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  1. Any color
    Adidas Fluidflow - Core Black / Footwear White / Grey Six (EG3665)
    Adidas Fluidflow - Core Black / Grey Six / Onix (EG3666)
    Adidas Fluidflow - Grey/Ftwr White/Signal Coral (EG3667)
    Adidas Fluidflow - Blue (EG3660)
    Adidas Fluidflow - Signal Coral/Core Black/Grey Six (EG3664)
    Adidas Fluidflow - Beige (EG3674)
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  2. Any color
    Adidas Galaxy 4 - Scarlet Grey Six Ftwr White (EG8370)
    Adidas Galaxy 4 - Blue (EG8369)
    Adidas Galaxy 4 - Core Black / White (F36163)
    Adidas Galaxy 4 - White (F36161)
    Adidas Galaxy 4 - Black (EE7917)
    £40 £23 Save 43%
  3. Any color
    Adidas Astrarun - White (EH2601)
    Adidas Astrarun - Cblack Ftwwht Cblack (EF8851)
    Adidas Astrarun - Noir Corail Vif Gris Foncã (EH1530)
    Adidas Astrarun - Bleu Roi Argent Noir (EG5840)
    Adidas Astrarun - Blue (EH1535)
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buy adidas minimalist running shoes for men and women

With more than 100, 000 reviews about Adidas running shoes, it is not surprising that the shoe manufacturer is among the best and most trusted brands of the active community comprising of casual runners, fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes. If you want to pursue a natural running movement, get a minimalist pair from Adidas for your track and trail runs, and enjoy the better ground contact and flexibility it offers.

Why choose Adidas minimalist shoes for running?

  • Adidas minimalist shoes could be suited for the trail or track. Similarities between these two types include a low drop profile, lesser technologies, a flexible platform and great fit. However, the sole of the trail minimalist shoe is thicker than its pavement counterpart, since irregularities on the trail are sharper and more common. The weight of minimalist road shoes is also lighter as compared to minimalist trail shoes.
  • If you want to pursue barefoot running, you should choose a running pair with less cushioning, more responsiveness and decent comfort. The best Adidas minimalist shoes fit the bill, since their minimal construction allows more ground contact without sacrificing comfort or protection against debris.
  • Since the best Adidas minimalist shoes provide a responsive and firm underfoot, you can expect lesser cushioning in the midsole. It helps neutral pronators and supinators improve their natural range dynamics and stability on even ground. They are likely to transition smoothly to barefoot running when they are already used to more ground contact.
  • You can practice better acceleration forces with the best Adidas minimalist shoes. Since it has a responsive and firm midsole, runners will develop forefoot striking or mid-foot striking instead of a heel strike. Favoring the former would decrease the pressure on the legs and allow more propulsion on the ground.
  • Over the months of using the best minimalist shoes from Adidas, the Achilles tendon would develop more elasticity in preparation for barefoot running. The soles of the foot are likely to gain a better response when using minimal-structured shoes.

What should you look into when choosing the best Adidas minimalist shoes?

  • Heel to toe drop. Minimalist shoes are commonly characterized by a low drop profile. If you want better ground contact, you need to choose between 4 mm to zero. These are technically great for the road or trail. There are zero drop platforms that still cushion the soles comfortably, making them great transition shoes.
  • Structure. True to their category, the best Adidas minimalist shoes feature lesser technologies in their technical construction. The lesser and lighter build will provide more flexibility, speed and a more barefoot-like feel. In fact, their midsole and outsole could be the same material, such as the Phylite foam.
  • Weight. The weight could signal how many features are packed in the technical construction. You can choose minimalist shoes lighter than 200 grams to avoid problems in mimicking a barefoot running experience.