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buy altra hiking boots for men and women

Whether you’re a barefoot hiker or a recreational hiker, there are so many things to love about Altra hiking boots.

Despite being a super new player in the hiking footwear industry, Altra has already gained so much attention for releasing some of the best zero-drop trail shoes in the market today. 

The Lone Peak hiker, for instance, has won several awards since it hit the shelves and was voted as the number one thru-hiking shoe across the Appalachian Trail. And after just a year, Altra has released a mid-top version of this shoe. 

From then on, many more Altra hiking boots have hit the shelves and are now used by lots of avid hikers and mountaineers all over the world.

Zero-drop hiking footwear for men and women 

Altra is known for its zero-drop, wide hiking shoes.

Perhaps the major reason why many people adore Altra shoes is that they enhance ground connection, promote the natural gait pattern, and keep the feet secured on and off the trail. 

Basically, they are designed to mimic your foot's natural shape. While most running shoes out there have a narrow toe box, and a higher heel than the toe, Altra hikers have a wide platform where the heel is at the same height as the ball of the foot. 

With such a breakthrough footwear design, Altra has developed a solution for people with different foot problems, from plantar fasciitis to bunions.

Altra hiking boots: best features

Waterproofing from the outside

Altra hiking boots come with a waterproof membrane. But instead of lining the shoe interior like a sock, the membrane is attached to the outside of the shoe, preventing water intrusion from the get-go. They also feature a waterproof tongue and a gaiter ring for added protection.

Roomy toe box

The wide toe box of Altra boots let the toes relax and spread naturally, thereby improving balance and stability. It also helps maintain a strong arch and prevent overpronation. 

Zero-drop heel

Altra shoes are designed to promote “barefoot” walking but with more protection, cushioning, and support. They are the first to create zero-drop shoes that are supposed to reduce pain in the hips, feet, and knees and reduce injury risk.

Who benefits the most from Altra hiking boots?

Professional and casual hikers

Altra hiking boots and shoes are meant for avid hikers and adventurers who love navigating technical terrain. Since they’re waterproof, you can confidently tromp through puddles, wet grass, and even snow patches. 

The gaiter attachment also does great wonders when hiking amidst the torrential rain. But the outer waterproof shell can be a little too warm on hot days or for desert hikes. 

People with foot pain problems

Zero-drop shoes do well in absorbing shock. Therefore, wearing them helps reduce strain from the knees and calf muscles. This makes Altra hiking boots great for hikers who constantly suffer from issues like foot pain and strain, and plantar fasciitis. 

Speed hikers

Lastly, since Altra hiking boots are lightweight, they make a great choice for speed hiking, day hiking, and light backpacking.