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If there is one nation who know their leather best, it would be Italy. Judging from the number of footwear companies that were established in this historic and beautiful country, it can be concluded that the Italians love their shoes well-crafted, sturdy and dependable.  One of these footwear companies is Galliano Bordin’s Aku. His mission was rather simple: provide every outdoor junkie who loves to explore the Alps, Apennines and other mountains with sturdy Aku hiking boots, hiking shoes, and mountaineering boots

Aku’s over thirty years of design and production started in a small shop which eventually grew into a brand recognized in the outdoor world. Aku’s collection of outdoor footwear. Well-loved for its genuine and traditional Italian workmanship, the brand is now distributed through stores in Europe, Asia, North, and South America.  

Why women and men love Aku

best aku hiking boots
Best Aku hiking boots - December2019

Aku has been around for a few decades and its reputation for designing, producing, and selling hiking boots, shoes, and mountaineering boots is already impressing many. Despite being relatively young, the brand is gaining a strong following around the world. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

  • Made-for-the-outdoors design. One of the things that Aku hiking boots and shoes are best known for is their made-for-the-outdoor design. Since Italy has the best known for is their made-for-the-outdoor design. Since Italy has the best-known mountain ranges in the world, it is only understandable why its citizens have loved to spend time in the outdoors. Drawing inspiration from this, Aku’s footwear offerings are committed to providing protection and support to wearers.  
  • Comfort features. A recurring trait among the best Aku hiking boot models are comfort features. Understanding that spending a day outdoors can be physically exhausting, the brand has developed footwear that will make each step more bearable.  

  • Versatility. For a lot of hikers, outdoor footwear should also be versatile. Some Aku hiking boots are great for the wilderness as well as casual places. The Superalp GTX, for instance, has been praised not only for their overall performance but for being multifunctional as well.

Benefits of wearing men's and women's Aku hiking boots

Hiking is a fun activity which requires dependable gear. The best Aku hiking boots are those that pass the standards of outdoor lovers. These were a few things that got thumbs up from the brand’s fans:

Comfort and fit

A very crucial trait that the best Aku hiking boots have is an unprecedented comfort. The models feature different materials and technologies that hug the foot just right. The Alterra GTX for example, has an elastic tongue for a comfortable fit. Another model commended for its fit is the Superalp GTX.

Finding a good fit of Aku hiking boots is made easier with a size conversion chart readily available online . For most of the brand’s models, sizing is never an issue as these often are praised for fitting perfectly and comfortably.


The best models of Aku hiking boots have gained recognition for their longevity. It takes years before users finally need to retire their pair. Apart from craftsmanship, the durability of these products could be attributed to the materials and technologies used by the maker.


The best Aku hiking boots are known for offering the excellent support to wearers. A feature like the Exoskeleton, for instance, has been praised by several owners for providing them with the support that they needed on the trail.


The soles used for each pair of Aku hiking boots are of excellent quality. The brand relies heavily on Vibram rubber soles for their boots. Vibram is known for its rubber lug which is best used for outdoor footwear.  


The best Aku hiking boots are getting praises for the protection they offer. Every part of the footwear is added to protect the wearer from the scree, rocks, twigs, and animals along the trail. Leather upper, protective and shock-absorbing PU midsole, and custom footbeds are just a few of the things that keep the wearer protected.  

Qualities of Aku hiking boots

The quality of Aku footwear can be attributed to different materials and technologies that are incorporated into them. Here’s a rundown of the things that make Aku hiking boots worth the money spent:

Materials used

A shoe is only as good as the material it comes with. Aku has a reputation for choosing only the best materials for its models. Some of the materials used on Aku hiking boots are:

  • Leather. A fine choice among outdoor footwear manufacturer as an upper material, leather is known for its durability and flexibility. There are different types of leather used in Aku hiking boots including suede, nubuck, and full-grain.
  • Rubber rand – The rand is the rubber that wraps around the toe box up to the heel of the footwear. This protects from abrasions and improves durability.
  • Dual-density PU midsole. A common material used to cushion the midsole and reduce the stress felt by the feet upon contact with the ground, dual density PU is a dependable material. As a midsole, this provides better abrasion resistance.
  • Injected PU. A way to perfectly mold liquid polyurethane is through the direct injection process. This is considered as a strong way of attaching the sole to the upper. Injecting PU also creates a watertight seal.
  • Lasting board. Aku hiking boots also use lasting boards of different stiffness. A lasting board is a fabric or paperboard sheet that is used to make the bottom of the footwear upper.
  • EVA footbed. The removable EVA footbed of Aku Tribute II LTR is one of the comfort features that wearers are praising. EVA footbeds are not just comfortable, they also add some warmth to the boots.


In order to make Aku hiking boots more durable and dependable, there are also many technologies that are used in crafting them. The following are just a few of the techs your boots may come with:

  • Liba smart PU. The TPU-based material serves as a mudguard or overshoe ring. This is a material considered lighter than rubber. For boots like the Alterra GTX, this serves as an upper protection material.
  • Exoskeleto This sole technology is a PU outer frame that extends upward in the heel area to provide walking stability and comfort.
  • Gore-tex. Waterproofing is a trait of some Aku hiking boots and the brand counts on Gore-Tex performance comfort waterproof lining for the job. Used as a lining, this technology combines waterproofness and breathability to optimize comfort.
  • Vibram soles. Vitale Bramani’s rubber lug soles are probably the most popular outsole component in the world. This is best known for its amazing grip and traction thus making it an ideal component to use for outdoor footwear like hiking shoes, hiking boots, and mountaineering boots.


If there is one thing that fans of Aku could deem as a downside, it would be the price. Aku hiking boots don’t bear a friendly price tag. A pair could go as low as $230  and as high as $300 . However, according to those who wore their Akus, they are well worth the hole in their pockets.


If you are dreaming of having your own Aku hiking boots, you are in good hands as there are many ways you can get them. To make sure that there are physical stores where fans can shop, distributors are available in Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany/Austria, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Norway, Poland, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Israel, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, USA and Canada, and Chile.  Online platforms and resellers are also around to cater to the needs of fans from all over the world.

Aku hiking boots FAQs

Are Aku hiking boots both waterproof and breathable?

While the Tribute II LTR  is getting a bad rep for not being ideal under hot conditions, the majority of Aku hiking boots are breathable despite their waterproof lining. The Superalp GTX,  for instance, is getting praises for its waterproof and breathable upper.

Is it necessary to break-in my pair of Aku hiking boots?

The break-in period is the time for wearing new footwear so these would conform to the shape of the foot.  Of course, there are some people who may complain about their Aku hiking boots hurting here and there but, of the reviews here on RunRepeat, many wearers praised their boots for being comfortable straight out of the box.  

Are Aku hiking boots heavy?

Heavy boots can be quite a pain to wear, but pairs of Aku hiking boots are not getting the flak for its weight. There are actually a lot of users who love the lightness of their gear as well as the comfort they provided.