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Adidas Training Sneakers

Best Adidas Training Sneakers - September 2019

Why should we buy Adidas training sneakers?

Sneakers are now considered a vital chunk in one's ensemble, especially for the style-conscious people. 

Adding the low-top Adidas training sneakers in your collection is undoubtedly a sensible step for it displays modernized vintage appeal that would please a more extensive range of generations - from granddads to their grandkids.

In addition, Adidas training shoes also considered comfortable and durable. These sneakers are descendants of hardcore training shoes from the early Adidas years, modernized with more resilient and cozy details that fit the lifestyle use. 

Price wise, training sneakers are generally found in a budget-friendly range dressed in premium materials, thus owning one is a practical choice as it saves you a lot of money in holding a timeless, robust, and chic footwear. 

Best Adidas training shoes

Choosing the right training sneakers from Adidas can be an unnerving task for some as it will surely take the investment of time. That is why our team rounded up the best-rated training kicks available in the market to make the process easier for you. 

Adidas Gazelle

First introduced in 1966 as training footwear, the Gazelle was dubbed as one of the iconic iterations of Adidas. It was the first shoe under the Adidas that features suede upper, to come up with lighter, more flexible, and durable footwear. 

Adidas first launched the Gazelle in two colorways with different functions. Blue was made specifically for training while red was designed for the handball. The Adidas Originals used the Blue version as its inspiration for the Adidas Gazelle Vintage launched in 2006. 

Adidas Spezial curator Gary Aspden said that the Adidas Gazelle was the one who changed the direction of training line of Adidas. He mentioned that the T-toe overlay, white 3-Stripe branding, and the bright colored suede upper paved the way for many shoes that followed the Gazelle. 

The brand has presented numerous variations of Gazelle to the market over the years, and we listed below Gazelle's best-rated training shoes:

Additional Info:

  • Buyers can purchase this at $80.
  • Men have sizes from 4 to 14 while women's sizing is available from 5 to 11 US both in medium width.

Adidas Munchen

This model was first presented under the Adidas City Series in 1979 and gained popularity for its resemblance to the Adidas Gazelle. This model was known for its stylish look which can adapt to street fashion, all year round. 

Despite the popularity of this Adidas training shoes for men, this kick was taken off the shelves in 1984 for unknown reasons but was revived in 2016, which surprised many collectors and aficionados. The modernized Munchen displays premium suede upper with a heel tab and 3-Stripe branding in leather.

Additional Info:

  • Adidas Munchen Super SPZL, a variation of the Munchen launched under the SPZL collection, features details that were based on the late 80s warehouse parties in Ibiza. 
  • Running true to size, this sneaker is offered in men's sizing from 4.5 to 13.5 US in medium width. 
  • Price range is at $90.

Adidas Montreal 76

This Adidas training shoes for men was initially unveiled for the Olympic 1976 which was focused on giving its wearers superb comfort by designing it with the oversized midsole, extending up to the heel tab. In 2017, Adidas modernized this footwear while keeping all the heritage elements such as perforated toebox, collapsible heel cap, and the foxing tape in brown. 

Additional Info:

  • With its stylish flair, the Montreal 76 from Adidas  is considered a steal for its $100 price range.
  • This Adidas training shoes for men is available from sizes 4 to 14 US in medium width.

Adidas BW Army

This model kept all the vintage details upgraded with several minor elements for the current market trend. The 70s look is in suede premium upper added with smooth leather lining for a plush feel. Women can also enjoy this Adidas training shoes for men by purchasing 1.5 sizes down their usual shoe size. 

Additional Info:

  • One variation of the BW Army is the Adidas BW Avenue that displays the classic training shoe silhouette finished with a clean design inspired by the tennis footwear. 
  • This unisex sneaker is available in men's sizing from 4 to 13 US in medium width.
  • Adidas offers this at $90.

Adidas Tobacco

Inspired from various silhouettes from Adidas' archives - Gazelle, Samba, and London, this sneaker was initially introduced in the market in 1978 and was re-launched after forty years as lifestyle footwear. 

This sneaker was named after the color palette of Tobacco leaf with brushed suede upper with leather heel tab. Also, the contrasted Adidas Tabacco branding on its tongue and the dark brown gum sole provide authentic throwback style. 

Additional Info:

  • This sneaker costs $100.
  • Exclusively available in men's sizing from 5 to 13 US in medium width.
  • Most reviewers mentioned that they found this model tad narrow; thus they suggested grabbing half size up than the buyer's usual size.

Adidas Los Angeles

The Adidas Los Angeles is the modernized version of the classic Adidas LA Trainer, launched to commemorate the 1984 Olympics in California. LA Trainer was the first to use the Vario Shock Absorption technology that provides personalized cushioning.

The Los Angeles sneaker from Adidas featured the classic details of the LA Trainer but stripped some vintage details off to suit the contemporary market. This modern kick was also added with reflective features, woven textile mesh upper, and an Ortholite sockliner for better comfort and style.

Additional Info:

  • This sneaker is reasonably-priced at $85.
  • This Adidas training shoes for women are available from sizes 5 to 13 while men have sizes 4 to 14 US in medium width.

Adidas Oyster Holdings Adidas 350

LA-based lifestyle brand Oyster Holdings revamped the classic Adidas 350 into a fashionable lifestyle kick engineered to suit the modern travelers. This kick features textured nubuck upper added with ample perforations and lined with leather for a luxurious feel. 

Additional Info:

  • At $130, its price point is relatively affordable.
  • This men's training shoe from Adidas is presented in sizes 8 to 13 US in medium width.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use training sneakers for walking?

You can definitely wear training-inspired sneakers for walking on even surfaces as these shoes have ample amount of cushioning enough to support its wearers while walking on flat surfaces. 

Where can I buy Adidas training sneakers?

Because of the popularity and classic appeal of training sneakers, Adidas widely offers this in their official stores and online website. Also, many other retailers with physical stores sell Adidas training sneakers and countless online shops, such as 6pm, Amazon, eBay, Zappos, among others. 

How to clean my training shoes from Adidas?

Since training sneakers are comfortable, it is inevitable that it will turn as your favorite pair of kicks. It is expected that you will use your training shoes every day, thus exposing it to wear and tear of the puddle of mud, dirt roads, and city pavements. Adidas came up with suggestions on how to maintain and clean your sneakers:

  1. In cleaning, it is best to spot clean it. Remove any dirt as soon as you see one on your sneaker because when you leave it for too long, it will cause permanent damage to the fabric of your sneaker. You may use a clean cloth or soft brush to wipe away the dirt.
  2. Mix mild cleaning solution for your shoe made of gentle laundry detergent and warm water. 
  3. Remove laces and insole. Massage the laces with the cleaning solution, while air dry the insole. You may sprinkle baking soda on the insole to get rid of the foul smell.
  4. Use a soft cloth to rub the cleaning solution to your shoe to remove any superficial stains. After, rinse the cloth into warm water and rub on the same area to rinse off the detergent.
  5. Air dry the sneaker after cleaning it at room temperature and avoid exposing the sneaker in the direct sunlight as it may wear the outer and alter the color of the shoe. Insert crumpled paper towel or newspaper on the inside on the shoe while drying it to soak up excess liquid.
  6. It is highly discouraged to use harsh chemical, hard brushes, washing machine or electric dryer as it may damage the sneaker.

Are there other brands that sell training-inspired sneakers?

Aside from Adidas, many other brands sell training sneakers such as Puma, Reebok, Nike, Under Armour, Asics, DC, Jordan, and many more. You may check our website to check some of the best-rated training sneakers available in the current market. Just tick the "training" box on the filter found on the right side under the "Inspired from" category.   

Can I run with my training sneakers?

Yes, you may run using your training sneakers but only in short distances as these training shoes do not provide enough protection, support, and cushioning vital in short and long distance running.