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Adidas high top soccer cleats

As the high top trend continues to soar, Adidas has made sure to keep up by releasing modern and stylish high top creations. Found in their numerous note-worthy collections, these releases are not only made for style as they are peppered with some of the Three Stripes' game-enhancing elements. 

Snagging a pair of these chic creations has never been easier. Along with our soccer cleat buyers' guide and concise reviews, we've paired with 200+ shops to give you excellent discounts for your high top picks from the Three Stripes. 

Top collections to choose from

Being part of Adidas’ top collections means that models from the silo are packed with the Three Stripes’ innovative features. The Adidas Predators, for example, sports the lightweight responsiveness of Boost as well as the newly unveiled Demonskin for aggressive ball control

Another is the Adidas Tango series. The line’s Controlskin feature not only brings a unique look but also helps ball control. The latter is also found in Paul Pogba’s signature line that has several high top models, as well. 

Colorways for Adidas high top soccer cleats

Not just well-equipped for performance, Adidas has made sure to create stylish models that have a wide range of colorways for different tastes. If you’re one for versatile but classy looks, perhaps traditional blacks, luxurious whites, and neutral greys are for you. For more vibrant and eye-catching shades, you can opt for sky-like blues or bold reds.