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A brand whose foundation is deeply rooted in sports, it is no wonder why Adidas is a popular option among athletes. For a fact, its first-ever shoe was a track spike. After having been in the industry for several decades now, Adidas has tapped into the different segments of the sport of track and field. One of those is the jumping competition wherein four sub-categories are executed. One of these is the high jumping tournament by which the strength, flexibility, and speed of the jumper are tested. Sure enough, a good contender can yield a robust leaping performance. However, to boost one’s momentum, it also takes more than just skills; it may also take a good pair of jumping shoes to further power and takeoff. This is what the design principle of an Adidas high jump platform banks on. 

Technologies commonly found in an Adidas high jump shoe

Best Adidas high jump track and field shoes - May 2020

Adidas high jump spikes remain as one of the top picks among beginning and elite athletes alike because of its blend of style and function. This has been delivered with the aid of Adidas' top-notch component innovations and technologies. Here are some of the usual technical elements found in the brand’s jump spike for a powerful performance: 

Pebax plate. An outsole element of the Adidas high jump platform, the Pebax plate is essential in promoting forward motion. This is all credited to the plate’s sturdy-yet-flexible makeup. It is made of thermoplastic polymer that utilizes minimal weight, thus preventing drag. On the other hand, it maximizes the traction of the track spike as it employs its removable spike pins. Such design is responsible for providing a multi-surface grip, addressing the different needs of the contenders. 

Adiwear outsole. Apparent through its name, the Adiwear outsole is a proprietary technology from Adidas. It is equipped to some of the brand’s high jump shoes in order to enhance grip and sturdiness. It is composed of solid, non-marking rubber. It amplifies slip resistance for better stability and heightened pace. The same outsole feature is present in the famous track running spikeAdidas Distancestar

Sharkskin outsole. Composed of durable carbon rubber, the sharkskin outsole improves the traction of the Adidas high jump spike. It has a textured design that allows the shoe to have a firmer plant on the ground, preventing slippage. Just like the Adiwear outsole, this technical element promotes resistance from abrasion because of its overall engineering. 

EVA midsole. Comprised of TPU pellets that are heated then cooled, an EVA midsole offers cushioning and support. It barely employs any weight, adhering to the lightness of Adidas high jump spikes. This midsole feature also enhances the fit of the platform, disabling unwanted shoe removal. Moreover, this in-shoe material protects the foot from any injury because it attenuates shock. 

CoolEver mesh. What makes the CoolEver mesh stand out from the rest of the upper materials in the market is its moisture-wicking attributes. The CoolEver mesh is composed of clover-like yarns that promote sweat management and slippage resistance. With its fashion, the upper material wraps snugly around the foot without causing irritation and hotspots. 

Midfoot strap. Another conventional upper aspect of Adidas high jump spikes, the midfoot strap is made of a Velcro strap. It promotes easy lockdown and an accurate fit to the wearer. It basically pushes the foot further into the midsole, eliminating possibilities of premature removal. The midfoot strap also solicits added support for a stable leap.

Famous high jump shoe series from Adidas

Adizero HJ 

As the name pronounces, the Adidas Adizero HJ is specifically engineered for high jump matches. With a design principle of optimizing jumping performance, the Adizero HJ is packed with high-tier technologies and components. Packed in a featherlight platform, wearers can expect maximum support and comfort with the Adidas Adizero HJ. 


Sporting unparalleled grip and durability, the Adidas Jumpstar is fashioned to cater to all types of jumping meets. With its configuration, it aims to deliver plushness, support, and responsiveness. Just like the Adizero HJ, the Jumpstar keeps a light profile to better the pace and momentum build-up of the contender. 

Frequently asked questions

Is an Adidas high jump spike affordable? 

Not all Adidas high jump models belong to the same price spectrum. There are some that are more on the expensive end and those that belong to the cheaper end. The less expensive ones are those that are priced below $100. An example of this would be Adidas’ Jumpstar collection. Although less pricey, these track shoes do not necessarily sacrifice function and durability. 

Is it uncomfortable to wear an Adidas high jump shoe? 

Generally, track shoes are fashioned to have a narrower fit. This essentially means that they are more tight-fitting than your regular shoes. However, with the brand’s high jumping spike, Adidas made sure to add just the right amount of cushioning within the platform to secure comfort and support. Thus, you may feel a little tightness but never discomfort.