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Adidas Dame basketball shoes

Damian Lillard entered into a $100 million deal with Adidas in early 2014, and that deal is reported to be the NBA's third largest. He joins Derrick Rose and James Harden in leading Adidas to basketball dominance. They are of course facing some real challenges ahead. They have Nike as their biggest rival, and the Swoosh has the likes of LeBron James at the forefront.

Adidas gave Lillard his own signature series, which has become known as the Adidas Dame basketball shoes. Like Harden and some Nike counterparts like Kyrie Irving, Lillard also has a series of Adidas lifestyle sneakers named after him.

Dame basketball shoes: The stories they tell

Adidas Dame shoes are peppered with symbols that offer snapshots of Lillard's life story, with particular focus on the places and people that left indelible marks on him.The following are some of the most notable symbolic elements: 

  • Adidas Dame logo. The Adidas Dame logo is basically a “D” and an “L” fused together, creating an “O” with wings. The wing itself is formed by putting together three stripes, and it represents Lillard's close friends who he calls the “Fly Guys.”
  • DAME D.O.L.L.A. Unbeknownst to many, Lillard is also a rapper who is called DAME D.O.L.L.A. His name stands for “Different on Levels the Lord Allows.” Lillard usually raps about the struggles that he went through to become who he is today.
  • Oak and land. “Oak” and “land” are on the soles of the second Adidas Dames. Oakland is of course the Californian city where Lillard was born. 

Adidas Dame Basketball shoes on sale

The Adidas Dame basketball shoes are not as expensive as the Nike Kobe 9 Elite and Air Jordan XXX. Lillard's shoes debut only at around $105 to $125. But that is not their lowest prices yet!  Those who are patient can already get discounted rates as early as three months after the first release. They can get even better deals through RunRepeat because we make it easy to compare the prices of the Adidas Dames across retailers.