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Asics is a shoe manufacturer that is globally acknowledged for its top-of-the-line performance platforms that excite professional and amateur runners, as proven by its countless mentions in 100,000 shoe reviews. If you are up for a natural running movement without losing too much of the cushioning, minimalist shoes from Asics are great investments to focus on.

Why get the best Asics minimalist shoes for running?

  • In preparation for barefoot running, runners would certainly benefit from using the best Asics minimalist shoes. The Achilles tendon will be enhanced in terms of elasticity and the soles of the foot will be adjusted enough to low drop shoes. You can facilitate a better response throughout the months or years of running in the best Asics minimalist shoes.
  • You can expect responsive and firm underfoot from the best Asics minimalist shoes. Despite the lesser amount of cushioning, runners can still enjoy energy return properties during the heel to toe transition.
  • It is known that the best Asics minimalist shoes promote forefoot and mid-foot striking. These types allow better momentum during running, thereby, increasing the speed of the runner. Minimalist shoes are indeed great for speed workouts and race training.
  • Since minimalist shoes do not have much structure, they are lightweight as compared to neutral shoes. You can take advantage of the light platform in terms of speed training and racing. They are also versatile for cross training and performance running.

How to choose among the best Asics minimalist shoes?

  • Structure. From the word “minimalist”, runners should already expect a bare-bones profile for a shoe platform. This can be a good thing for advanced runners who are pursuing barefoot-like running. However, those who are just beginners might need more cushioning in the midsole for a smoother transition. This could be achieved by picking neutral shoes instead of minimalist shoes, since the cushioning in the latter is lesser to promote flexibility and provide better ground contact.
  • Weight. The weight of minimalist shoes is observed to be lighter than neutral or stability trainers. Whether it is for the trail or track, you can enjoy lightweight shoe options that could be used for speed workouts or racing. Normally, minimalist shoes are lesser than 200 grams. In fact, Asics incorporates lighter materials in their best minimalist shoes, such as the Solyte midsole and Dousole technology.
  • Heel to toe drop. The expected heel to toe differential among the best Asics minimalist shoes is between 4 mm to zero. Choose the 3 mm or 4 mm if you still need the support and comfort of cushioning even when you are practicing a natural running movement. However, if you are ready to go almost barefoot, there is no question that the zero drop profile is for you.