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Altra Superior: The brand's most minimally cushioned trail shoes

To make a lightweight ride with maximum ground feel, Altra has designed its Superior trail shoe collection with minimal padding. To maintain the brand's signature ride, here are some of the features you'll be enjoying from this roster:

  • FootShape toe box for natural toe splay and stability in each stride
  • Zero-drop design for better ground feel 

If you're looking for stability, grip, and comfort at an affordable price, you'll be very pleased with this lineup. And if you're still slowly transitioning to barefoot running shoes, this series is an excellent start. 

Altra Superior running shoes available here! 

Comprised of lightweight trail running shoes, the Altra Superior shines in short training runs, long trail days, or hikes on smooth and buffed trails. And if you're on the lookout for a fun, nimble ride, it's exactly what you get from this collection. 

Because the Altra Superior is made up of neutral running shoes, it is best suited for neutral runners and supinators. Those who suffer from overpronation or the excessive inward rolling of the foot (learn more about it through this pronation guide) have several options from Asics and Salomon

How much do they cost? 

They retail for $110, which is already considered cheap for a trail shoe. But since we've partnered with over 200 retailers, we can guarantee you even lower-priced deals to make your purchase a steal. And if you're quite constricted with budget, worry not, because older models are typically placed on sale whenever newer ones are released.