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buy ahnu waterproof hiking shoes for men and women

Grab a pair of Ahnu waterproof hiking shoes if you need protection from wet trails. They are specifically crafted for female adventurers. Fitted with waterproof liners, these hikers keep the elements away so your feet can remain dry and comfy. Moreover, they come with several technologies that help secure your footing and promote comfort. If you don’t want the wet elements to dampen your experience, consider the benefits offered by Ahnu waterproof hiking shoes.

The main advantage offered by the best Ahnu waterproof hiking shoes for men and women

best ahnu waterproof hiking shoes
Best Ahnu waterproof hiking shoes - December 2019

For some trails, water encounters are inevitable. There will be streams, puddles, or even a sudden drizzle. If what you’re wearing doesn’t shield you from the elements, the rest of the trip will feel unpleasant because of wet feet. Ahnu waterproof hiking shoes are equipped with liners that can keep your feet protected while you’re out and about. 

The best hiking shoes offered by this brand come with an eVent liner to fulfill this function. This component uses a patented membrane design composed of numerous microscopic pores to prevent droplets of water from penetrating. These same pores are also designed to permit excess moisture produced by sweat to pass through, imbuing the membrane with breathability. Thanks to these benefits offered by Ahnu’s waterproof hiking shoes, you can tackle a trail without worrying about wet conditions or sweaty feet.

Other notable technologies used by the finest Ahnu waterproof hiking shoes

Vibram. Some of the brand’s best lightweight shoes for hikers feature an outsole manufactured by Vibram. This component is made of a durable rubber compound which makes it resistant to wear and tear. It is engineered with an aggressive lug pattern which renders grip on virtually all kinds of surfaces.

Numentum. The best Ahnu waterproof hiking shoes are equipped with Numentum technology. This feature is engineered to center and guide your foot to create a stable and efficient ride. It provides sufficient structure to your stride in response to the stress your foot may experience while hiking.

Ripstop. Select waterproof shoes from Ahnu use an upper made of Ripstop fabric. This material consists of nylon fabrics woven and reinforced together, making it resistant to wear and abrasive elements. Ripstop uppers are also constructed to be breathable so your feet can remain cool and comfortable.

Aegis. Certain Ahnu waterproof hiking shoes are treated with Aegis Antimicrobial technology. This feature combats bacteria and grime to keep your feet fresh while you’re hiking.

Fitting tips when ordering Ahnu waterproof hiking shoes online

Shown below are some of Ahnu’s recommended tips to help you determine which shoe size to order when purchasing a pair online. 

  • Place a piece of paper on a flat surface and step on it. Mark the position of your heel and the longest toe. Do the same process for your other foot as well.
  • Measure the distance between those two marks. You can use centimeters or inches.
  • You can match the measurement to its corresponding shoe size found in Ahnu’s online size chart.