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buy asics flyte foam running shoes for men and women

Asics Flyte Foam: "More cushioning, less weight" 

Unlike standard foams, the Flyte Foam tech from Asics brings down weight by 55%. This is without sacrificing bounce and protection, making it a win-win situation for runners. 

If you're curious how this turns out on the run, you can get your pair of Asics Flyte Foam running shoes here in RunRepeat. You can also buy them here at a discount with the help of our collaborating retailers. 

Flyte Foam running shoes for sale! 

When we say that the Asics Flyte Foam running shoes are fit for all runners, it's not an overstatement. From training to competitions, there's a fitting model made just for you. 

For runners looking for daily trainers, there are several Flyte Foam models available here, just as there are speed training shoes for those who run uptempo paces. For competitive runners, we also have a selection of racing shoes

Asics is also known for the supportive features its running shoes have, and that's exactly what you'll get from the Flyte Foam series (quite literally). There are multiple stability shoes from this roster for overpronators or runners whose feet roll inward excessively. For those with normal pronation, there are also some neutral models for sale here. 

Asics running shoe collections with Flyte Foam 

One of the brand's long-standing series, the Asics Kayano is one of the running shoe lines made with Flyte Foam. It's a collection specially dedicated to runners with mild to moderate overpronation. For those who put comfort at the forefront, you can rely on the Asics Gel Cumulus series

If you're a runner on a budget, and you need a pair of stability shoes, you can select from our roster of Asics GT 1000 shoes. However, if you don't mind spending a bit more, the Asics Gel Nimbus line is perfect for athletes who are looking for premium comfort for their long-distance runs.