range of price tags to cater to diverse buyers from a price tag that is considered a steal to ultra-expensive iterations without sacrificing the quality. 

Best ASICS running-inspired sneakers

Here comes the most exciting part, choosing which model will suit your taste. Our team rounded up some of the best ASICS running sneakers ranked by the reviews of experts and users around the world. 

The ASICS Gel Lyte Series

In 1987, ASICS announced the arrival of their lightest silhouette called the ASICS Gel-Lyte that contains nylon mesh and the Alpha Gel technology found under the heel. This intimidatingly lightweight kick uses color-blocking design with reflective panels to make this model stylishly exceptional. 

This hallmark innovation of ASICS made history as it helped the runners perform better and run faster for its innovative tri-density midsole and the anti-torque stability system. Runners loved the ASICS Gel-Lyte which, as everyone would have thought, prompted us to crave for more. 

Since then, the brand launched various adaptations and remodeling of the Gel-Lyte silhouette in the market to suit the diverse penchant of its users. Here are few of the most notable ASICS Gel Lyte running sneakers presently accessible in the market:


Introduced in 1991, the ASICS Gel Lyte III displays its revolutionary split tongue that provides better fit and comfort. Also, the tri-density compression molded EVA in the midsole offers added protection for the impact. It also exhibited superb motion control by the presence of median and lateral midfoot vertical extension. 

Gel-Lyte III became famous for its casual streetwear look that bridged the gap between athletics and fashion. The Gel-Lyte III was tagged as the most comfortable in the Gel-Lyte series and labeled as an icon. Its stylish and modern look was outfitted with various collaborations and variations producing many chic yet high-performing running-inspired sneakers. 

Best rated ASICS Gel Lyte III running sneakers:

  • ASICS Gel Lyte III Camo. Clad with an army-inspired design, this lifestyle kick featured the profile of running kick but revamped with chic details that suit the lifestyle fashion. 
  • ASICS Gel Lyte III NS. The seamless, no-sew technology used in this model gives an upgraded look on the classic Gel Lyte III look. 

ASICS Gel Lyte V

In 1993, ASICS released the 5th style of Gel-Lyte and dubbed it Gel-Lyte V. This variation displays “V” on the heel to exhibit its version added with mesh inserts on the toebox and side panels to improve the breathability. The Gel-Lyte is very popular for long distance running and was dubbed as one of the most popular styles in the ASICS brand. 

The "IV" series was skipped by the Japanese as they found the number bad luck; thus, after the release of ASICS Gel Lyte III, the brand unveiled the V series. The Gel Lyte V has witnessed several successful variations and collaborations and turned one of the favorite base models. Here are few of the iterations of the Gel Lyte V that received a remarkable admiration from various lifestyle kick fanatics.

Best rated ASICS Gel Lyte V running sneakers:

  • ASICS Gel Lyte V GTX. This model was added with a splash of modern design used with the waterproof Gore-Tex material for all-weather use.
  • ASICS Gel Lyte V NS GTX. This No-Sew version provides a cleaner and sleeker version of the classic silhouette added with waterproof Gore-Tex technology.
  • ASICS Gel Lyte V Sanze Knit. This sneaker is considered lightweight and breathable for its single piece knit upper with sock-like collar. 
  • ASICS Gel Lyte V Vice City. Launched in reference to the movie Miami Vice, this kick features colors related to the film with leather and nylon upper added with a speckled midsole.
  • ASICS Gel Lyte V RB. This 'Reborn' version was unveiled in 2018 that features a thinner mono-sock on its upper for snug and sleeker look. 
  • ASICS Gel Lyte V Reflective. ASICS used No-Sew technology and added reflective details on this model to give a subtle impact to its onlookers.
  • ASICS Gel Lyte V Pastel. Perfectly combining comfort and style, this model is dressed with different pastel hues on its leather upper with sock-like comfort with each step.
  • ASICS Gel Lyte V Sanze. This model features a kimono-inspired upper with wave-like details on its midsole for added style and comfort.

ASICS Gel Lyte Runner

Flaunting a 90s inspired running silhouette, ASICS added few elusive details and accents to modernize the Gel Lyte Runner  model. The stitching on the upper with perforations on the collar and vamp adds fresh appeal and enhances the overall comfort. 

Quick Facts about the ASICS Gel Lyte Runner:

  • The price point is at $140.
  • This model is available in men's sizing from 4 to 16 US in medium width.
  • Some favorite colorways offered in the market are the Black/White, Agave Green, Core, Black, and Pink/White for the women.


Tagged as the "coolest lifestyle footwear in the city streets," this model was a result of the innovation of the Gel Lyte model. The brand used the Evolution New Tongue, giving this model an eye-catching spin. 

  • Quick facts about the ASICS Gel Lyte EVO NT:
  • Men's sizing is available from 4 to 13 US in medium width.
  • Price range is at $120.
  • Although considered true to size by the majority, many also found this tad narrow. 


Three iconic silhouettes of ASICS inspired this mid-top version of the Gel Lyte. The sockliner was taken from the design of Gel Lyte V, the split-tongue was grabbed from the Gel Lyte III, and the heel clip was taken from the Gel Respector. Apart from the stylish appeal, this model was inserted with well insulated synthetic leather upper, allowing it to be a perfect kick for the winter months. 

Quick Facts about ASICS Gel Lyte MT:

  • This sneaker costs $130.
  • Sizes are available in men's and women's sizing. 


The Gel Mai presented in the 90s was the lighter alternative to running footwear available in the market in that decade. It used a single-piece upper with the brand's logo found on the rear end of the midsole. ASICS re-introduced this kick in 2017 through a collaboration with Ronnie Fieg, which paved the way for other brands and names to come up with their rendition of the Gel Mai. 

Quick Facts about ASICS Gel Mai:

  • Found in the budget-friendly price range, this kick is at $130.
  • This model is offered in both genders' sizing.
  • One variation of Gel Mai is the ASICS Gel Mai Wool Knit. 

ASICS Gel Diablo

This model was initially unveiled in 1995 and displayed perforations all over with smooth leather upper seated atop a chunky white sole. Many runners attributed their improved running performance to the Gel technology finished with a lightweight design. This model bears similarity to the popular Yeezy Runner and Raf Simons Ozweego Bunny sneakers for its chunky profile with multiple materials overlays on its upper. 

Quick Facts about the Diablo by ASICS:

  • This men's and women's ASICS running sneakers are offered in regular width.
  • Included in the affordable price range, ASICS offers this model at $130.

ASICS Gel Saga

Introduced in the 90s as durable and high-performance running footwear, the Gel Saga was the first silhouette to cross the athletic genre to casual lifestyle domain. It was tagged as such to pay homage to the Norse mythology Saga, the Goddess of wisdom as the brand relates the advanced technology used in this kick to intelligence.

Quick Facts about the ASICS Gel Saga:

  • Buyers can avail this at $100.
  • Men's and women's sizing are available in the market. 

ASICS Gel Respector

Featuring several unique details, the Gel Respector from ASICS  was once dubbed as a promising model. ASICS offers this kick in various colorways and materials and eventually gained popularity, as opposed to its siblings that gained instant recognition. 

Quick Facts about the ASICS Gel Respector:

  • Both sizing for men's and women's are offered in the market. 
  • This model costs $120.

ASICS Gel Kayano Trainer

The Gel Kayano Trainer was introduced to the public in 1993 as a high-performance running shoe named after its designer Toshizaku Kayano. The molded upper side panels and the rare horn design on the outsole were said to be stirred from the robust armor shell of stag beetle.

The classic Kayano Trainer has reached the iconic status for its timeless appeal that has withstood the test of time. ASICS injected a few modern technologies and contemporary details with endless combinations of materials and colors to come up with fashionable footwear. This model was also used as the canvas for endless quite a lot of collaborations.

There are several other Gel Kayano Trainer variations that considered one of the best rated ASICS Gel Kayano running sneakers in the current market:

  • ASICS Gel Kayano Trainer Knit. Launching a shoe perfect for the summer, ASICS unveiled its knit version of the Gel Kayano Trainer with a sock-like fit and TPU caging for a lockdown fit. 
  • ASICS Gel Kayano Trainer Knit MT. To provide better ankle protection and distinguished style, the Gel Kayano Trainer Knit was added with a little height to produce the mid-top version.

ASICS Curreo

This model was inspired by the X-Caliber, an 80s high-performance running footwear. ASICS modernized it to fit the street fashion and not the racing tracks. The upper is made of mesh and synthetic leather to boost its ventilation and durability added with a supportive sole for better comfort with every stride.

Quick Facts about the ASICS Curreo:

  • This budget-friendly footwear is available at $70.
  • ASICS presented this kick in men's sizing only.
  • The 2nd version of the Curreo, the revamped variation of the Curreo, features lighter and more durable details.

Some of the best rated ASICS collaboration running sneakers:

Solebox x ASICS Gel Lyte III

Solebox, a Berlin-based retailer gave the classic ASICS Gel Lyte III a new look by adding a few European elements. Released in 2016, this collab was tagged as the Blue Carpenter Bee, as it was inspired by the Australian bee found in Southeast Asia. 

This model flaunts a signature split-tongue in electric blue added with graphics found on the insole and transparent detail on the outsole. Solebox branding can also be seen splattered on the laces, sole, and back of the heel.

Quick Facts about the Solebox x ASICS Gel Lyte III:

  • Considered expensive, this model is found at $160.
  • This model is solely offered in men's sizing in regular width.
  • The upper is made of microsuede and nubuck materials, a typical of the ASICS Gel Lyte III.

Monkey Time x ASICS Gel-Lyte V

Japanese clothing company Monkey Time partnered with ASICS to come up with their unique version of Gel Lyte V. This kick features durable sole units with grey and black premium suede and mesh on the upper. 

Quick Facts about the Monkey Time x ASICS Gel-Lyte V:

  • This model features a monochromatic checkerboard finishing found on its translucent outsole.
  • This budget-friendly sneaker costs $130.
  • ASICS and Monkey Time offers this exclusively in men's sizing.

BAPE x ASICS Gel Kayano Trainer

Another Japanese brand collaborated with ASICS to conceive an exceptional take on the Gel Kayano Trainer. Launched in 2015, this kick was included in the Camouflage pack that struts a tan-based camo print on the suede panels added with pink robust rubber outsole. 

Quick Facts about the BAPE x ASICS Gel Kayano Trainer:

  • BAPE branding can be found on the heel and insole.
  • Buyers can purchase this affordable kick at $140.
  • Available exclusively in men's sizing, this kick was found true to size by the majority of users.

Afew x ASICS Gel Lyte III Koi

Presenting a real eye-catching combination of hues, this re-mastered collab features red, white, and black color with huge Afew branding on the heel. ASICS added few plush details like the gold eyelets, red linings, and black hits on the logo found on the sidewalls. 

Quick Facts about the Afew x ASICS Gel Lyte III Koi:

  • This kick has an expensive price tag of $180.
  • Men's sizing is offered in the market.
  • ASICS and Afew added a multicolored rubber outsole on this pair to enhance its overall appeal. 

ASICS Gel Mai x Patta

Amsterdam label Patta unveiled a one-off ASICS profile using a breathable and lightweight knit upper in a pink hue. To add contrast, suede supportive elements in brown color was added giving a conventional style while providing an ultra-comfortable kick. Also, the unique lacing system that circles the entire shoe adds contemporary charm.

Quick Facts about the ASICS Gel Mai x Patta:

  • This high-priced sneaker costs $200.
  • ASICS presents this model in both genders' sizing.
  • The black Patta branding is found against the pink knit upper.

ASICS Gel Lyte III Mita 25th Anniversary

Another Japanese collaboration was unveiled by ASICS in 2015 to celebrate the silver anniversary of Gel Lyte III series in the market. This sneaker displays blue suede and nubuck upper with quilted stitching on the split-tongue to exhibit a true retro appeal. 

Quick Facts about ASICS Gel Lyte III Mita 25th Anniversary:

  • Buyers can purchase this kick at $160.
  • This model runs true to size and offered solely in men's sizing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy ASICS running sneakers?

Because of its popularity, both in sports and lifestyle fashion, ASICS shoes are extensively available worldwide in official stores, retailers, and resellers. Also, you can almost always find ASICS running sneakers on the internet sold by numerous retailers, such a 6pm, Amazon, eBay, Sole Collector, Zappos, and a whole lot more.

What kind of ASICS sneaker suits me?

It depends on your preferences. It is best to select your ASICS sneakers based on your sense of style, purpose, and foot condition. Some ASICS sneakers offer subtle sporty look designed for the city strolling that will fit wearers who prefer the versatile look.

Meanwhile, several ASICS shoes are engineered with sturdier details that can function as both running and lifestyle kick, making the shifting easier for its wearers. Lastly, the foot condition should also be considered as some ASICS sneakers provides ample cushioning for wearers suffering from some foot complaints, such as a bunion, Plantar fasciitis, etcetera.

Are ASICS running fashion sneakers considered durable?

ASICS is known for its premium materials and superb craftsmanship to give its users the best experience they could ever have. Their shoes' durability is very reliable; However, it all depends on how the wearers use the product. Sometimes, some users use their shoes on unsuitable conditions, such as terrains, wet weather, or industrial purpose; thus, shortening the lifespan of the sneaker. 

How to style my ASICS running casual sneakers?

For its running-inspired look, styling the ASICS running sneakers is relatively easy as it oozes with versatility that could match sporty look or smart casual attire. To style it, all you need is a dash of creativity, especially if you don't want to sacrifice style with comfort. Here are a few of our ideas on how to wear your ASICS running shoes to complement your casual getup:

  • Wear something that will expose your running sneakers such as an ankle or cuffed pants or skirts that fall right above the ankle bone. It is also nice if you will not wear socks or at least don't let those socks show. This will give a sporty statement to your overall ensemble. 
  • For a cohesive look, you may add accents on your outfit that is coordinated with color accents of your shoes. If your running sneaker has hints of purple, you may use a lightweight bomber jacket with hints of purple to give a pull-together look.
  • For colorful running shoes, pair it with dark pants to make it pop throughout your outfit for a more playful look. 
  • For an authentic retro look, pair your running sneakers with wide-legged jeans paired with a favorite leather jacket. 
  • Going for a sporty look will surely compliment your running-inspired sneakers. Tracksuit or jogger pants paired with a loose shirt or oversized hoodies will give you a gym-ready appeal making you ready for any activities thrown your way.

What's the difference between ASICS and Onitsuka Tiger?

ASICS and Onitsuka Tiger are both closely related brands for its similar roots but different from each other. The ASICS provides technologically driven footwear that is more technologically advanced. ASICS aimed at supporting its wearers to improve their performance in competition and training. 

Meanwhile, Onitsuka Tiger revisits the heritage and re-introduces the colorful history of ASICS to the current market. This brand was launched in 2001 and used the knowledge of ASICS combined with Japanese minimalist treatment to deliver a unique collection of footwear and apparel. 

Which ASICS sneaker is best for plantar fasciitis?

People with plantar fasciitis experience heel pain because of the inflammation in the bottom of their feet. This condition is shared among the runners, overweight, or people who always wear shoes that do not provide enough support. This kind of pain inevitably affects their lives; that is why some footwear manufacturers engineered footwear that will alleviate this kind of pain.

Under the ASICS line, most experts recommend the ASICS Gel Kayano Trainer for its multi-directional upper with a gel that absorbs the shock, effectively. Also, this model usually stands out among the list of recommended kicks for it displays balanced function and stylish look suitable for looking fab while feeling comfortable. 

Can I use ASICS running-inspired sneakers for running?

You may use your ASICS casual shoe for running, but it is not recommended to use it in long distance running. Although ASICS sneakers were inserted with some technologies intended for running, it was designed to suit the city pavements. These casual running shoes do not provide a superior amount of support, protection, and cushioning; thus running in trails is highly discouraged. 

If you are considering doing the long-distance running, you may check our Running Category for the best-rated running shoes as reviewed by countless experts and users all around the globe. 

How to clean my ASICS running sneakers?

It is unavoidable that our cherished ASICS running kicks will come across from everything, like a puddle, mud, grits, and all kinds of leaves. We have come up with practical tips on how to keep your ASICS running sneakers in mint condition. This way, it will make your sneakers last longer as it will create your entire ensemble looking dapper.

  • When you see dirt, spot clean it as soon as possible as the soil will tend to cause permanent damage to your sneaker if left for a more extended period. You may use a soft bristled brush or a clean cloth in doing so. 
  • Remove the laces and insole before cleaning the entire shoe. Massage the laces with a gentle cleaning solution made of warm water and mild laundry detergent. Meanwhile, the insole must be air dried. You may also sprinkle some baking soda on your insole as it will help in removing the nasty odor. 
  • To remove any superficial dirt on your shoe, use a soft cloth dipped in a mild cleaning solution. After, rub the same area using a wet clean towel to remove the cleaning solution. 
  • After cleaning, it is advised to air dry it in room temperature. It is highly recommended to avoid exposing the footwear in direct sunlight as it will alter the color of the shoe. Also, direct sunlight tends to change the shape of the rubber.
  • While waiting for it to dry, insert some crumpled paper or newspaper on the shoe to soak up any excess water. 
  • It is highly discouraged to use harsh chemical, hard-bristled brushes, washing machine, or electric dryer in cleaning sneakers as it will cause permanent damage on the shape of rubber and the materials used on the upper.