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6 reasons to buy

  • A high number of commenters are delighted that the Callaway Pacifica provides comfort from the first round until the last. 
  • Some of the players gave props on how it is constructed. It has a rounded toe box that offers ample room that is not overly wide. 
  • A small number of reviewers find the waterproof upper extremely functional. 
  • The fact that the shoe does not look too golf-oriented made some women purchase a pair. 
  • It is made from considerably soft leather that feels exquisite on foot. 
  • Golfers feel pleased that they can stretch out its value by wearing it as an everyday shoe. 

1 reason not to buy

  • One says that it delivers support on weird areas. 

Bottom line

The brand is proving that focusing its attention on golf shoes is only working to its advantage through this Callaway golf shoe. It may not be for those who are looking for something running or lifestyle-inspired. However, it is perfect for those who have only golf in mind. 

The Callaway Pacifica is created to make walking an ease and help have a smooth transition on each swing. Moreover, its affordable price tag and spikeless outsole make it a practical purchase for those who want to stretch out their buck. 

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Good to know

Who is it for? This Callaway trainer is created for players who want a no-fuss yet high-performing shoe. It targets both avid players and newbies. 

Why is it good? Callaway Pacifica presents several advantages for its female wearers:

  • The hardwearing spikeless rubber outsole doesn't limit this product to be worn mainly on the course.
  • It is recommended for all conditions because of the well-ventilated and waterproof upper.
  • Its affordable price tag makes this an excellent purchase for those who are on a budget. 

Durable and versatile. The Pacifica is equipped with Dura-Rubber. This spikeless outsole is crafted with different shapes and strategically placed to give the right amount of traction without damaging the greens. 

Comfort is key. Availing a pair of the Callaway Pacifica also ensures golfer that extending walks or putting much effort into the swing will not take a toll on one's foot. It is achieved through the Opti-Soft EVA midsole. This cushioning system, aside from comfort, allows users to have natural ground feel and balance.

Mixed media. This Callaway golf shoe sports a blend of full-grain leather and microfiber upper. Both materials have their own advantages. The premium leather manages heat by welcoming air in the shoe's interior. Opti-Dry technology is also engrained in making its entirety waterproof.


The rise of female players catapulted the increase of female golfers. It did not only let brands consider different types of construction but looked at golf shoes through the female lens. The Callaway Pacifica may not carry the stereotypical design usually attached to women. Still, its construction has a nudge of sleekness and borderline manly. 

How to style? This shoe is perfect for women who favor simple exteriors. Given its breathable yet moisture-protected upper, golfers can maximize its versatility by matching it with different clothing types. As long as the clubhouse permits, users can style it with shorts during summer, or trousers when the weather gets cold.

  • Buyers can avail of the 2-year waterproofing warranty once they purchase the Callaway Pacifica.


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