Adidas Crazy basketball shoes

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Adidas Crazy basketball shoes

Kobe Bryant was known to be a very loyal player. He spent his entire career with the LA Lakers, resisting hefty offers for team transfers. One would think that he is the same with Nike, the sports brand that helped bring him closer to his fans.

That is not really the case. Bryant first signed with Adidas, and it was for him that the Adidas Crazy basketball shoes were designed. In fact, these shoes were once known as Adidas Kobes or KB8s; they were just rebranded after Bryant's shift to Nike. 

The rebranded sneakers took a life of their own, and various iterations of Crazy basketball shoes such as the Crazy Explosive and Crazy BYW have been released through the years.

Adidas Crazy basketball shoes: Are they the ones for you?

Adidas Crazy shoes are advertised to be flexible enough to suit players of any playing position. While this could be true, you as an individual still have very unique preferences and needs when it comes to basketball shoes. It's still wise to read reviews before deciding to buy a pair. RunRepeat understands this, so we make available review summaries of Adidas Crazy basketball shoes and a whole lot more for your quick reference. We spend hours reading reviews from all over the web so that we can come up with a concise shoe profile that you can read in a less than two minutes. This is shopping made easy!