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6 reasons to buy

  • The majority of the Callaway Del Mar purchasers highly commend its comfort. It provides ideal support throughout the entire round without any pressure on delicate parts of the foot.
  • The spikeless golf shoe grips the turf flawlessly without digging or anchoring. Despite the soggy course, many golfers claim that there are no slippages or issues encountered. 
  • Rain is no match with this Callaway golf shoe. A high percentage of testers feel satisfied that their foot remains dry and warm even after catching a downpour. 
  • Other than its appearance that follows the golf dress code, several commenters find its style versatility impeccable.
  • Despite the elaborate sole design, the bottom remains flexible, says a few individuals. 
  • The cushioning system allows some of the walkers to stretch the18 holes without issues.

2 reasons not to buy

  • One person complains about how easily the shoe degrades. The waterproofing, cushioning, and exterior appearance have worn out after a short time. 
  • An individual feels bothered by the interior, the spikes can be felt.

Bottom line

The brand’s slogan, "of comfort right out of the box" stands true with the Del Mar. The waterproof upper, spikeless outsole, and interior cushioning, all create a system to guarantee that the golfer stays on top of the game, whatever the turf conditions are. Dressed up in a clean and sleek design, these shoes can take anyone from the first tee to the clubhouse without the need of changing.

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A top rated golf shoe
A top rated Callaway golf shoe
It has never been more popular than this August

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