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Asics Gel Contend: Comfort and support made affordable

The Gel Contend collection from Asics doesn't have the bells-and-whistles of most running shoes; hence, its inexpensive price. But despite the more humble makeup, these shoes don't skimp on performance. As a matter of fact, Gel Contend shoes provide a highly stable yet cushy ride to runners.

What and who is it for? 

With the comfort these running shoes provide, they are best-suited as daily trainers. Meaning, they're meant for your easy days. Their comfort is also the reason why they shine as long-distance models.

The Asics Gel Contend running shoes are made up of neutral shoes made for neutral runners and supinators (whose foot rolls outward). If you want to find out more about this, read our buying guide on pronation to find out which shoe fits you.

Why buy the Asics Contend running shoes? 

Aside from being affordable shoes, the Gel Contend models are highly protective, thanks to their Gel cushion. This absorbs impact, keeping the foot pain-free in each stride. They are also very comfortable much like the Hoka Elevon but at a significantly lower price. 

If you've already chosen a model from the Asics Gel Contend series, you can purchase one here, and treat yourself with marked-down deals from our partner retailers. And to save you time, we have also created various filters and already gathered reviews from different athletes and experts to help you choose the most fitting shoe.