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Adidas reigns as one of the top brands in the athletic footwear industry. This is mainly due to its innovativeness and because it partners with some of the world’s renowned elite athletes. This makes the brand even more reliable among sportsmen. Moreover, since its inception, the company has always held deep roots in the sports of track and field. That is why it is not much of a surprise that it offers quality track shoes, and one of these is its javelin track spikes. 

Elements of an Adidas javelin spike

What makes an Adidas javelin throwing shoe exceptional are the qualities it delivers. These are very integral in generating superb throwing performance. Here are some of the many features present in the Adidas throwing spike:

Durability. To withstand abrasion, high-strength components are integrated into the Adidas javelin spike. These are fundamental in pronouncing the longevity of the platform and protecting the foot from abrasive elements. With sturdiness, the shoe is set for multiple and varied uses.  

Comfort. This is a  top element that should be considered when buying any type of shoe. Comfort is a key element when it comes to addressing as to how long the athlete would last in the competition. An Adidas javelin throwing shoe is furnished with sufficient cushioning to give the underfoot a plush sensation. Moreover, this also promotes protection from any impact. 

Security. As a general rule, a track shoe should have a snug fit all over the foot. As a matter of fact, track and field spikes are more tight-fitting than all other athleisure shoes. An Adidas javelin spike is not an exception to this rule. Wearers can expect adequate lockdown from the throwing shoe, disabling any slippage. 

Traction. A good grip on the track surface is an inherent property of an Adidas javelin throwing platform. With this, the balance of the thrower is maximized, providing stability. With sufficient traction, the momentum build-up of the user is also optimized. 

Technologies present in the Adidas javelin spike

  • Pro-moderator. A midsole innovation, the Pro-moderator is a reinforced material co-molded with CMEVA. Its primary goal is to reduce overpronation and stabilize heel-to-toe transitions. 
  • Sharkskin. This outsole feature presents a textured, solid rubber. Because of its criss-cross patterns, the sharkskin heightens the slip resistance of the throwing platform. In turn, this amplifies the stability of the contender, especially during the throwing phase of the track meet. The same outsole element is implemented on the Adidas Adizero TJ/PV, which is a track jumping shoe.
  • Carbon rubber toe cap. The incorporation of a carbon rubber toe cap into the Adidas javelin spike’s construction is intended to protect the toes. The carbon rubber compound comprising the technical component is recognized for its outstanding durability. Moreover, the toe cap is also tasked with alleviating stress from the toes. 
  • Reinforced internal cage. Since the javelin throw involves a lot of rotations, it only makes sense that the Adidas javelin spike needs added support. With enough support, the thrower does not need to worry about falling off balance. With the reinforced internal cage, the security of the foot within the platform is also enhanced along with the shoe’s structural integrity. 
  • Microsuede lining. The microsuede lining of the Adidas javelin throwing spike is tasked with optimizing comfort. It prevents the onset of hot spots, especially in high-tension areas, which can cause irritation to the foot. 

Frequently asked questions

How do I clean my Adidas javelin spike? 

  • First, remove the chunks of dirt in between the javelin shoe’s spikes with a clean brush. 
  • Remove the laces and footbed of the throwing spike. These should be cleaned separately. 
  • Create a mixture of soap and water. Use a soft, clean brush to remove the remaining grime from the track shoe. 
  • To wash out the soap from the track spike, let the water run through the platform. 
  • Lastly, let the shoe air dry. Never put it inside the dryer because this can deteriorate its quality and destroy its spike plate. 

What spike type suits my Adidas javelin spike? 

The type of track surface the Adidas javelin spike is going to perform on is one factor that determines the spike type best suited for it.

  • Pyramid spike. It is also dubbed as the standard spike pin for different track meets. This spike type is perfect for dirt, grass, and muddy surfaces. 
  • Needle spike. It digs into all-weather tracks and is nicknamed “slim.” 
  • Christmas tree spike. It is also known as the compression-tiered spike. With its structure, it is ideal for rubber and tartan surfaces. 
  • Tartan spike. Tagged as the dull version of the needle spike, the tartan spike is only appropriate for track rubber surfaces.