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Adidas Primeknit: "Upper made to move" 

Because the Primeknit tech is made to create that stretchy, sock-like wrap around the foot, you can expect optimal comfort and unrestrained movements from this collection. What makes it unique from traditional uppers is that it's knitted as one whole piece, minimizing waste. Oftentimes, it's compared to Nike's Flyknit tech, but where they differ is how they reinforce support — Flyknit employs strong fibers in specific areas, whereas Primenit uses heat to strengthen key areas. 

Adidas Primeknit running shoes for sale

Comprised of lightweight and breathable neutral running shoes, the Primeknit line from Adidas is NOT for runners who need extra support underfoot. However, if you suffer from overpronation (excessive inward rolling of the foot), the brand also has some stability models

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One thing to note about Adidas Primeknit shoes is that they are equally stylish and performance-oriented. And if you're very particular with style, you can also find them here in various colorways. 

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