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Adidas stands as the second-largest athletic footwear and apparel manufacturing company in the world. With the brand’s expertise in making some of the best shoes, it’s no wonder that it also produces the best triple jump spikes. As a matter of fact, the Adidas triple jump shoe is one of the top recommendations from experts and is one of the athletes’ all-time favorites. With this article, find out as to why an Adidas triple jump platform is a complete standout from the rest. 

Features of an Adidas triple jump shoe

Best Adidas triple jump track and field shoes - May 2020

Further cementing its name in the industry, Adidas made sure to integrate only the best components in its triple jump shoe. This is to ensure that the wearer’s performance is boosted and optimized. Here are some of the common technical elements present in the configuration of an Adidas triple jump track and field shoe: 

Pebax plate. Made of thermoplastic polymer, the Pebax plate offers a good balance of rigidity and weight. This combination specifically targets the propulsion of the contender. This is particularly helpful in building momentum before jumping. It is a common outsole element not only to Adidas triple jump platforms but also to other track and field shoes. For instance, the well-known track running spike, Nike Zoom D, is equipped with the Pebax plate for ultimate speed. 

Sharkskin outsole. The sharkskin outsole either runs full-length or is strategically placed at the heel of an Adidas jumping spike. This outsole element features criss-cross patterns that are intended for added grip. It utilizes its slip-resistant properties to deliver a stable performance. And because it’s made of carbon rubber, it also contributes to the overall sturdiness of the Adidas triple jump track shoe. This is without employing too much bulk, preventing drag from occurring.

EVA midsole. Composed of TPU foam, the EVA midsole is also a conventional piece of most Adidas triple jump spike. It is an ultra-light cushioning that locks the foot securely in place while optimizing protection from impact. It is also very durable, resisting natural wear and tear. 

Pro-moderator. This midsole feature is an innovation from Adidas. It works closely with the EVA sockliner and supplies stability. It also made of TPU, enhancing the sturdiness of the shoe’s midsole compartment. It augments motion control, reducing overpronation. It is distinguished for being extremely light and durable. 

Microsuede lining. A design that introduced to the upper of the Adidas triple jump platform, microsuede lining enhances in-shoe comfort. It features a seamless upper construction that eliminates hotspots and irritation. 

CoolEver mesh.  Another proprietary upper component from Adidas, the CoolEver mesh is tasked with sweat management. This is all due to its makeup which flaunts clover-shaped yarns that wick away moisture. The mesh is also comprised of slip-resistant attributes, disabling premature shoe removal. And because of its flexibility, the CoolEver mesh gives a secure fit and lockdown to the wearer of the Adidas triple jump shoe. 

Forefoot strap. Enhancing support and lockdown, the forefoot strap pushes the foot down. This ability promotes support for a stable performance. Because it’s made of Velcro strap, it provides fast and easy closure. It also improves the torsional rigidity of the track spike. 

What to expect from an Adidas triple jump spike 

Adidas has gained popularity for producing high-quality spikes, in general. Here are some of the qualities of the company’s triple jump track and field shoes that make them the best in the market: 

Versatility. Some of Adidas’ triple jump shoes are designed to handle not just one event. These track shoes can also cater to some, if not all, jumping matches. The configuration of an Adidas triple jump spike also features a multi-surface grip, making it an ideal platform for athletes handling multiple track disciplines. 

Security. This is very evident with the closure system of the track spike; a dual fastening system is implemented. An Adidas triple jump shoe not only showcases a traditional lace-up closure but is also partnered with a midfoot or forefoot strap. These are made of Velcro straps that are responsible for pushing the foot further into the midsole. 

Grip. Just like its closure systems, the Adidas triple jump platform’s outsole is engineered to amplify traction. This is the very job of both the Pebax plate and sharkskin outsole. The pronounced grip is integral in keeping a steady yet swift pace, promoting a robust jumping performance. 

Lightness. The last thing that one would want from a jumping spike is to cause drag. That is why an Adidas triple jump shoe sports some of the lightest yet most durable components. This is to ensure that users are able to conserve their energy for a better momentum build-up. 

Frequently asked questions

How to know an authentic Adidas triple jump spike? 

To know whether a triple jump shoe is authentic, here are a few things to take note of: 

  • Behind the tongue, the track shoe should have a tag with the price and product information. 
  • Each jumping spike—the left and right shoe—should have different serial numbers. If these numbers match, chances are your shoes are fake. 
  • The laces of the triple jump spike should be rolled neatly and sealed tightly in a plastic bag. 
  • An authentic Adidas jumping shoe should have tight and uniform stitching. 
  • Always check the spelling. If there are any typos, that should be an indicator of the shoe being fake. 

When should I change my Adidas triple jump spike? 

It is best to change one’s Adidas track jumping spike every after two seasons. This is to secure that the track shoe is still in its optimal state and will not cause any injury.