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If you’re scouring for vintage or trendy pairs of Adidas tennis sneakers for casual wear, then you came to the right channel. But, if you’re looking for a couple of tennis-specific Adidas shoes that will give your feet some lateral support, stability, and power during court matches, it is best to run through the lineup of athletic tennis shoes found on the Adidas site.

Adidas Athletic Tennis Shoes vs. Adidas Tennis Sneakers

Before we dig into the rich catalog of Adidas tennis sneakers, here’s a quick rundown of some of the general differences between athletic tennis shoes and casual tennis sneakers by Adidas. Adidas athletic tennis shoes are technically equipped for court games, while Adidas tennis-inspired sneakers are designed for casual styling.

What are the common characteristics of Adidas casual tennis sneakers?

  • These casual kicks are inspired by the compositions and styles of Adidas classic tennis shoes.
  • The Adidas tennis sneakers made of mesh, knit, and textiles are typically breathable and lightweight.
  • Some of these casual kicks relatively provide a moderately cushioned heel that will give you the support you need for comfortable all-day use.
  • Generally, the Adidas tennis sneakers are dressed in suede, leather, mesh and Primeknit.

What are the typical features of Adidas performance-based tennis sneakers?

Single or double tennis matches require agility on the court. Thus, Adidas tennis athletic shoes have wear-resistant outsoles like the Adiwear that can handle the demands of the sport.

These athletic shoes come in highly-durable makeup affixed with techs like the Adituff toe that protects the forefoot.

These kicks are equipped with responsive cushioning for enhanced flexibility and comfort such as the Bounce shock-absorption unit.

Ideally, there are tennis-specific shoes built for the various types of court surfaces such as clay, lawn, carpet, and hardcourt.

What are the most popular Adidas tennis sneakers?

If you’re raised during the hippie era, it is likely that you’d associate the names Rod Laver, John Newcombe, Robert Haillet, and Stan Smith to the most prominent tennis players of your time. But, if you belong to the ensuing generations, you’d instantly think of them as among the most famous tennis sneakers by Adidas.

Regardless of which generation you belong to, these men are indeed tennis superstars from the late 1960s to the 1970s whom Adidas partnered with and created performance shoes for. These top seeders and their respective signature shoes may have retired from the game, but their names continue to stay relevant today, primarily in the sneaker world.

We have itemized below some of the best Adidas tennis shoes that are mostly street-ready remakes of the iconic Adidas Originals tennis shoes from the 60s to the 80s.

Adidas Stan Smith

The understated look, timeless aesthetic, and versatility of the Adidas Stan Smith that outlived many trends make it the most iconic tennis-inspired sneaker ever produced by the Three Stripes. From the classic white leather upper with green accent, this Adidas Originals sneaker seasonally updated with new upper colors and materials.

Both genders can bag up this sneaker in an extensive selection of designs -- from muted to metallic shades – without the need to break the bank. Other popular variations of this global icon are the Adidas Stan Smith Adicolor, Adidas Stan Smith Leather Sock, Adidas Stan Smith Recon, Adidas Stan Smith Primeknit, Adidas Stan Smith Sock Primeknit, Adidas Stan Smith WP, and Adidas Stan Smith CF.

Pharrell Williams Tennis Hu

The Pharrell Williams sneaker collection is among the sets of Adidas tennis shoes launched in 2017. The initial drop was a decent-looking, Stan Smith-inspired cut in white and green. This was succeeded by a colorful pack in four radical shades, somehow echoing the eccentric traits of the American rapper Pharrell. Labeled as the Pharrell Williams Tennis Hu, the sneakers are draped with either a perfect white cover or a fusion of bright shades woven together appearing like rainbows on feet.

Adidas Pharrell Williams SOLARHU Tennis V2

Pharrell Williams put up another set of multihued sneakers using the same minimalist cut as the initial batches under the Tennis Hu collection yet splashed with a heather-like color pattern. Influenced by the East African culture, these kicks are draped with bold shades using Primeknit. The second Tennis Hu version is graced with suede overlays. You can pick a true-to-size pair in men’s sizing. This means female shoppers may have to go one and a half sizes down to get the equivalent men’s size.

Adidas Pharrell Williams Tennis Hu Primeknit

Adidas joined forces with Pharrell Williams in popping out the Tennis Hu Primeknit in catchy tonal colors. This minimalist spin on the classic Adidas Stan Smith which is influenced by the best-selling NMDs that comes with an adaptive, seamless Primeknit cover, offering a sock-like feel. Instead of the Boost cushioning, its one-piece, slip-on top is paired to a standard EVA foam. It comes in men’s sizes at a reasonable value.

Pharrell Williams Hu Holi Tennis Hu BC

Pharrell Williams and the Three Stripes echoed the vibrant Holi Festival, a celebration of equality, love, and peace, with the Hu Holi Tennis Hu BC. Apart from a pure white iteration, this Adidas tennis-inspired sneaker gets a splash of colors as bright as the Holi powder used in the said Indian event. This style is obtainable in a wide range of men’s sizes at a relatively moderate cost.

Adidas Forest Hills

The Forest Hills from the Three Stripes brand  is another tennis icon from the ‘70s that made its comeback in flashy colors starting in 2011. Back in 1976, it was highly regarded for its hard-wearing outsole and notable ventilation system that it was a preferred style for championship matches. It may have retired from the court, but the updated look doesn’t fall short of good points as it is equipped with a well-ventilated structure, plus a cushioned and grippy sole. Its downright affordable rate and versatile aesthetic makes it a worthy choice for your regular sneaker rotation.

Adidas Rod Laver

The Adidas Rod Laver, a 1970s tennis legend, inspired by two-time Grand Slam titlist and tennis superstar Rod Laver, returns with a street-ready look kitted out in mesh and suede. Building on the original style, this updated version is draped with color combinations that give it a streamlined appearance almost resembling to the court classic Stan Smith. You can bring home this Adidas retro tennis shoe by picking a pair from the men’s sizes. Some of the iterations of this Adidas tennis-influenced kick are the leather-made Rod Laver Vintage and woven Rod Laver Super Primeknit.

Adidas Court Vantage

From the tennis scene, the Adidas Court Vantage takes up its street-style form outfitted in a variety of upper materials such as velvety suede, premium leather, dimpled leather, and mesh that’s prepared in strings of colors. Some have muted and monochromatic uppers which look more clean and straightforward than the Stan Smiths or Rod Lavers. You can easily swing this decently-priced classic makeup with casual or even semi-casual outfits.

Adidas Continental 80

Adidas continues to stock up its racks with retro-tinged tennis-rooted sneakers such as the Continental 80 from Adidas. Made in soft, premium leather, this sneaker stays spotless and classy with a minimalist cut. Its tumbled leather cover, logo window, and terry cloth lining ring a bell to die-hard Reebok fans. Such features somehow echo the most recognizable details of the Reebok Workout Plus that dominated the 80s fitness landscape.  Also available in men’s sizes, this Adidas tennis sneaker comes in relatively narrow width that going a half size up is advisable.

Adidas 350

The 350 isn’t the Adidas Yeezys 350s or the Adidas Yeezy tennis shoes. The Adidas Original 350 pops out from the archive and makes its way to the streets with either a premium-grained, all-leather or all-suede upper in a slim and sleek contour. The vamp and side panels are designed with rows of micro holes that allow air to flow in and out of the shoe. The jagged stripes on the sides lend a bit of character to this Gary Aspden Spezial offering which, by the way, can be snagged at an exact fit.

Adidas Lacombe SPZL

The Lacombe is another addition to the Adidas Spezial collection which is a hybrid silhouette of two signature tennis sneakers from the early 1970s, the Adidas Newcombe and Adidas Rod Laver. The combined heritage styles, named after top tennis players John Newcombe and Rod Laver, have the Three Stripes perforations on the sides, colored heel patches, jagged leather eyestays, and thin soles. This old-school Adidas tennis shoe throwback runs a bit large that sizing down in half is advisable.

Why are sneakers also called tennis shoes by Americans?

Maybe you’re one of those who is fond of calling your sporty, rubber-soled kicks as tennis shoes even when you don’t play the sport. To explain in brief why tennis shoes are associated with sneakers, we need to do a bit of history talk.

Rubber-soled shoes surfaced during the 18th century in England and were initially tagged as plimsolls. Back then, people can wear their left plimsolls with their right foot since the shape of both sides is the same.

People saw the convenience of wearing plimsolls for varied activities including outdoor sports like tennis. Those rubber non-marking soles became extremely popular among tennis aficionados that better designs evolved through time. From plimsolls, they were eventually called as tennis shoes.

Consumers liked the idea that tennis shoes had rubber soles that do not squeak, which permitted them to sneak around unnoticeably. In the long run, tennis shoes became synonymous to sneakers, precisely when the US Rubber Company introduced a canvas and non-squeaking, rubber-soled shoe named the Keds Originals Champion in 1916.

Today, Americans refer to these casual kicks as sneakers or tennis shoes; British call them trainers; Canadians, running shoes or runners; Australians, sandshoes, plus all the aforesaid except trainers. Whichever way you prefer to call them, tennis shoes will always be those lightweight, usually low-top sneakers.

Several variations of tennis shoes sprung up, with more and more brands capitalizing on athletic tennis shoes. It didn’t take long before a surge of street-appropriate, tennis-inspired sneakers gushed out from the floodgates of prominent footwear brands. Aside from Adidas, several other shoe labels such as Nike, Puma, New Balance, Reebok, Onitsuka Tiger, Asics, Lacoste, Keds, K-Swiss, Tretorn have long been spewing different styles of tennis sneakers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do Adidas tennis sneakers fit?

Leather-Made Uppers

Some of the Adidas tennis sneakers draped with leather uppers are typically constructed with an adjustable lace-up system. And these sneakers generally come true-to-size. Apparently, wide footed ones who prefer a bit of wiggle room in the toe box may have to size up in half to obtain their desired fit.

Textile-Built Uppers

Some of the modernized versions of old-school athletic tennis shoes are made of Primeknit. Adidas tennis shoes dressed in Primeknit are quite long with a roomy toe area, just like the majority of the Pharrell Williams Hu sneakers. However, wearers prefer to go for an exact fit as the added space allows their feet to splay comfortably. Primeknit-made uppers with a bootie-like structure are soft and yield to the shape of the feet like socks.

2. Do the Adidas Pharrell Williams Tennis Hu tennis sneakers stretch?

The first pack of Pharrell Williams Tennis Hu tennis-inspired sneakers have uppers made of mesh while the succeeding variations are constructed using Primeknit. Both mesh and Primeknit versions of Pharrell Williams Tennis Hu sneakers are stretchy. The entryways of these bootie-like sneakers easily expand as you slip your feet inside, and pull back giving you that foot-hugging fit.

3. Some tennis-influenced sneakers by Adidas have covers made of Primeknit. What is Primeknit?

Primeknit is a single-piece knitted fabric done by machines which is used as an upper material in lots of Adidas sneakers for casual wear including the tennis-inspired ones. Primeknit employs the old weaving techniques, but instead of interlacing the threads by hand, Adidas uses machines to perform precise knitting processes. The end product is a sustainable upper fabric that’s lightweight and breathable.  

4. The Pharrell Williams Tennis Hu resembles the shape and appearance of the Adidas Deerupt Runner. How are these two lifestyle sneakers different from each other?


Both Adidas sneaker designs come with bootie-like, slip-on structures, wherein the tongue and the rest of the upper appear as a single-piece material. The inward curve on the Deerupts are more pronounced than the other style.


The upper of the Pharrell Williams Tennis Hu sneakers are made of mesh or Primeknit; while the Deerupt variations are made of textile overlapped by a mesh pattern that appears like a nautical net.

Heel Tabs

The overall shapes of the heel tabs of both shoes are almost the same, except that the Pharrells display their designated logo while the Deerupts bears the Adidas Trefoil.

Pull Tabs

There are pull tabs on the tongue of the Pharrell Williams sneakers. However, there’s none on the Deerupt Runner kicks.


The laces on both styles are more for aesthetic reasons as the stretchy upper already offers a secure fit. Pharrell utilized rope laces for the Tennis Hus while Adidas applied flat laces for the Deerupts.


Pharrells have stitched-on insoles that show a graphic illustration of the old foot reflexology chart, while the Deerupts have removable OrthoLite sockliners.


The entire outsoles of the Deerupts are built with rubber while the Pharrells are made with rubber-sole patches under the ball of foot and heel.

5. Which Adidas tennis shoes resemble the Adidas Stan Smith?

  • Adidas Rod Laver
  • Adidas Lacombe SPZL
  • Adidas Advantage Clean VS Lifestyle
  • Adidas Superstar

6. What are the modern variations of the Adidas Stan Smith tennis shoes?

  • Adidas Stan Smith Adicolor - It comes in bright and solid monochromatic colors.
  • Adidas Stan Smith Bold - It utilizes the same classic upper construction of the vintage Adidas tennis shoes yet built with a 1.5-inch platform sole.
  • Adidas Stan Smith Boost Primeknit – The customary leather upper is replaced with a stretchy and yielding Primeknit that’s paired to a full-length Boost midsole.
  • Adidas Stan Smith Sock Primeknit – It’s a mid-top variation with a sock-like fit that utilizes a one-piece Primeknit.
  • Adidas Stan Smith Boost. The ever responsive and springy Boost cushioning is integrated into the midsole of this shoe.
  • Adidas Stan Smith Leather Sock – This is a deconstructed version of the traditional Stan Smith which scraped out the usual foam paddings. It also eliminated the stitched-on heel patch seen on the original shoe.
  • Adidas Stan Smith UP – This feminine and sporty-looking, high-heeled footwear has a hidden 3-inch wedge sole.

7. What are the other sneakers profiles that look like the Adidas Stan Smith?

  • Cole Haan GrandPro Tennis Sneaker
  • Puma Match
  • Puma Match 74 UPC
  • Puma Match 74 Citi Series
  • K-Swiss Belmont SO
  • K-Swiss Bridgeport II

8. Where can I find a good selection of authentic Adidas tennis sneakers?

RunRepeat offers a diverse selection of tennis-inspired Adidas sneakers, including data about fit, sizing, and notable characteristics. Each featured sneaker also contains a gist of what experts and users think about such shoe model. You may also find a list of sneakers with similar construction coming from the same brand or other shoe brands by navigating the page of a particular shoe profile.

You don’t need to scour for retailers as this one-stop channel immediately directs you to a host of suppliers that offer the particular shoe you intend to order, as well as the available colorways, sizes, and comparative prices.

9. What are the downright affordable Adidas tennis kicks available in the market?

  • Adidas Courtset, $55
  • Adidas Court Vantage, $60
  • Adidas SE Daily Vulc, $60
  • Adidas Rod Laver, $65
  • Adidas Cloudfoam All Court, $70
  • Adidas VL Court Vulc, $70
  • Adidas Stan Smith Vulc, $75

10. What are the incredibly pricey Adidas classic-inspired tennis shoes?

  • Adidas x Raf Simons Stan Smith, $400
  • Adidas Y-3 Stan Zip, $320

11. How to look classy with leather Adidas tennis sneakers?

Adidas Tennis Shoes Styling for Men

  • Team up a grey suit, white long sleeve polo, and tailored-cut grey pants.
  • Consider picking a charcoal wool suit and trousers along with a deep blue turtleneck long-sleeve top.
  • Go for a pair of light-brown chinos, a pink buttoned-up short-sleeve shirt, and a light grey knitted vest.
  • Take up your navy blue trench coat and a black polo shirt with dark blue tapered pants.

Adidas Tennis Shoes Styling for Women

  • Reach out for a cozy camel coat, white blouse, grey fringe scarf, and dark blue skinny jeans.
  • Tuck a black wrap top under a grey maxi coat and blend them up with black peg pants.
  • Toss together a light grey sweater, off-white faux fur coat, and black leggings.
  • Fuse a light pink boxy sweater, taupe capris, and finish off your look with a tan hobo bag.

12. How to wear the Pharrell Williams sneakers?

Adidas Pharrell Williams Tennis Hu Style Ideas for Men

  • Mix a light blue rolled-up long sleeve denim shirt, khaki chinos, and the Pharrell Williams BBC Hu V2 for a relaxed look.
  • For a casual but on-trend appearance, wear a collarless top under a dark green leather bomber jacket, a pair of blue chinos, and a pure white Adidas x Pharrell Holi Tennis Hu BC sneaker.
  • For that dapper vibe, swing together a white polo long sleeve shirt, navy blue wool trench coat, dark blue windowpane scarf, tapered navy trousers, and a Pharrell Williams Tennis Hu PK in chalk white/ core black.

Adidas Pharrell Williams Style Tips for Women

  • For a sunny, casual look, gear up with black ripped skinny jeans, oversized grey sweater, and a Pharrell x Adidas Tennis Hu Blue.
  • Get a bit bold with a striped red long-sleeve shirt, denim overalls, and a scarlet-colored SOLARHU Tennis V2 x Adidas tennis-inspired shoe.
  • For a casual chic aesthetic, grab a white shirt, bone trench coat, black ankle pants, and a cream white Hu Holi Stan Smith BC Adidas tennis sneaker.

13. What are the other collaborative tennis sneakers released by Adidas aside from the Pharrell Williams kicks?

Adidas By Stella McCartney Barricade Boost

The initial retail price of these Adidas Stella McCartney tennis shoes is $150. Arriving in a pack of loud colors, these fashionable Adidas Boost tennis shoes for women can still be used for court games.  

Adidas Yeezy Powerphase Calabasas

A minimalist version of the 80s Powerphase edition, this Kanye West-designed kick initially retailed at $120 with a resell value of up to $335.

Adidas x Raf Simons Stan Smith, $400

Raf Simons made the iconic Adidas Stan Smith tennis shoe more noticeable by introducing an eye-catching unicolor pack. The designer replaced the traditional three parallel dots on the sides with his initial “R.” From its initial price of $400, its retail value goes up to $430 in the resale market.

Adidas Y-3 Stan Zip, $320

Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto elevated the aesthetic appeal of the Stan Smith by adding zips that line the lace holes. With a design that’s fitting for the runways, the upper was left to appear modest yet elegant, minus Stan Smith’s mug and callout. Retailers initially stocked this Adidas tennis shoe at $320 with a resale cost reaching $340.

14. Are tennis-inspired sneakers by Adidas also obtainable in mid-top variations?

  • Adidas Stan Smith Mid
  • Adidas Stan Smith Sock Primeknit
  • Adidas Stan Smith UP (wedge)
  • Adidas VS Set Mid

15. How to clean Pharrell Williams Tennis Hu shoes without damaging it?

  1. Remove the laces
  2. Spray your entire shoe with a sneaker stain remover and allow it to sit on your shoe for about five minutes. The solution has enzymes that help to loosen up the dirt on your shoe.
  3. There are cleaning solutions for sneakers that come with a soft bristle brush. Dilute the solution in water.
  4. Using the brush and gently rub the top of your Adidas tennis sneaker to remove grime and dirt.
  5. Use a damp cloth and wipe off the suds.
  6. Stuff your shoe with paper towels or dry cloth and allow it to air dry. 
  7. Place a shoe tree inside your Adidas tennis sneaker before putting them back in your shoe closet.

Note: You may skip steps 2 and 3 if you prefer to use household items. Substitute the cleaning solution with any eco-friendly or mild, water-based cleaner you have at home. Add about 2 to 3 parts water; then continue with steps 4 to 7.