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Adidas has always been one of the top players in the athleisure shoe manufacturing industry. This only goes to show how much the company has mastered the art of crafting top-notch athletic footwear. The brand is renowned for investing in innovative technologies and features while working with elite athletes to address the varying needs of sportsmen. 

Following such practice, the Adidas shot put shoe does not fall short in delivering quality function and performance. As a matter of fact, Adidas’ shot put shoe is a top pick among famous throwers for its reliable componentry. 

What makes up an Adidas shot put track shoe

Best Adidas shot put track and field shoes - May 2020


  • Adiwear outsole. As the name suggests, the Adiwear outsole is a proprietary outsole component to Adidas. This technology is comprised of sturdy, non-marking rubber that enhances the resistance of the Adidas shot put track shoe from abrasion. Moreover, it is responsible for supplying the grippy traction of the throwing shoe, offering better balance and ground control to the thrower. 
  • Carbon rubber crepe. The carbon rubber crepe amplifies the ground adherence of the Adidas throwing shoe. It flaunts a textured rubber composition that eventually becomes softer every after use, encouraging a plush underfoot sensation. Because of its high-strength properties, the carbon rubber equips the Adidas shot put platform with lasting durability. 


  • Synthetic mesh upper. The synthetic mesh upper of the shot put shoe from Adidas targets both support and comfort. Because of its pliable qualities, the synthetic mesh textile follows the natural shape and contours of the foot, keeping high-grade security and lockdown. Because of the perforations incorporated in the upper material, the throwing platform makes room for increased airflow within the foot chamber. This generates a healthy, odor-free foot environment. 
  • Strap band. Primarily intended to boost the support, especially across the midfoot, the strap band pushes the foot down to promote lockdown. Moreover, it maintains the balance and stability of the athlete. It sits atop the lace-up closure system of the throwing shoe for maximum security. 

There may be some people wondering why the Adidas shot put shoe does not employ any midsole element. The reason behind this is to keep the weight of the throwing shoe at an absolute minimum. 

Qualities of an Adidas shot put shoe

  • Good traction. Ground control is essential when it comes to throwing competitions. That is why Adidas’ shot put shoe has been engineered to have a firm plant on the ground, permitting the thrower to execute a powerful throw without falling off balance. Stickiness to the track surface is also integral in the momentum build-up of the athlete, delivering robust performance. One example of a track shoe that flaunts superior traction on the ground is the Adidas Distancestar
  • Supportive. The ideal performance in any track and field event is a slip-free execution. Banking on this, the Adidas shot put shoe is composed of materials that heighten the platform’s support. Given this, premature shoe removal is eliminated, keeping the balance of the contender at an optimal level, regardless of the movements performed. 
  • Durable. Since there’s a lot of friction generated during the shot put throw, it only makes sense that the Adidas shot put track shoe is furnished with sturdy components. This is especially true in the upper and outsole configuration of the throwing platform. An example of a track spike that sports a durable composition is the Adidas Adizero Finesse
  • Flexible. The sport of shot put involves a lot of glides and rotations, which is essentially the reason why the shot put shoe from Adidas is engineered to have ample pliability. Such a trait maximizes the foot motions of the wearer for a good throw. This also pronounces the comfortable sensation delivered to the foot as the throw is delivered.  

Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy the Adidas shot put shoe?

Customers have two options when buying the Adidas shot put shoe. For buyers with the luxury of time and those who want to try on the fit of the shoe first, they can always visit the brand’s physical store or any other athleisure shops. For a convenient transaction, purchasers can also choose to order online. Going through user reviews first before buying is strongly advised. With the help of RunRepeat, accessing feedback and online retailers are made easier. 

Aside from shot put shoes, what other track throwing shoes does Adidas offer?

The other track and field shoes covered by Adidas are the hammer and discus throw shoes. These sport the same durable and grippy construction of the Adidas shot put track shoe.