buy adidas mid distance track & field shoes for men and women

Adidas is almost at par with its top rival, Nike, when it comes to product innovation. This is the very reason why Adidas is always a top pick among elite athletes from all over the world. The brand focuses on performance, support, durability, and comfort. These qualities are all embodied by Adidas’ mid-distance spikes.  

The anatomy of an Adidas middle-distance shoe

Best Adidas mid distance track and field shoes - May 2020

Adidas track running shoes remain one of the main preferences among athletes on all levels. This is largely due to the componentry integrated into the running platform. Here are some of the technologies and technical elements present in an Adidas mid-distance shoe that enable a powerful and swift performance: 

Torsion system. A proprietary technology from Adidas, the Torsion system offers efficient transitions. It supplies effective forefoot energy return and natural midfoot torsion. Combined all together, these permit improved ground control and stability. 

EVA midsole. This midsole feature is famous among other track spikes as it employs minimal bulk and maximized cushioning. It is a very thin foam that runs full-length. It cushions the underfoot and mitigates shock during impact, protecting the foot from any injury. It is also responsible for providing in-shoe support and comfort. 

Air mesh. As the name suggests, the air mesh upper is intended to optimize the ventilation of the Adidas mid-distance platform. It has a number of perforations that keep the runner’s foot cool and dry for pronounced comfort. Just like other upper materials, the air mesh utilizes minimal weight to prevent drag. 

Pebax plate. Similar to the EVA midsole, the Pebax plate is a staple among track spikes and is even found in the Nike Zoom D. It is a polymer-based plate that holds the changeable pins of the Adidas’ mid-distance running spike. This configuration allows for multi-surface function. The plate has a good balance of both rigidity and smoothness, enhancing propulsion. 

CoolEver lining. What makes the CoolEver lining an ideal moisture-wicking component is its design. It features a clover-like yarn that manages sweat control. The lining also offers slip resistance while amplifying comfort, preventing irritation and hotspots. 

Sprintweb technology. Another exclusive innovation from Adidas, the Sprintweb technology supplies strength, comfort, and breathability. It is a technology that utilizes synthetic materials to form the upper with a seamless design. 

Benefits when using Adidas mid-range spike

Given all the exceptional technologies and components present in all Adidas mid-distance running shoe, the following benefits are to be expected: 

Lightness. All technical components of a mid-range spike from Adidas target lightness. This is to allow endurance since this is an integral part of mid-distance competitions. With featherlight engineering, energy conservation is imposed, thus allowing the runner to last long in the tournament. 

Traction. An ultra-light composition plus excellent traction is a good formula for increased speed. That is why an Adidas mid-distance shoe is not only made to be light but is also constructed to have a superb grip. This attribute maximizes surefootedness and stability. 

Durability. This remains as one of the top considerations of buyers which is exactly what an Adidas mid-distance spike delivers. The high-strength qualities of the track spike are all credited to its fine-tuned componentry. It is specially engineered to withstand natural wear and tear and any type of abrasion. 

Comfort. A feature that remains a top factor among buyers, Adidas made sure to deliver. An Adidas middle-distance running shoe is equipped with ample cushioning without adding to the weight of the platform. This promotes, not only support and fit, but also the plushness within the foot chamber. Comfort is also targeted with the moisture-wicking abilities of an Adidas running spike. 

Frequently asked questions

What type of spike pin is best suited for my Adidas mid-distance shoe? 

This is all dependent on the surface the mid-distance spike is going to be used on. Here are the different spike types and their corresponding track surfaces: 

  • Pyramid spike - It is best used on grass, rubber, and dirt surfaces. 
  • Needle spike - It is best for all-weather track surfaces. 
  • Christmas tree spike - It is ideal for both rubber and tartan track surfaces. 
  • Tartan spike - It is almost similar to the needle spike and is considered as its “dull version.” It is perfect for track rubber surfaces. 

Where can I purchase an Adidas middle-distance spike? 

You can get a pair of Adidas middle-distance shoes in any Adidas physical store or you can order online through their website. With the help of RunRepeat, one can also opt to browse through and compare various retailers to have the best option. It is highly recommended that before making a purchase, one should go through the reviews of the shoes to weigh all factors.